Vindicated in Utah

The lastest court case to catch everyone’s attention was completely on my radar this week. Watching Gwyneth show up to court for days at a time was thrilling-her court style most of all.

Only knowing a tiny bit about this case before, it didn’t take long to see the man who was suing her was not as believable as she was. After the first day, so much of the media covered this story, all the Gwyneth haters ready to go. It didn’t take that long for people to jump on her side. The big question…why not settle for the $300,000 when she clearly could do so very easily? She believed she was right and did not want to settle. Hard not to imagine the cross examination from the Doctor’s attorney being parodied on SNL this weekend…it was painful to watch. She pretty much fan-girled her way through the questions but GP was resolute that her version of events was the way it went down.

Gwyneth modeled some very pretty clothes from her G. Label designs as well as some Caddis glasses that she represents and is an investor in their company. One pair caused outrage right from the start that they resembled Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses…She switched to these after that.

In the end…after 8 days of back and forth with experts, ski knowledge and killer fashion, the jury came back with a victory for Gwyneth. She left the courtroom and graciously stopped to whisper “I wish you well” to Dr. Terry Sanderson. he replied “Thank you Dear”…then Gwyneth left the building triumphant. I am kind of sad it is over.

So many products on favorite is her bright blue Smythson diary. She just talked about this on Instagram for a “what’s in my purse” segment. She said she loved that it is not lined and she can write however she wants to in it. It came in handy to shield her face in court from the cameras and videos aimed right for her. All in all, this was my favorite celebrity court case of late…worth every minute! xx KP

National Lipstick Day

9 Lipsticks To Wear No Matter Your Mood - Aveda Means Business

Today is National Lipstick Day and I was just wondering what is everyone’s favorite lipstick these days. I did a roundup with some friends for their answers…..

Me: Yves Saint Laurent in many colors- very moisturizing and Lobello cherry lip balm

Zaria: Fenty Glass Bomb Universal Luminizer + Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Cynthia: Chanel Rouge Coco in Carmen

Camille: Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk

Tara: Buxom in Sandy or Elizabeth

Adrienne: Tom Ford in Pink Dusk and Indian Rose

Betty: Chanel, Tom Ford + Marc Jacobs

Amy: Colorstay from Revlon + MAC

Cece: Chantecaille lipstick pencil in Snapdragon and Christian Dior Cherry Lip Oil

Meg: Christian Dior Lip Gloss

Denie: Bobbi Brown Claret

Elizabeth: Chanel Rouge Coco in Amour

Mom: Haven’t worn lipstick since Covid because of masks

I am slightly shocked at how many friends said they do not wear lipstick. I cannot imagine. My first lipstick was a Clinique pale pink and I remember my neighbor bought it for me as a present for helping her with her two boys all the time. I have gone through so many different lipsticks through the years but a bunch have remained constant, MAC Twig, Chanel Soft Mink, MAC Del Rio and Clinique Black Honey.


Lycette opens in Newport

So excited that my friend Jessica has opened a Newport location for her amazing needlepoint store Lycette!! Her Palm Beach location is always a fun stop when I am up that way, always filled with pretty canvases, tons of fibers and friendly needlepoint banter. She and her husband Greg (Mr. Needlepoint) have really built a great community there and have been teaching tons of people of all ages how to needlepoint.

Today, the Newport location opens! Located on William Street right off Bellevue Ave. near the International Tennis Hall of Fame, it is beautifully decorated and chock full of canvases

Photos courtesy of Lycette Designs via Instagram

I am still trying to figure out my summer plans but definitely will get up there at some point to check it out for myself. If you are nearby, pop in and say hi!


92 William Street

Newport, Rhode Island 02840



William and Catherine 10 years later…

Today is the 10th anniversary of the most amazing wedding of Prince William to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. I will never forget that I had a show at a school that day. What Moms schedule a show on the day of a royal wedding, not to mention THE royal wedding? I was so annoyed and packed my stuff up so fast so I could go home and watch it over and over. I was amazed at how quick it was, very efficient.

Kate’s dress was so beautiful, everything really so perfect. William and Harry, both so handsome in their uniforms looked like they were out of a movie. After the wedding, it was on. These two are the most photogenic, interesting royals around and the fact that he will be the future King of England only ups the stakes. They are a picture perfect couple and I know the Royal Family has high hopes for all they can achieve.

Then, their precious George was born. I remember being at work with my little team and we were glued to the computers waiting for that little man to come out and announce the birth of the baby. Then waiting for them to come outside the Lindo Wing with George, Kate with her beautiful hair blown out and her simple blue dress, stomach still swollen like most Moms. We laughed at how smooth William was when they were leaving and he clicked the baby carrier into the car seat and drove away.

Kate Middleton's off to stay with mum Carole: Royal baby Prince George's  busy day ends in Bucklebury | Daily Mail Online

Then came Charlotte. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana-what a name to live up to. When they came out of the hospital, Kate in her pretty yellow silk dress, hair blown out and perfect makeup, William beaming at all the people. Someone posted a picture of what the other side of the street looked like-can you imagine living your life on that stage?

Prince George: Photos of Prince William, Kate Middleton Son | Time
MIC star Binky Felstead wants to follow in the same footsteps as Kate  Middleton's pricey birthing plan -
Duchess Kate: Royal Baby Watch Officially Begins!

Charlotte was the most beautiful baby and the pictures of her christening were so sweet, their little family pushing her in her pretty pram with little George, wearing an outfit similar to his Father did when he was little peering into the pram-picture perfect.

Princess Charlotte's christening: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince  George, Pippa Middleton – all the best photos | HELLO!
Kate Middleton's children Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte's sweet  common trait revealed | HELLO!

Along the way, the expertly timed pictures released right before birthdays to give everyone a peek into their family, one picture more charming than the next. Kate has become an excellent photographer.

Princess Charlotte Looks Like Her Brother Prince George in New Photos - E!  Online - CA
Kensington Palace tweets photo of Prince George with Prince William ahead  of second birthday | The Independent | The Independent
New photo of Princess Charlotte released before her 2nd birthday - ABC News

Next was Louis…poor Kate was sick while pregnant again and missed George’s first day of school. The pictures from the day were adorable.

Prince George starts first day at school - BBC News

When Louis was born, Kate set world records and was out on the steps of the Lindo Wing mere hours later, looking coiffed and perfect. People were up in arms about this but my thinking was she had an easy birth and decided to get it over with super fast so she could get home and in her sweatpants.

When was Prince Louis born? The full name, weight and birth details for  Kate Middleton and William's third child
Kate Middleton's youngest son Prince Louis: photos, his place in line of  succession and more revealed | HELLO!

And his Christening was a small family affair with a new Auntie in attendance

Prince Louis's christening marked by family portraits - BBC News

They keep out of sight for the most part, so when pictures get released, they spread like wildfire on all the media outlets…

Royal Christmas Cards 2018 Have Nothing to Do with Holidays |

They have the most beautiful family. I think some day William will make a terrific King and how lucky to have Kate by his side. I myself get such enjoyment watching them grow up. Today, they posted this video on their instagram page. It is amazing. Click here to see it.

Happy Anniversary to William and Kate!


Quarantine Viewing

Having always been an avid television watcher, being home for the last year has given me so much time to watch so much tv. I love working with my iPad next to me playing a show or a movie. In the last year, this is what I have watched-many I have seen many, many times before but I enjoy re-watching since I can listen and still be entertained without my eyes being glued to the screen. This is what I usually do when I have a bunch of jewelry to make. The show 24 used to be the best-24 hours of entertainment and Jack Bauer to keep me company.

Homeland Seasons 1-7 on Showtime

Cheer on Netflix

Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-5 on Hulu

Alias Seasons 1-5 on Prime Video

Athlete A on Netflix

Downton Abbey Seasons 1-6 + the Movie on Peacock

Billions on Showtime

Friends Seasons 1-10 on HBOMax

Lenox Hill on Netflix

Belgravia on Epix

Succession on HBOMax

Dirty John: Betty Broderick on USA Network

The Betty Broderick Story (Original) on Netflix

Outcry on Showtime

Yellowstone Seasons 1-3 on Peacock

Law and Order Seasons 14 – 20 on Peacock

Very Cavalleri Seasons 1-2 Peacock

The Vow on HBO

Ratched on Netflix

This is Paris on YouTube

The Crown Season 4 Netflix

The Undoing Episodes 1-6 on HBO Max

Designing Women Seasons 1-7 on Hulu

The Flight Attendant on HBO Max

Bridgerton on Netflix

Framing Britney Spears on Hulu

Firefly Lane on Netflix

Kid 90 On Hulu

Sex and the City Seasons 1-6 +Two Movies on HBO Max

and finishing up with my current show Poldark

Any suggestions not on here? I would love to hear!

TV Watching Extraordinaire, XOXO KP


Trying to update this blog with current affairs as it doubles as a life diary-perfect for researching past events. The complete honest truth is that I moved this blog from Blogger over to WordPress and I don’t find it as easy as promised and it makes it easy for me to think hard about a possible post and then not get online to type it out.

Anyway, the biggest thing that has happened to me besides Covid-19 Quarantine is that I finally got a puppy. As soon as we realized we were going to home for a while, I reached out to a bunch of Westie breeders, my heart was set on that dog. I got myself on 5 waiting lists and unfortunately, everyone on earth was getting puppies so they were not easy to acquire. My good friend Jenny got a Maltipoo early on in Quarantine and I was in LOVE with him. My search switched to Maltipoos but they ended up being super expensive. I looked up Westiepoos and bingo, a breeder in Pennsylvania popped up and a slew of puppies were listed on their site. Only two girls, so the choices were limited. I picked one named Hannah.

I called right away and the breeder was Amish and didn’t have a camera phone. I asked for another picture and two days later, I got this one…Hannah with one of his children.

After asking a bunch of questions, we sealed the deal and he was able to get her an airline reservation the Tuesday before Thanksgiving-so fast! He used a pet transport lady so she got picked up on Monday and spent the night at her house with a bunch of other puppies..can you imagine having a bunch of different puppies on their first night away from their Mothers? She texted me this picture and told me they were all in love with her, I was getting so excited.

The transport lady texted me early Tuesday morning to let me know she was dropped and doing great. She had a long day of traveling with a stop in Charlotte. I couldn’t think about it and when I did panic and call the lady, she assured me she ships out hundreds of puppies each month and has never had a problem. Her plane arrived around 6:45 and I went to the airport baggage claim to the special desk and waited. Elizabeth came with me and then they motioned us over and her huge crate came sliding down!

After I signed the paperwork, we took the huge crate and walked straight out to my car. We got her out and tried to let her go to the bathroom but she was just sniffing everything so we got in the car. What a long drive home, I was dying to get her back to my place so I could check her out. Ebby held her in her lap in the back seat.

Once we got home, she was running around and checking out her new home. I couldn’t believe she was finally here with me and I was finally a Dog Mom. I named her Mimi and off we go!

May be an image of 1 person and dog

Finally a Mom,


To Scrunchie or Not?

Never in my life would I believe that scrunchies would be back in style, but they are indeed everywhere! I recently rewatched all the seasons of Sex and City and there is one episode where Carrie is dating Berger and he wrote about a stylish New Yorker wearing a scrunchie and after reading his book, she listed this as a complete offense to fashion. Then they ran into a woman wearing one, only to find out she was visiting from the Midwest. Only a tourist would be caught dead wearing this out of date accessory.


Fast forward and they are definitely back, whether you want them or not. Here is a roundup of some cute ones…

Rifle Company Marguerite Scrunchie $12

LoveShackFancy Camden Print Mix Scrunchies
Love Shack Fancy Set of 3 Scrunchies at ShopBop $55
Eugenia Kim Samantha Scrunchie $38
j.crew: wide scrunchie two-pack in liberty® florals for women, right side, view zoomed
Liberty of London Pack of 2 Scrunchies for J. Crew $24.50
Black and white hearts scrunchie with a matching mask from Ann Taylor $18
Mini Boden Children’s Scrunchie Set at Nordstrom $20
Valentino Garavani VLOGO Silk Scrunchie
Valentino Garavani Scrunchie $370
Lilly Pulitzer Pink Blossom Suite Views Scrunchie $10
Loeffler Randall Shelby Provincial Ruffle Scrunchie $45
Striped Daisy Oversized Scrunchie
Lele Sadoughi Striped Daisy Scrunchie at Saks Fifth Avenue $28
Missoni Scrunchie at Farfetch $141

Back in high school, I used to make these myself (with a little bit of help from my Mom). A quick trip to Laura Ashley to buy fabric by the yard, cut the strips and she would sew them up with elastic. My go-to hair ties these days are Grab-n-Go ponies from France Luxe. They hold my hair all day long and are not damaging. You may see me in a scrunchie around town, but only for a fashion moment lol.

All scrunched up, XOXO KP


Oprah With Harry and Meghan' Interview: Biggest Bombshells from Two-Hour  CBS Special | Hollywood Reporter

So many thoughts swirling in my head. I just finished, as most people I know did, the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan. The hype leading up to this was monstrous but it was amazing. When Prince Phillip went into the hospital, I thought it might get derailed, but there was no derailing this dream interview that so many people were waiting for.

First, I miss Oprah so much and her show. I love her interviews and her folksy way of getting the story out of people. I expected Meghan to be more reserved and hesitant but she started spilling the tea from the beginning. There were some serious bombshells:

1- Harry and Meghan actually got married 3 days before in a small ceremony-how on earth did they keep that secret?

2- Kate actually made Meghan cry over the flower girl dresses and the story got replayed the exact opposite and everyone ate it up. She mentions this was the first turning point for her-a glimpse into her future.

3- Meghan experienced some serious mental strain during her pregnancy and wanted to go for help and was told NO. So she suffered without it. This is crazy but all roads lead to protecting THE FIRM.

4-The decision to not have a title for baby Archie was not theirs-this was always reported to be their choice. It was also decided that he would not be entitled to security.

5-There were discussions about what color their baby’s skin might be-obviously this information stings to hear but when pressed, Harry did not want to discuss it.

6- Harry was cut off from his family’s money Q1 of 2020. They mention that those Netflix and Spotify deals were made to secure funding for their security and lifestyle. He mentions that he still has money from his Mother. It has always been presented that this was always the plan-making them out to be money hungry.

7-They revealed that they are having a baby girl this summer. This made me so happy. I cannot believe they shared this news.

There is so much more, I am sure I will think of 10 more things when I hit publish but I wanted to get this written down while fresh in my mind. I have always said the two of them got together and were so alike and thought it would be amazing to accomplish all the things they planned together. It started off so great (outside looking in) and I truly believe after watching The Queen where the Prime Minister tells Queen Elizabeth that a poll suggested a large percentage of people were in favor of abolishing the monarchy-something that could happen- that it would be in everyone’s best interest to continue promoting this amazing love story. When the Fab Four hit the road promoting their new foundation, you couldn’t dream of better PR, the two Princes with their pretty wives taking the next generation of the monarchy to a new level. People LOVED the four of them together. I have always been amazed that the Powers that Be didn’t send the memo to keep that up no matter what. Instead, it all fell apart and their struggles were so public. Harry intimated in the interview that he and Charles were estranged and he and William had some “space”. This is not good and I hope at some point, they will make amends. I am hopeful that Harry will go to the UK in July for the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday. Let’s hope Prince Philip is around for that as well. Hopefully, they will be able to reconnect. When it was announced a while ago that he would go alone, the press pounced on Meghan making it out to be super negative on her part for not going-now we know she will either be super pregnant or home with a tiny newborn-a perfect example of how everything has a negative spin for her.

My phone is blowing up with Instagram messages, I am dying to go read them!

#harryandmeghanforever XOXO, KP

Harry + Megan are Out

Aaahhh…this makes me sad. The writing was on the wall about this but Harry + Meghan officially communicated to the Queen they were not coming back to Royal life and so she had to take back their honorary titles and patronages. So many thoughts…first – they announced recently that Harry would be traveling to the UK this summer for a handful of events (ok, is he going with Meghan and Archie or alone), then they announce he is going alone because the two of them together create such interest and they wanted to keep the focus on the Queen’s birthday and other festivities. I thought this was wierd because if nothing else, don’t they want Archie to be able to remember his Great-Grandparents? They haven’t seen him in over a year. Now with Meghan’s pregnancy news, this makes more sense, she might be crazy pregnant or just have a new baby. Then, wouldn’t it be wierd for Harry to leave her and go across the pond?

I do not understand the hate that comes their way. They seem to be doing their thing quietly in California, raising their baby and giving back. They seem very happy. Hopefully as time goes on, things will simmer down. Until the Queen dies and Charles becomes King…then things will change dramatically. Some things will be out of their control when Harry is the son of the Monarch. As much as I do not want the Queen to die, it will be a very interesting time to witness.

#harryandmeghanforever love, KP