The Ultimate Andy Cohen Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled up to North Carolina to see Meg and the girls for her birthday.  Going to Statesville is one of my favorite destinations.  Meg’s family’s home is so fun, a large farm with all the trimmings.  Every morning a big breakfast is being prepared, there are always people in and out, lots of cousins running around, big comfortable guest rooms and excellent hosts that enjoy early evening chats in their formal living room.  When I arrived, I was so excited to see everyone, the girls seemed taller even though I saw them a month ago.
Friday was Meg’s actual birthday.  After lunch in Statesville, we headed to Cornelius to her brother’s house on the lake.  
We hung out there and got ready for our big night out in Charlotte.  We had VIP tickets to AC2-the Andy Cohen/Anderson Cooper show. We got the tickets in January and I have been dying for this day and my chance to actually meet Andy Cohen.  I had bought a black jump suit a month ago (Andy loves jump suits).  In anticipation of meeting them, I ordered books for Meg and I to get signed by both Andy and Anderson, we brought them with us, hopeful.
When we picked up our tickets and VIP lanyard, they told us they would come get us after the show. We got to our seats (2nd row on the right-so awesome) and just were dying that we were there.  
We started making friends and taking turns going back out to the bar for drinks.  Finally the show started and the two of them were so funny.  In between filmed videos, they talked about each other and their banter back and forth is so entertaining.  My favorite part is Andy (with love) mocking Anderson for being a Vanderbilt.  He kept teasing about how his childhood must have been.  It cracked me up.
Towards the end, they opened it up for Q & A and people scrambled to get in line to ask questions.   Some were so funny and it became very apparent that Anderson was very aware that 80% of the audience was there to see Andy and 20% to see him. He laughed about it and was a very good sport.  In our row alone, 6 of us were there because of Andy and one lone girl was a news junkie and OBSESSED with Anderson Cooper.
Then it ended and because we are rule followers and didn’t know better, we sat still waiting to be collected for the VIP Meet and Greet.  Other people were more dialed in and they know to head to one side and wait for the door to open.  We finally figured it out and got in line where we made more friends…
The line snaked up some stairs and ended up on the back of the stage where the line formed to get to the step and repeat where the boys were.  It was all very organized but sort of slow.
Meg kept asking me what I was going to say and seriously I was stressed out thinking about it.  You could see they really were good at moving the people along so you don’t really have time to have a conversation because honestly I could talk to Andy Cohen for hours about all the Housewives and Southern Charm and all my commentary about the shows.  Guess what, it went by in a flash.  I asked him if he helped the Housewives with their tagline and he said sometimes. I told him that he needs to help Tinsley with hers, she has had two bad ones and he totally agreed. 
 By the time I got those words out, both he and Anderson had signed my books and I was scooted along.
I went with KP since everyone mis-spells my name.
I told them it was Meg’s birthday and they signed her books and she got a great picture as well.
Look at Andy laughing!  So darn cute.
So that was that…
We spent the night at the lake and hung out the next day.  At one point after Kelly’s tennis match #11, we got her and Robb to go out with us for a late lunch.  That was the highlight!
The next day was Sunday, Father’s Day.  Meg’s Dad was at baseball games so the girls all went out to brunch.  It was so fun and a great way to round out our weekend.
As always, I had a blast and can’t wait to go back.
Thank you Bob, Pam, Kelly, Robb and of course birthday girl Meg!
Xoxo, KP

North Carolina Weekend Part 1

Just returned from a super fun weekend in chilly North Carolina. I traveled up to see BFF Meg, to celebrate little Ashley’s 2nd birthday and to meet my new Goddaughter Elizabeth who is 5 weeks old.

She is so sweet!

Friday night, we ate at home and Heather and Devon came over. It was so fun to see everyone.

Saturday, Meg and I headed to South Park to go shopping. More on my shopping exploits this week..but there is some great shopping in Charlotte for sure.

Sunday morning, Ashley had her Birthday Hat on.

She loved her balloons and opened a bunch of her presents. For lunch.we packed up and headed to Meg’s parents for a family party. It was getting colder and a little rainy, so everyone was bundled up. I spent a good amount of the party with my camera out trying to get a good picture of the birthday girl. She is too fast and my camera is too slow, so there are a ton of cute shots of the back of her ..

her looking down..

or looking away…

I did catch her with her cupcake cake and cousin Oliver looking on..

Me and Meg and Baby Elizabeth.

I had so much fun..part 2 Tomorrow…

North Carolina Weekend

I am still unpacking from my trip! So many bags and boxes filled with my trunk show goods. I never realize how much stuff I really have until I have to transport it. This past weekend was so fantastic, and my show on Friday was a huge success! I have so more pictures-I so wish I had more, but was super busy almost the entire time…

Very popular Hello Kitty Necklaces…all gone!

Favorite Swarovski crystal bracelets, a few left…

Delicious food in Pam’s dining room, updated almost all day long. I kept sneaking in there for snacks..and punch.

Me and little Ashley..she is so cute. I spent most of the weekend trying to take pictures of her..but she moves too fast and my camera is too slow. I was not that successful. This picture prompted me to get my hair cut first thing Monday morning. I literally drove around until I found a salon open on a Monday. Happy to report that it is now slightly shorter and very healthy looking.

This awesome necklace did not sell and I am so surprised.

This sold immediately..I am making another tonight. So great for the Fall.

Catherine and Ashley Saturday morning..watching the festivities.

Meg’s parents live in a beautiful house on a farm. There is always something going on there. This weekend, I got to meet Sassy the lamb and Buster the goat. Buster is on a tight leash and Sassy just follows behind. She is checking out Ashley here..

They decided that Sassy, who had been bottle-fed and obviously raised like a pet. When they started scrubbing her, she sat down and just them clean her up. It was so funny. She looked like a new lamb when they were through.

Sunday, we all went to lunch on the lake.

Ashley and Pam.

She was done with my camera during lunch. I overdid it again…

I wish I took more pictures, we were just all over the place and then my battery died and I forgot my charger. Dying to go back when the weather is cooler. It is like a sauna here in Miami still and it doesn’t cool off here until at least October!!! Boo hoo..

Cannot believe it is September 1st!!!!!!

Off to North Carolina

I drove to North Carolina on Friday morning in the rain. I got to Kelly’s in Cornelius around 1:30. Hung out with her kids and ran errands. Got to Poppies, my favorite store here and, as usual, it was chock full of stuff. Had dinner at a great pizza place with Kelly, Robb and all the kids. Mentally prepared myself for the show on Saturday at Heathers. I hope it will be great!