GOOP Timeline

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s website/newsletter GOOP has hit its 10 year anniversary.  They sent out a GOOP timeline from its inception and it accurately shows how GOOP has evolved with the “laugh at our self” attitude that you wouldn’t be aware of if you are a Gwyneth hater or have never listened to an interview of GP.  Imagine knowing that you are putting yourself out there and there are legions of people that just hate you for trying to do a good thing. It’s always boggled my mind.  As you may know if you follow me on any platform, I was able to meet Gwyneth in person last December and it was a true highlight.  She was lovely in person and her little pop up operation was run with a tight grip, no room for error.  It was impressive.  Click here for the timeline link.
If you don’t like Gwyneth and think you may be converted, try these links:
Gwyneth on Howard Stern in 2015 click here.
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Gwyneth on Howard Stern May 2018 click here.
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Gwyneth’s first podcast with Oprah click here.
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I kind of dare anyone to listed to all three and not walk away from them at least not hating her and most likely having an appreciation of her and her accomplishments.

Gwyneth Approved Soaps on OKL

Two years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow told the world on GOOP that she loved this line of French soaps and candles.  The packaging is so cute and I have seen it out and about but have not purchased any yet.  Well, today they are on One Kings Lane!  The prices are so great and make great gifts or look very chic on your bathroom counter.
Check out the sale here.

If you aren’t signed up for One Kings Lane, click here