Funny Christmas Story

Well, I made it through the holidays!  A few times in December I thought..I can’t wait until January!  This year, I sold stuff through Christmas Eve with my last sale around 2pm in my driveway.  Love the last minute shoppers!

One of my last shows was on Sunday the 17th.  I found an adorable invitation from Dixie Designs and set up shop at my friend Laurie’s.  

Surprisingly, it was one of my better shows!  So many friends came to hang out and shop.  Laurie’s niece Catherine, one of my old friends, bought a pair of my new tassel earrings.  

She picked the red ones and was excited to wear them that night.  She said when she got home from her party, she put them by her sink in her kitchen.  A few days went by and she went to grab them to wear and couldn’t find them.  She looked all around and in her jewelry box and no earrings.  She called her housekeeper and asked if she had seen them.  She said no and suggested looking in her bathroom.  Catherine was stumped.  Now, while she was telling me this, my mind was racing ahead not sure where this story was going.  Then she said about an hour later, her housekeeper called her back.  She said, look on the tree!  She thought they were ornaments and had put them on the tree.

Sure enough, Catherine went to the tree and both of the earrings were hanging there.  She was cracking up telling me this story and then we were all dying.  They do look like they belong on the tree but they are much cuter as earrings!

Hope you all had a great holiday season and are as excited as I am to hit the ground running in 2018.

Needlepoint Jackpot

On eBay, I have a set search for needlepoint ornaments.  I have sworn many times to not buy anymore of them since I have about 30 sitting in a pile ready to stitch.  Yesterday, I happen to look and saw this entire lot of FINISHED needlepoint ornaments for $35.  To get one ornament finished these days is at least $40, so was the bargain of the century.  It is on the way to me now, and I can’t wait to get it and check it out.
This is the whole lot…all 35 ornaments!
The raindeer, tree, horse and three Kings are so cute…

love the elephant, wreath and the santa on the right…

the elephants on the top right, the present below and the Santa face…

My favorite is the welcome sign..that would have been worth $35 alone.
So..I will weed out the ones I want and probably put the others back on eBay.
Seriously, the jackpot…
xoxo, kp

‘Tis the Season

Hope your holidays have been as fun as mine.  My parents arrived on Monday so my apartment was full all week.  I loved seeing Christmas pictures online of friends with snow but it was in the 80s in Miami!  That is nothing new..I can only remember a few cold Christmas’ in the past.  

Our friend Grimsley came in town and we had a little dinner for her last week.  It was so fun..this is my old lunch crew.

Christmas afternoon, we headed down to my brother’s house…

My niece Taylor and I.

Me and my parents.

The next morning, I had Cataract surgery!  It went well and was over by 11:15 am.  I went to lunch with my Mom and did a little shopping and then got the thumbs up from my Doctor and went on my way.  Everything is so clear, I really can’t believe it.  Now, I can read the guide on my television for the channels, I used to have to squint.

Lots of fun things ahead…I can’t wait!
Winding down 2013,
xoxo kp

2013 Christmas Card

So.. this is my 2013 Christmas Card.  I sent it out at the beginning of December, the earliest I have ever sent my cards.  This is the first time in years that my card isn’t pink and green..I went a little different.  I am in LOVE with  They really know what they are doing.  After my proof was approved, they arrived a couple days later, packaged so nicely and the quality was amazing.

As of today, Monday, December 23rd, I have one delivery left to make and then I am done with my orders.  There are a few sales to still be made for sure, but I am so happy to be caught up and not at 10 pm on Christmas Eve.  My parents arrive today, so yesterday was spent cleaning and straightening…luckily I had Helen to help me.  We finally secured my tree with cinder blocks and twine.  It was a serious operation, but I am pretty confident that my tree will stay upright until it gets hauled away on January 1st.

Winding things down for 2013..but lots of new adventures to come!

Happy to put 2013 in my rear view,
xoxo kp

My Tree and Holiday Updates

Last weekend, I finally got my tree.  So crazy to wait but I was that busy and needed help getting the tree up to my apartment.  My friend Mike came to the rescue and helped me out so I didn’t pull any muscles trying to do it myself.

Of course, when I finally was ready to decorate, my lights were a mess and all tangled.  Meg used to throw her lights away each year so she didn’t have to deal with them and this year I am starting to think she had a good idea.  I ended up going out and buying 5 new boxes of lights just to get it going.  The end result was so great…

I had a little party this past week (will post later about that) and Meg and Helen came over the nights before to help me get ready.  Meg moved some more furniture around and Helen ended up finishing the tree decorating for me.  Such good friends.  Helen even staged a bunch of presents under the tree out of items for sale on my funny.

My parents arrive tomorrow and the festivities will begin.  I am still making jewelry for orders right now and have deliveries through tomorrow of ordered personalized items that are arriving Christmas Eve.  The snow storm has put a crinkle in my arrival times.  

I have just experienced the best Christmas season yet with amazing sales.  And, it isn’t over yet..still a few husbands that need last minute help.  Love them.  Next week, will post some of my holiday recaps.  I have been such a slacker lately and have heard about it from my loyal peeps.  Thankfully, everyone is understanding that I am a tad busy and haven’t had time to sit for 2 minutes.  

My last bit of fun news is that to make up for my blackberry going through the wash on Wednesday before my party, a sweet friend purchased an iPhone for me for Christmas.  What a life changer!!  I am so in love with it and am hoping it will help me be in better touch.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Shows, Shows and More Shows…

I am sitting on my couch beading as I take a break to type this.  This time of year is crazy for someone like me, trying to sell their wares and also keep up with a full-time job.  This weekend, we have a new ship coming to Miami for its inaugural celebration, so it is sheer mayhem.  One of my favorite shows is Friday morning, the Beaux Arts Holiday Market.  This show brings out fun shoppers and old friends, and usually has the most delicious food ever.

This is what has been selling…
First, these long sparkly necklaces.  They can be worn long or doubled up.  For $45, they are a great gift for you or someone on your list…
Some sparkly bracelets with gold disk cute for $65 each…

and lots of pearls…

My best selling notepads have been super popular…

Patterned, cardstock notepads with monograms $18 each

and my favorite thing..a 5 x 5 acrylic box holding a ton of cardstock note sheets for $36.  This is something that EVERYONE could use on their desk.  LOVE

I am loving this time of year, but am needing to clone myself to get to everyone and keep up at work..I also could use some elves to string beads!!!

Already Distracted

It is on January 6th and I have already veered off my carefully planned path to organization. When I was moving some bags around filled with goodies, I stumbled across my needlepoint bag. It is one of my resolutions to finish all my ongoing projects but first I have to finish a stocking and it might take me all Spring and Summer. But there are a couple of tiny ornaments that wouldn’t take long to finish..and then they can add to my pile of done stitching but not finished ornaments.

As I was looking through my canvases, this one kept popping out at me, I quickly stitched the crab sparkly pink and then couldn’t help myself and started on the stripes. They were painted aqua but I switched them to lime green.

After finishing the stripes, I couldn’t decide what to do next..keep it pink and green or try to fancy it up a little…

I decided to add red and pink stripes to make it more Christmasy.

In the midst of working on the crab, I pulled out the gators and finished that one too.

I was loving the Christmas colors on this little ornament..

Last night, I almost finished it..just need to add a pink sparkly border. If I make them simple like this, my Mom can make them into ornaments like tiny pillows with a ribbon on top to hang it on the tree.
There is a blue Tiffany box in my apartment filled with all of my needlepoint finished ornaments that I keep separate from the others “just in cast” there is a fire, God forbid, and I can grab it. Now, I have hidden it from myself and I am about to take my tree down. This has kicked up the organizing a notch and tomorrow, I am determined to find it. I mean, when does it end???

The Aftermath…

Are you racing out the door for after Christmas sales? I am finally catching my breath from my craziest holiday season to date. I had been sitting on my couch for days making jewelry, selling it and then replenishing for the next day. So fun, so exciting but so exhausting. I am taking a small break to re-group and get organized, and just for fun, decided to have a small cocktail party tomorrow night in my apartment. I must be crazy.

Yesterday and today, I finally finished decorating my tree..I am not kidding..and I had my Mom to help me. Here is what it looks like…

In the midst of all the hub bub, I found it necessary to scour eBay for more needlepoint ornaments even though I own over 30 brand new canvases ready to stitch. I think I have a problem…but aren’t they cute? They are so inexpensive. This prompted me to put several of my canvases on eBay to sell. 2012 is going to be my year to sell things on eBay.

Will be back to blogging full steam ahead this week, trying to catch up and redeem some of my followers! xo

Tick Tock…

Oh my…I am racing against the clock, trying to catch all my clients before the holiday deadlines pass!! Today was the cut off for Clairebella, tomorrow for Preppy Cards and that leaves me with a few days left of Paper and Ink Designs, Queen Bea and Alphabet Plates!

I have two big shows this week and all the year-end work for my real job. Yikes! Of course there is also Christmas shopping for myself. It always happens to me when I have a little extra cash from my holiday sales to shop for myself..that’s right I am selfish. I don’t think it is too out of the are in the malls and online, of course you are going to see good stuff for yourself while you are shopping for others.

One of my friend Cece’s aadorable pink trees

My Christmas list seems to dwindle each year, making it easier to get through it. Coming up with creative and recipient appropriate gifts is a little bit of a challenge. I know what I am getting for most of my list, so I hopefully won’t be hitting the malls December 24th!

When my Mom and I were shopping in Jacksonville, I found this adorable display of striped long-sleeve t-shirts at Banana Republic. I fell in love with the navy/grey one and bought it this weekend. This is it and it comes in so many cute colors!

Me and my cutie pie Goddaughter my new shirt!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

What a fun time. My whole family is here at my parents. Lots of wonderful gifts, some planned, some unexpected. My parents got me a flat screen tv, which will look great hung in my new condo, if that ever works out. My biggest surprise was this painting from my niece. She is quite the artist and this will fit perfectly in my apartment.

Another surprise was waiting for me when I arrived here. My Mom gave me back all my old Christmas art from my childhood. Even though they live in a large house with two people and I am in an apartment with limited storage, she is determined to get rid of all my things! I will put these in a scrapbook to keep. They have held up remarkably well for so many years!

Tomorrow, I am having an after Christmas sale on my website. I figured out the coupon code finally! Enter code AFTERXMAS for 25% off everything on!!!!! Code good through Tuesday, December 28th.