More Instagram Favs

Here is the second edition of my Instagram favorites..there are still so many more and I keep finding good ones every day.  Enjoy these…
Habitually Chic is a blog that chronicles the comings and goings of NYC interior designer Heather Clawson. She goes to fabulous events and travels the world.  She is getting ready to go to Paris for Fashion Week.
An obvious one to follow, especially if you enjoy the 5 x 5 prints they put on their feed from the Lilly print designers.  Also an easy way to see all the new Lilly wears coming to stores.
There is no one more funny/crazy than Jill Kargman.  Before starring in her hit Bravo show Odd Mom Out, she was an amazing author.  Her books are laugh out loud funny and so is this hilarious show.
Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank takes pictures of all sorts of people, her feed is a mix of her photos of family and famous friends.
Longtime favorite artist Caitlin McGauley.  I LOVE her paintings and this feed shows what she is working on and what inspires her.  
Another obvious feed for design junkies, the Veranda Magazine feed has beautiful pictures of all different types of design.  
If you don’t live in Miami, you might not know about the gem that is Country French.  A charming little store in the middle of South Miami, you can find linens, candles, home accessories, china, furniture and much more all displayed in a way that makes you want to purchase the whole room-people sometimes do!  Sweet girls will help you make the best choices and wrap your purchases up so pretty, you will be proud to take something from here as a gift to anyone.
Another obvious feed for me.  Love seeing what Gwyneth Paltrow is up to.  I am also dying for her to post more pictures of her beautiful house.  She always just posts this gorgeous entryway. 
If you have a hankering for pink and green, this feed is for you.  These sisters in Palm Beach get around and post awesome pics of their comings and goings.  They have a blog and an online shop
Last but certainly not least, my dear friend of over 25 years, Jamie has been perfecting her photographic eye and her feed filled with her beautiful family and her travels is so fun to see.  One of the most creative people I have ever know, you will be sure to learn a lot by adding her to your Instagram lineup. 

xoxo, kp

Heavenly Fall

A couple of weeks ago, I popped into Country French to see what was going on for Fall.  There were so many beautiful things to look at, I wasn’t sure where to start…

Lots of Fall colors mixed in with the amazing, clean white furniture

I am DYING for this orchid and the pretty pot it is in…

Or, I would take this one…
Every room had something I am putting on my list.
Then I dropped in this week, and they were already getting ready for Christmas!  The room on the left side was filled with red and green treasures…

Check out Country French’s new website

Wishing for Fall…

Hard to believe we are already 3 days into October. In Miami, it still feels like July. There was a sorts of talk about a “cold front” today, but it didn’t really happen. In between the marathon jewelry sessions I had this weekend, I popped into Country French to visit my sweet pal Olga. There were lots of Fall accents all around the store. If you missed my previous post on Country French, you can read it here.

The Fall table, lots of orange and pumplin spiced items…

The pumpkin that I love but unfortunately, do not have room to store from December to September!

I might have to go back for this turkey…

Amazing orange lamps add a little pop of color to this blue and tan room…

Every corner of this store has something fabulous…

A table filled with beautiful new Vietri

The birds are to die for…

There is always a fully stocked Oprah-approved Lafco candle supply.

If you are in the Miami area, this store is a must-visit. It always has the most beautiful things and you can never wonder what season we are in from the decor inside. The girls there are all expert gift consultants and Martha Stewart-worthy gift wrappers.

Country French
7259 Red Road
South Miami, Florida

Country French

There is a little jewel of a store right in the heart of South Miami named Country French. Almost like a good secret, behind the unassuming entrance is a heaven on earth for lovers of quality furniture, gifts and home decor. Open for over 28 years, the store has tripled in size since its inception and is the kind of store that you walk into have to absorb everything slowly. Each corner of this decorator’s oasis is stunning. One large room on the right has three separate seating areas completely decorated from mirrors on the wall, sumptuous couches and chairs, coffee tables and accent pieces.

Owner Martha Leborgne and her team have an amazing eye and exquisite taste. They stock the store with classic pieces mixed with European antiques and fresh new treasures. They have such a way of putting things together, I have witnessed people coming in the store and actually buying an entire room right on the spot. If you do not have a decorating flair, the girls here will make sure you leave with just the right thing.

Plentiful selection of sterling silver picture frames, china and lots of sea shells.

The entire Thymes line along with colorful napkins, candles and hand towels to outfit any powder room.

The other perk of shopping at Country French is the wrapping. Even the simplest gift is wrapped beautifully with big gauzy bows around white boxes. I am always proud to be giving a gift from there!

Amazing jewelry that is always changing..

One of the living room areas. I am in love with the artwork above this couch.

Every once in a while, they set up an entire table for a bridal registry. I can’t wait for my table to be on display at Country French..I have been planning it for years!

I discovered this store in 1989 when I worked 2 doors down. During the holidays, I found the perfect gift for my Mom. Little did I know that my helpful sales girl Olga would later become one of my very best friends in the world. She and her sister Virginia have worked there since they were teenagers and are quite the style pair. Not too long ago, Martha’s daughter Magsie came to work there as well. Pop in and there is always an expert waiting to help you. Need a gift to send? You can call with an amount and an address, and a perfect gift could be on the way in a snap. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Country French, it is just the perfect store!

Visit Country French at 7259 Red Road, South Miami.
Phone 305.661.1059.