Trying to update this blog with current affairs as it doubles as a life diary-perfect for researching past events. The complete honest truth is that I moved this blog from Blogger over to WordPress and I don’t find it as easy as promised and it makes it easy for me to think hard about a possible post and then not get online to type it out.

Anyway, the biggest thing that has happened to me besides Covid-19 Quarantine is that I finally got a puppy. As soon as we realized we were going to home for a while, I reached out to a bunch of Westie breeders, my heart was set on that dog. I got myself on 5 waiting lists and unfortunately, everyone on earth was getting puppies so they were not easy to acquire. My good friend Jenny got a Maltipoo early on in Quarantine and I was in LOVE with him. My search switched to Maltipoos but they ended up being super expensive. I looked up Westiepoos and bingo, a breeder in Pennsylvania popped up and a slew of puppies were listed on their site. Only two girls, so the choices were limited. I picked one named Hannah.

I called right away and the breeder was Amish and didn’t have a camera phone. I asked for another picture and two days later, I got this one…Hannah with one of his children.

After asking a bunch of questions, we sealed the deal and he was able to get her an airline reservation the Tuesday before Thanksgiving-so fast! He used a pet transport lady so she got picked up on Monday and spent the night at her house with a bunch of other puppies..can you imagine having a bunch of different puppies on their first night away from their Mothers? She texted me this picture and told me they were all in love with her, I was getting so excited.

The transport lady texted me early Tuesday morning to let me know she was dropped and doing great. She had a long day of traveling with a stop in Charlotte. I couldn’t think about it and when I did panic and call the lady, she assured me she ships out hundreds of puppies each month and has never had a problem. Her plane arrived around 6:45 and I went to the airport baggage claim to the special desk and waited. Elizabeth came with me and then they motioned us over and her huge crate came sliding down!

After I signed the paperwork, we took the huge crate and walked straight out to my car. We got her out and tried to let her go to the bathroom but she was just sniffing everything so we got in the car. What a long drive home, I was dying to get her back to my place so I could check her out. Ebby held her in her lap in the back seat.

Once we got home, she was running around and checking out her new home. I couldn’t believe she was finally here with me and I was finally a Dog Mom. I named her Mimi and off we go!

May be an image of 1 person and dog

Finally a Mom,


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