Listening in…

Have you ever had a conversation and then, coincidentally the subject of your chatter comes up in an ad on Instagram or Facebook?  This happens to me all the time and one of my co-workers insists that “they” are always listening via our smart phones.  Who is “they”? I asked and she had lots of ideas, some of which made sense but the whole thing seemed unlikely.
Fast forward many months and I started seeing this when I signed on to my Capital One app…
I thought it was funny because everyone calls me that and didn’t think too much beyond being amused.  When this subject came up again, Helen showed me her phone.  Her same Capital One app said this…
Her sister calls her Helen Helen Watermelon.  She is the only person that says that and is usually on speakerphone in conversation.  Coincidence?  It’s too much!
I did a quick google search and so much came up on this topic…
Google says that Facebook, Instagram and others use the microphone in your phone to listen to conversations.  You can adjust the settings on your phone under Privacy to disconnect these apps from using the microphone on your phone.  They do this for advertising purposes but it is a little creepy.
Watch what you say near your phone!
Xoxo, kp

Evolution of Social Media

Not too long ago, if asked, I would have sworn my dying allegiance to Facebook above all other social media outlets.  I do LOVE Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but the same people talking about the same things gets a little old, no?  Next came Twitter…how fun is Twitter?  I started following so many people that I was constantly up on all current events, breaking news and celebrity fluff alike.  
I am not breaking up with Facebook or Twitter, but my new love is Instagram.  I have been cheating on my first two relationships with shiny new Instagram.  Since I only got my iPhone at Christmastime, I am relatively new to Instagram and all it has to offer.  When I have a spare second these days, that is the app I click first to see what is going on.  I chronicled my whole trip this past weekend on Instagram and linked it to Twitter…kind of like dating two guys at one time-having to be careful to link the right things the right way or it can be a big mess.
Did I ever tell you about Klout?  The magic Klout score that had me scrambling to increase it to 40 so I could gain access to a VIP lounge at a Fashions Night Out party in Bal Harbour?  I googled the heck out of Klout trying to see what, exactly boosts your score.  One thing is to follow less people than follow you on Twitter.  That was easy, I scrolled through the people I followed and deleted a ton of useless Tweeters.  I didn’t make the 40 needed to access that party, but now am comfortably in the 50s-not that anyone cares, including myself.
So, in addition to my promise to blog more consistently, I am letting it be known that if you want to know what is really going on in my world, follow me on Instagram.  It is so much fun.

Click on the Instagram icon to follow me…

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xoxo, kp

The Frustration of Facebook Pages

When Facebook decided to get rid of the Groups and switch over to Pages, they made everyone start from scratch! It has become quite a struggle to get my old group friends to “Like” my new Kristin Pearce Designs page! I have put many status updates very nicely asking people to Like my new page, even using “pretty please” and promising not to over post. I still have over 125 people left in my old group. Then to make it more frustrating, when I have used a status update on my personal Facebook page with the link to my new KPD page, many people quickly scan the update and Like my status update. That doesn’t really help, but thank you!

Facebook is the best way to get the word out to customers about sales, specials or just general news. My friend Mason send me a little article the other day basically saying that if you are begging for likes, they don’t really mean anything. Obviously if you Like a page on FB, you are usually interesting in the subject matter, not having your arm twisted so someones number is high. Hilarious. I would just like to consolidate please….

So, I added this new widget on the sidebar of my blog which makes it easier to click the Like button. If you are so inclined, I would be so happy to have you Like my Kristin Pearce Designs page. I promise fun new merchandise in the next few weeks, giveaways and discounts.

Thank you so very much! xo

Falling Behind the Times….

For years, I have always been so proud of myself that I can hook up any VCR, cable box, DVD player, etc… I usually can get fix my smaller computer problems without asking for help, but some of these new social media outlets are leaving me very frustrated…

Pinterest…I signed up. I finally figured out how to download the Pin it deal on my tool bar. I go to a website and click the button and it asks me questions that I can’t answer! There are so many of my friends on Pinterest by now, it cannot be that difficult, but seriously, I sort of already gave up. Then writing this post, I made myself pin one I have one pin! Follow me here.

Tumblr seems like an online scrapbook that you can steal from anyone you see. It is the only website where this is appropriate. I signed up and then just didn’t get started. How many things should one person have to update?

The other frustrating thing is when social media outlets make big changes and then you have to do all the work cleaning up the mess. Years ago, I started a Kristin Pearce Designs group on Facebook. I had over 200 members and would message my events and such. I didn’t take advantage of this page and when it occurred to me that I was missing out of the beauty of Facebook being free and having access to almost 800 friends, I went to my group page and it was scheduled to be archived!!! I apparently did not have enough activity. So, it will be archived in the months ahead. Then, I started a page for my business and tried to get my peeps from the first one to move over to the second. Two months later, I still have more than half of the people in my old group. They will not click on the link and LIKE my new page. It is so frustrating. If you will, please LIKE my new will make this blogger so happy.

Am I the only one out there that thinks any 8 year old could figure this stuff out faster than you??? Don’t even start me on blog followers. I have been stuck around 450 forever. I was at 451 and then lost one the other day. I almost shed a tear. Don’t get me wrong, 450 followers is amazing..but 500 would be so much fun. I met a cute boy last weekend and within 10 minutes, had him following my blog. He didn’t even know what we was doing. I usually am not so sneaky, but the competitive streak in me is starting to really show!!!!

"LIKE" ??????

Join my new Facebook page for Kristin Pearce Designs…my old page is being archived. I put a new page together and messaged all the members of the old group to join the new group. These things never go as smoothly as you think they would…
I put a status update announcing my new page and practically begging my friends to “LIKE” my new page. So what happens? They “LIKE” the status update and don’t click on the new page! Sort of frustrating.
So…if you would, please “LIKE” my new Kristin Pearce Designs page here. LIKING this page will give you sneak peeks of new designs, special discounts and specials, and really just make my day to have more than 70 people LIKE my business page.

Thank you so very much!

xo, kp

Google or Facebook??

Yesterday, I had lunch with one of my favorite people, Brian. He is somewhat like the Mayor of Miami, so getting 1 hour alone with him is really the only way to talk to him one-on-one. During our in-depth catch up session, we were talking about Facebook and the movie and he asked me..”what do you think is the more important invention Google or Facebook?”

What a question! I would be lost without Facebook for keeping in touch with everyone, including my family, but I google EVERYTHING. So, my answer is Google.
What do you think????

Update: A resounding vote for Google..I have to agree. I use it at least 10 times a day!

Just Click "Like"

Have you heard about Russel & Mackenna? Recently, I have seen this company pop up here and there and think they have some really cute furniture! They are trying to build their Facebook fan base and are offering a giveaway of a Queen Size Chesapeake Canopy Bed for their Facebook fans. All you have to do is click “LIKE”. It’s that simple. Their goal is to have 5,000 fans by Thursday, August 12th.

Last month, Gwyneth Paltrow’s temporary Nashville apartment was featured in several magazines and on her GOOP website. The adorable bunk beds in her children’s room were from this delightful company. Check out the spread here.

Their cottage-style designs are fun and fresh. Their use of color is amazing.

Here are a couple of examples ..

Photos courtesy of Miss Decor

Click here to check out Russell & Mackenna on Facebook. You will love it!


Some of my very best friends have a hard time remembering to check my blog..hard to believe-I know, so I just created a fan page on Facebook. Now, they can become fans and see my posts when they check their status updates. I am a fan of many blogs but for some reason never thought to do it myself. So-you know who you are…now you don’t have any excuses to not see Summer in Newport! To become a fan click here
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!