Irritating Irma

Hurricane Watch…it’s the scariest and worst. There are two sides to hurricane watching, the positive is that you have time to prepare and get supplies, the negative is that you have days to wait in dread.  After days of watching the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we have our own nightmare barreling towards us, Irma!  I live in a solid, old building that has withstood many storms and have hurricane shutters so I feel safe there, but it is the aftermath that is hard to deal with.

The weather down here is jungle hot, so the thought of days without electricity seem unbearable.  I ventured out yesterday to Home Depot with my pal Carolyn and we were like comic relief…trying to buy things that would be helpful in a storm.  We got the last of the batteries and some moon shaped battery-operated lights..or moonlights.  We ordered the rest from Amazon including LED flashlights, batteries, lanterns and more.  I ventured out yesterday to Whole Foods and stocked up on lots of snacks and then had Prime Now deliver Diet Coke and other drinks. 

So, I am stocked up with supplies, now the waiting game.

If you are wanting to help with Hurricane Harvey, there is plenty of time to still do so. I think the relief efforts are going to be ongoing for months.  I follow @25Park on Instagram and she has been rallying her troops to find direct places to donate rather than donating to large non-profits where the money will not be 100% directed towards the people who truly need it.  One of her suggestions is to support the Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation by putting backpacks together for students starting school who have lost all of their belongings.  This is such an easy thing to do and the people who are collecting them will put them right in the hands of deserving recipients.  They have partnered with 4 local Houston elementary schools which have low income students.  Their goal is 2,500 backpacks and they have 605. Here is the info:

Send the backpacks to:
Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation
405 Main St.

Houston, Texas 77002

One of my friends who lives in Houston said people are in serious need of plastic storage bins to protect the valuables they were able to save.  I sent some from Amazon directly to her and she will put them into the hands of people who need them.  There are many ways to do things like this.  I personally, am not the biggest fan of the Red Cross in times like this.  After reading articles about how they botched the Haiti relief efforts, I am hesitant to donate to them.  Friends in Houston have suggested Catholic Charities of Houston and Houston Food Bank.

Stay safe!
xoxo, kp


Hurricane Season is always a bummer, but to have this big storm aiming for the entire East Coast right before Labor Day weekend is horrible!!!!

It was 18 years ago on August 23rd when Hurricane Andrew snuck up on everyone and before we knew it, this was what the tv screen showed..headed straight Miami. I was packing my car to head back to school and it took almost double the time to reach Gainesville due to all the people evacuating.

After I finally got there, I unpacked and went to bed, ready to start school in the morning. The phone woke me up at 6:30am with my Mom calling to let me know they “made it!” I was so surprised to hear her how stressed her voice was. They had been up all night moving from room to room, trying to stay safe. I felt so guilty all tucked in my air conditioned apartment 6 hours North. I drove home that next weekend to bring some roofing supplies to my Dad and to see the destruction for myself. Nothing could have prepared me for the scene there. It was horrible.

Fast forward 18 years and some of the local stations here didn’t even mention the anniversary of Hurricane Andrew’s path through Miami! It’s hard to believe.

Let’s hope for a strong wind from the west to push the storm back out to sea and away from all the planned vacations, bar-b-ques and beach days this weekend.

Earl, go away!!!!