Quarantine Life

I have written about 20 blog posts in my head during this Quarantine and just didn’t have it in me to type them out. I am using this rainy Saturday to update my website and add some things and when googling a picture of some cups, came across a funny blog post from 2010 and then went down my own rabbit hole of Summer in Newport.  It’s funny to think I used to write about my comings and goings with such detail-it makes for a good permanent diary where you can easily look up things from your past.

Since my day job is with a large cruise line, we have been working from home and out of service since March like many others.  After the CDC put a hold on cruising and our normally bustling business has been literally docked, I am extremely lucky to still have my job.  These slower times have been great to regroup and catch up on all the things you never seem to have time to do.

For my business, I have been getting orders here and there, but I am using this time to clean up my website, continue to promote products on social media and making lot of jewelry.  I even brought back my old floating crystal necklaces.  I used to make these every day and sold them to everyone.  These days, I have a bunch of new clients who have never seen them, so I am bringing them back. The price of Swarovski crystals has skyrocketed since I made these before, so the price has changed to $26.  These are a favorite.



I have been watching a ton of television-lots of Netflix and Hulu and re-watching/binge watching Real Housewives series.  I miss movie theaters and seeing new movies in the big comfy chairs.  Also on my list is eating out-we had a small window to do this last month but since people weren’t being careful and wearing masks, we are back to square one and I am so fearful of where we will be one month from now-all those restaurant owners and servers, it is heartbreaking, not to mention boutiques and all small business owners.

The one highlight of this crazy quarantine is that I have realized that might never have this opportunity to be home for so long again and have put myself on 4 different waiting lists for a puppy.  Unfortunately, a ton of people have had this same idea so a lot of the breeders of the type of puppy I want have a ton of people wanting puppies as well.  Fingers crossed that this works out for me.  This is the type of puppy I want….

Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 1.37.25 PM

So now I am on hold waiting for an email to come through with good news.  I have a name picked out and everything-so excited.

Hope you are all doing well!  Stay safe..


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