Atlanta Gift Show

Last Sunday, I got up at the crack of dawn and left Statesville on my way to Atlanta.  As I drove out of driveway of the Stamey’s home, I passed the cows having breakfast…
Arriving in Atlanta around 11:30 am, I headed straight to building 3 of AmericasMart to check in.  I got my credentials and went downstairs to the Cash & Carry jewelry section to hit up two of my favorite vendors.  I do the same exact thing every time I get to this show…

I ended up getting

Soaps from Michel Design Works.
I am in love with these foaming soaps and they make great hostess gifts!

Image result for michel design works soap
Visited with my pal Meg Carter in her adorable booth…

Ordered more clutches from Brooke Wright Designs…

Picked out lots of earrings from La Vie en Parisienne….

Picked up a new line of bags…

The pink and green ones were a favorite…

Saw my friends and Crab & Cleek..they also had some new tops on display. I ordered the one below for me to “test out”.

Daniel Richards showroom to see what was new.
These are the new designs from Donovan Designs.
Of course, I was dying over them!

Lifeguard Press..the prettiest showroom of course…

Toss Designs..I almost died when I saw their new chinoiserie bag.  I ordered a bunch!

They teamed up with Paige Gemmel and had her amazing designs on some of their products..I got the bags and can’t wait to get them.

I also got these pom pom bags and the rose glitter bags. 

One of my favorite things about is Atlanta is that it is a great place to meet in person my internet friends.  Two years ago, I met Paige from the Pink Clutch and in the past have met many bloggers who came to my booth to say hello.  So fun!

One of my last stops was Alexa Pulitzer. I love their notepads and mousepads.  I ordered a bunch to get me through the beginning of Fall. 

Bleary eyed, I left around 5:45 and on the way out, spotted Laurie Byrne from LB Originals.  I have been buying her cute paper goods for such a long time.  It was so fun to finally meet her.
Then…I got turned around-easy to do in these enormous place and couldn’t find the street where the garage was where I parked my car.  I clicked on the maps feature on my phone and they had made a notation for me.  I seriously followed with blue dot until I was going in the right direction and finally found my car.

The rest of this day was not so exciting. I could not decide whether to stay in Atlanta or keep driving towards my parents. I finally opted to get on the road and made it to Macon.  My hotel picking luck failed me and I stayed in a very boring not fancy hotel and got Outback take out for dinner.  The next morning, I decided to hit up Waffle House for breakfast. I woke up at 7am, was sitting at Waffle House at 7:13 and was back on the road by 7:31 heading to Amelia Island.  I got there right around lunch and got to hang out with my niece Taylor and my parents-and Maisie.  All in all, a very fun trip!
Overspent in Atlanta,
Xoxo, KP

Up in Fort Lauderdale…

So happy to be invited again to participate at the University of Miami Forum on Women’s Health Luncheon today at Lauderdale Yacht Club.  This is the fourth year in a row that I have been a vendor and it was great, as usual. Lots of new customers and about ten ladies asking where my store is?  Well, that is a good question, but right now my store is a table here or there at various events…

Two long tables, my favorite set up..

I spread my totes out on an extra table after lunch…

I am loving this new line, Donovan Designs.  During the luncheon, I sold out of the chunky notepads today many of the cute note sheet sets (above).

Always featuring Haute Papier’s letterpress gift tags…

Lots of new fabric pouches…
Tons of stretchy wood beads bracelets with tassels…

Such a fun day. I am  trying to plan a big show before the end of the month.  I have tons of new things and lots of things on sale..keep an eye out!

Today went well, so I might be getting the J.Crew tassel sandals,
xoxo, kp


 Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day!  Early flight to Atlanta and then walking the gift show all day.  I brought a change of shoes and even that didn’t help much.  I saw a bunch of my regular vendors and lots of new ones..
After stocking up in the Cash and Carry jewelry section…
My next stop was See Designs.  I love their tote bags and ordered these new medium size square totes and a bunch of linen scarves..
 The Daniel Richards showroom is always chock full of good paper lines.  I picked up Donovan Designs on this round.  Lots of personalized notepads and some boxed stationery that is so cute.
Got some Crabberrie bags, especially the ginger jar ones
 Also finally got the Alexa Pulitzer line.such amazing notepads
 And then I walked around looking at all the different is overwhelming

I went to a book signing of Design Her.  Some of the designers featured were on hand to autograph their section.  My style guru Emily McCarthy was there.  She is amazing.

and then raced across to another building to hear Eddie Ross do a panel on decor.  He was lively and so entertaining..

and then jumped on MARTA and headed to the airport.  When I got home, I was exhausted and my weekend hasn’t even begun!  So excited though for the Beaux Arts festival and my tent there.  Hope to see you!

Crazy day in Atlanta,
xoxo, kp