So, I lost my blackberry last night and could not find it anywhere. I tried to trace my steps, but I feel like my life is Groundhogs Day, so it is hard to remember which day is which. I am leaving for North Carolina on Thursday and started could I travel without a phone? I rely so much on this phone, all I could think of many text messages am I missing??? When I went to bed, I had to fix my old clock radio since I use my BB for an alarm clock. I woke up twice this morning to check..paranoid that it wouldn’t work. On the way to an early meeting, I heard my muffled ringer calling out to me from the back seat. I pulled over and dug around to find it sitting right there. And the funny thing..I hadn’t missed very much. Not text messages and a phone call. So, problem solved and I am very relieved.

The luggage that I have collected over the years all have broken or scary zippers. I had to borrow a bag for my trip tomorrow. That is something I need to investigate when I get back. In Nantucket, my zipper almost disintegrated, but Tara’s steady hand rescued my clothes. I was so scared to move it for the rest of the trip.

I have been making new jewels like crazy. All my big shows are this month. These new wood necklaces have been selling so fast, I can hardly keep up with making them. That is always a good problem to have. They can be doubled up and are $40 each! Also, I am looking for some ideas on little girl necklaces. I still have quite a Hello Kitty crowd, but besides the peace sign, need some other ideas. Any suggestions??

Look for my North Carolina posts…I will be wearing lots of layers when I write them!