That Summer

“That Summer” has come out in select theaters and is available On Demand.  Narrated by Peter Beard, it shows the behind the scenes footage of the Beales and Grey Gardens.  There is lots of footage of Lee Radziwill and some voice over commentary by her as well.  If you liked Grey Gardens or are a fan of anything Kennedy, this is very entertaining.
This movie has the most on screen time of Lee that I have ever seen.  Her voice, so wispy and she is so patient with her family members who are living in dreadful circumstances smack in the middle of East Hampton.  A bit of the film deals with Ari Onassis and Jackie stepping in to help fund the renovation of their falling apart home.  The film also demonstrated just how big a part Lee had in Grey Gardens (the film) becoming a reality.  She is really the star of this film…amazing!
You can watch the trailer here.
Happy Memorial Day!
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Grey Gardens on the Market

If you are lucky enough to have an extra $19,995,000 to spend on real estate, you could be the new owner of Grey Gardens!  Located on 1.7 acres in East Hampton near the beach, this amazing property is so rich with history and lots of drama, two movies and a Broadway play have all paid homage to it. 
Jackie Kennedy’s Aunt and Cousin lived in this house for years as it turned into a dilapidated state barely suitable for the raccoons that ran around amongst the cats.   Once Big Edie (the Aunt) passed, Little Edie sold the house, holding out for someone who promised not to tear it down.  Enter Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn.  They meticulously restored the house and surrounding gardens and let several magazines capture the end result.
Sally Quinn is the seller and I am sure this awesome house won’t be on the market very long.  If you haven’t seen the original movie Grey Gardens or the HBO reboot a few years ago with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, you should.  You will be amused for sure!
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