Pearls of Wisdom from Tik Tok

Over a year ago, I started hearing friends of mine talking about their kids being on Tik Tok and honestly, I had very little interest.  Tik Tok used to be which was videos of people lip synching and that is not something I would probably do.  Fast forward to the Quarantine and I decided to check it out and the next thing you know, it is the last thing I look at before I go to bed and one of the first things I check in the morning when I wake up. Hilarious.

The truth is, there is a ton of cool stuff on there.  Besides a ton of people dancing around-which is very entertaining, Tik Tok uses a massive algorithm that tailors your feed to the kind of material you enjoy based on likes and follows.  So, my Tik Tok won’t look anything like your Tik Tok.  Mine is filled with lots of cooking videos, cheerleading, famous people, people talking about Real Housewives, and lately, people who sell on Etsy/Amazon.  Its fascinating.

One night listening to someone talk about how they make a ton of money selling items on Etsy, they said something that kind of woke me up.  They said it was important to be on Etsy because there are millions of people already shopping on Etsy and you have a built in audience.  I know this concept sounds simple, but after you put the amount of time I have in building your own website, you don’t want to dilute your audience with another site.  But, I decided to resurrect my Etsy shop and loaded it up with sets of plastic cups and have sold a ton this summer!  Clients I would not have reached have ordered tons of Summer Water and Eat Beach Sleep Repeat cups and I am thrilled.  I just started adding my floating crystal necklaces so soon, this shop will be filled with tons of my non-personalized items. So fun!

Etsy listings

Check it out here.

So, basically Tik Tok has saved me during the Quarantine, providing crazy amounts of entertainment.  If you have not ventured into it, just download it and check it out…if you hate it, you can delete but I swear you will find something awesome on this app!



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