Harry + Megan are Out

Aaahhh…this makes me sad. The writing was on the wall about this but Harry + Meghan officially communicated to the Queen they were not coming back to Royal life and so she had to take back their honorary titles and patronages. So many thoughts…first – they announced recently that Harry would be traveling to the UK this summer for a handful of events (ok, is he going with Meghan and Archie or alone), then they announce he is going alone because the two of them together create such interest and they wanted to keep the focus on the Queen’s birthday and other festivities. I thought this was wierd because if nothing else, don’t they want Archie to be able to remember his Great-Grandparents? They haven’t seen him in over a year. Now with Meghan’s pregnancy news, this makes more sense, she might be crazy pregnant or just have a new baby. Then, wouldn’t it be wierd for Harry to leave her and go across the pond?

I do not understand the hate that comes their way. They seem to be doing their thing quietly in California, raising their baby and giving back. They seem very happy. Hopefully as time goes on, things will simmer down. Until the Queen dies and Charles becomes King…then things will change dramatically. Some things will be out of their control when Harry is the son of the Monarch. As much as I do not want the Queen to die, it will be a very interesting time to witness.

#harryandmeghanforever love, KP

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