Finished’s a miracle!

TAfter an unfortunate cancellation by the closet people on Friday with my entire apartment in shambles-literally piles of clothes everywhere, they finally came today to finish up.  I think I am too nice and they didn’t think it was a big deal to cancel on me at the last minute, especially since I had to hunt them down to find out they were canceling. It’s really fun…
The problem with my closet in this old building that I live in is that there an air conditioning handler up on the left side that is bulky, loud and has water running through it.  It was always hidden inside my drop ceiling, so it wasn’t really a concern.  When I opened it up at one point with the A/C man, I realized the entire right hand side was unused and became obsessed with reclaiming that space.  I need more storage space always!
It started to look like too complicated a job until the right person came and after 3 hours of chit chat sweet talking Robert from the closet company, he decided he could not only fix the a/c handler situation but he threw in the demo of my old closet and even offered to paint-two things he previously told me they did not do.  I have to say that turn of events was exhilarating and confirmed to me that if you are nice it can get you a lot farther than being not so nice.
So, now the closet is needs a quick paint touch up in a few places, but I am so excited to put the obvious things back where they belong and start the not-so-sure pile to go through.  This will for sure be a task but the thought of having a pretty, organized closet where I know where everything is will be a treat!
Here is the end result of the closet renovation:
Starting tonight to fill it up with my stuff.  Wish me luck!
Xoxo, kp

IKEA Kitchen

So many decisions to is overwhelming. The one big project I have ahead of me in my new place is updating the kitchen. I have an original kitchen and it needs help! A lot of people in this building have had the cabinets refaced because the insides are made great.

My first estimate the other day was much as an entirely new kitchen. More researching and found someone to do it for less than $2,000. I have an appointment next week with that company.

In the meanwhile, I started thinking maybe an IKEA kitchen would be the way to go. The pictures on the website are amazing. A few local friends have completely new IKEA kitchens and they look fabulous for a fraction of the price.

Once you download the kitchen planner, you can choose your cabinets and where you want everything to go…

Not sure which way I am would be nice to have a brand new kitchen!

Vanity Found

This is the vanity I found after searching for days and days!!! Trying to find a cream sink and/or top to match my bathroom was not so easy. The ones I saw in person were horrible and then I found this online. When I went to see it, there were so many to choose from but this is the largest single sink vanity they had. So excited to get it and the matching mirror. My closing date for my condo might be as soon as next week, so I have so much to do!! I really can’t believe this is all happening but can’t wait to paint and move and be all finished before my birthday weekend in NYC!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I am planning on seeing Country Strong for sure. Even if every review was HORRENDOUS, I would probably still go see it just to stare at Gwyneth for a couple of hours. It amazes me how many people really do not like her..just don’t understand!

Design Challenge

The condo I am purchasing was most definitely inhabited by a man because all the marble and stonework is very masculine..but I have no doubt I can fix that all up. The only real challenge I have is my bathroom. This condo is the exact layout as the apartment I am renting three floors up, but mine has original cabinetry and can imagine that I am ready for an upgrade.

My bathroom now has a long counter with the sink and then a tower with two huge cabinets separating the sink and the toilet and shower. I use every inch of those cabinets to store toiletries, towels and my collection of makeup bags since junior high.

This new bathroom has a large piece of furniture that hold the sink all the way to the right. It is not in good condition and is a huge waste of space for such a large bathroom. It looks like a Mexican side board that someone left outside. I can’t wait to get rid of it.

The challenge:
the tub, toilet and sink are all cream (obviously I am replacing the toilet seat). I started looking for a new vanity to replace this piece but they are all with white sinks! On my trip to Home Depot, the vanities there did not look great in person, so I looked online but could not find one with a cream sink.

One thought is to replace the sink that is there with a cream pedestal sink and hang a mirrored medicine carbine above. Then, on the left side of the room, get a piece of furniture-a dresser or armoire to hold everything else. If I find a dresser that is the right height, I could use it put my makeup on even though most times I put it on in the car!

Any ideas?????