It’s Always Back to Ikea

By the time I am done with my condo, it’s going to look fantastic..when they will be is another story.  My kitchen is 65% finished, just waiting for the cabinet install.  I picked out which countertop (and by picked out, I mean I love my friend Cia’s and am doing what she did) but have to wait until the cabinets are in to measure.  I am crossing fingers that I can make it with one slab.  The appliances are on hold-waiting to be delivered and then there are tons of decisions to be made.  At this point, I am waiting until the cabinets are in before making any more decisions (hardware, backsplash, lighting, etc). 

My bedroom is what I am focusing on at the moment.  I have a long wall and need storage for clothes and a place for my tv.  My budget really doesn’t leave room for a custom built-in..enter Ikea.  My house is a complete 50/50 mixture of Ikea and antique pine furniture, which I like.  I think in my mind, as I have gotten older, I feel the need to break away from Ikea but to tell you the truth, Ikea is popular for a reason.  Not only are most things there affordable, but if you are careful in what you choose, they are very well made.

The term “Ikea Hack” is a favorite.  This is where I found the solution for my bedroom. Now, I just need a handyman who can help build it.  My Dad lives 6 hours away and would be able to do it super easy, but he just left town and is not likely to re-appear until Christmas and that is too long!  When looking for a bookshelf/entertainment unit online, I stumbled on the Ikea Pax Wardrobe Hacks. 

This one I love!

As you can see, they have a lot of flexibility.  Many of them are sitting on top of frames made by a handyman and also extra molding to make them seamless and look custom.
Then this one popped up. This is exactly what I want.  I am so excited. I might add the mirrors on the squares like one of the pictures above (2nd one down).  This would add so much extra storage to my life and look great in my bedroom.  My Mom is making my panels with the fabric she has had forever..I need to measure so she can get going.  There is some furniture that needs to move around and I need someone who can lift some heavy pieces to help me.  There are storage containers with all my kitchen stuff everywhere, so I have to wait.
It’s all I ever do these days..wait and wait and wait!
Waiting patiently,
Xoxo kp

A Simple Dresser…

Have you ever seen the ever-so-simple Ikea Rast dresser?  I own two of them. They were very inexpensive and the perfect size for my weird bedroom, so with many coats of glossy white paint and some fancy knobs, they have worked up until now.  But some people have created an art form of transforming simple Ikea pieces and really designing the heck out of them.  They call this an Ikea Hack.  Google Ikea Hack and you will be bombarded with images, it might blow your mind.  Check out some of these Rast dresser hacks…

Mine might be for sale pretty soon when I find the bamboo replacements I have been searching for.  My bedroom needs help!

Still searching,
xoxo, kp

To Cook in White…

Adding to my long list of projects to tackle, one of the most important and scary is to re-do my kitchen.  My condo is filled with upgrades all around until you head into the kitchen.  After looking around and doing research beyond, I have decided to get a pretty white Ikea kitchen planned out for me.

The one tweak is that I might have the cabinet doors ordered from Semi-Handmade, one of the few companies that had the brilliant idea to market custom doors to match up with the Ikea cabinet boxes.

I found a blog called Stories that documented the process and it might be the way to go…

They come natural so there is a DIY component to the plan…

but after spending the money to redo the cabinets, I think it is worth it to pay a tiny bit more to have nice doors.  They even know what color paint matches up with the Ikea “white”. 

I am heading to Ikea today to take a peek and get the ball rolling. 
So excited.

I know I will cook better in a new kitchen,

xoxo, kp


Not surprising to anyone who knows me well, my Dad is always dangling some type of carrot in front of me to get me exercising.  I have sent periodic blackberry videos of me walking as proof, always in a joking way, but I am dealing with someone who exercises every day of the week, so “here and there” walking doesn’t really cut it.  It’s never enough.  I do not love this is always an effort on my part.

Well, all my posts about a new kitchen and my chatter about Ikea visits have resulted in a very large carrot.  My challenge for this year is to get in shape (not go on a fad diet, seriously get in shape) AND pay off my credit cards..and my “carrot” prize will be a new kitchen.  I didn’t jump on this offer immediately because there is always tons of caveats with these types of challenges.  But, after much thought and my spending all sorts of time cooking these days in my old kitchen, I decided to do it.

So since May 29th, I have been doing no carbs.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  I now realize that I practically live on carbs.  My car automatically turns in to Einstein Bagels in the morning and I have never eaten a pizza that I didn’t like.  So, now I am eating lots of salad, chicken, fish and eggs.  It is paying off and I am happy to fit into some of my old clothes.  Since I got my Keratin treatment last week (that is a whole other post), it has made my walking a little easier in the morning.  I have small goals through the summer, but mostly I am DYING to fit into my favorite pair of white jeans from 2007.  I have two pairs of the same Banana Republic jeans that were my summer staple in serious rotation.  They have been folded up at the top of my closet for quite a while.  I moved them to top of my jeans pile, hopeful they will be part of my summer wardrobe before Labor Day.

As for the kitchen, will see me at Ikea drooling over all the choices.  My apartment has a very simple kitchen, so it won’t be too difficult, but I am determined to maximize all the space above my current cabinets for storage.  Thankfully, with the help of my arsenal of home magazines and Pinterest, kitchen ideas are aplenty.  Here are some of my inspirations….


White white kitchen

White Kitchen traditional kitchen

white kitchen #home #kitchen

countertop and sink.

So the Mrs. Fields milk chocolate chip cookie I want so badly won’t taste as good as fitting into my jeans or cooking in a new white fun kitchen.  Wish me luck!

A Monogram in the Dining Room…

Over the years, I have inherited an eclectic mix of furniture from my parents and grandparents. My dining room table (from my parents) was in our house up until junior high school. It is round with two large leaves to make a very sizable piece of furniture. The matching chairs were caned and after time, they all needed some fixing. I am about to replace them with monogrammed chairs..they seem to be all over the place these days.

My friend Ali’s beautiful chairs…

When I was doing research for this post, I came across this picture. I love the white piece of furniture on the left and the amazing wallpaper in the kitchen. So fresh…

So, this is my solution…Ikea Henriksdal chairs. They retail for $89 each and then I will have the slipcovers monogrammed. I have been meaning to have Lori Jayne Monogramming in Palm Beach make up something super fun for my initials, so this might be the perfect time. Was I waiting for my initials to change?? Maybe, but for a small amount of money, I could order new slipcovers and add my new monogram down the road.

The other thing I am dying for is a new chandelier for my entrance way. The light that came with my condo wasn’t too offensive, so I left it there for replacement down the road..and then it broke. This coral one from Ballard Design is so cute and goes with my decor. Retail price is $299 and they are on sale at the moment 15% off!

The list goes on and on for my condo up-my bedroom. I haven’t done anything with it and I am sick of looking at it so plain. My problem is that I can never pick a fabric and stick with it. So my walls are a beautiful blue, my curtains are a simple white and my bedding is all white as well. The only color in the room is my pine bookshelf filled with books and the clothes sitting on a chair that I can’t fit into my closet. With tropical storm Emily headed to Florida this weekend, this might be the perfect opportunity to lock myself in my condo and get to work. I will let you know how that goes….

Looking forward to Labor Day…and Nantucket!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, A Thoughtful Place, Coco Cozy, Ikea, Ballard Design and Joann Malloy

Google Searches

Every once in a while..I take a peek at the behind-the-scenes info on this blog to see where people are coming from to read Summer in Newport. It is always entertaining. My biggest post to date was named Blueberry Heaven..a sweet little post about a blueberry coffee cake my friend Camille made that I absolutely love. I had so many readers that blew my mind. Did someone repost it somewhere? Was the title just that catchy??? I will never know.

Lately, my numbers have spiked enough for me to do a little research and the answer was very simple. I have done a few posts on Ikea and it seems everyone in the world is googling Ikea at some point and I get a crazy amount of hits. Earlier this year, I did a post on Ikea kitchens and posted some pictures from their website. If you Google Ikea Kitchen images, the second picture is from my blog post. I can only imagine the confusion from people all over the world trying to find out about an economical kitchen or the Expedit bookshelf and landing on my little blog. It is funny.

The other Google search that lands people on my blog is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. I did a post on her a while ago and every day, someone is searching for her online. Maybe this will be the year she surfaces!
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

IKEA Kitchen

So many decisions to is overwhelming. The one big project I have ahead of me in my new place is updating the kitchen. I have an original kitchen and it needs help! A lot of people in this building have had the cabinets refaced because the insides are made great.

My first estimate the other day was much as an entirely new kitchen. More researching and found someone to do it for less than $2,000. I have an appointment next week with that company.

In the meanwhile, I started thinking maybe an IKEA kitchen would be the way to go. The pictures on the website are amazing. A few local friends have completely new IKEA kitchens and they look fabulous for a fraction of the price.

Once you download the kitchen planner, you can choose your cabinets and where you want everything to go…

Not sure which way I am would be nice to have a brand new kitchen!

Muffy’s Next Giveaway!

Muffy is at it again! She is hosting a giveaway of a custom design of an Ashley Brooke sticker. The design fee is waived, and the adorable stickers are 50 cents each. Click on Muffy Martini’s blog to check it out and enter.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I finally went to IKEA with Helen and bought the last of the bookshelves. They were so unbelievably heavy, I had to undo the boxes in my car and bring the pieces up to my apartment in about 8 trips. Yet another occasion when a boyfriend would have come in handy. Now, who is going to help me put them together? There are 3 of them!! This is what they look like. Photo from Flickr.
* Update * This is the Billy bookshelf system from IKEA. The regular bookshelf is $59 each and the doors are $45 each side. This picture also shows the extra shelf on top-I didn’t get that. So, to be clear, this is not my bedroom! 🙂

IKEA Expedit Bookshelf

I was so excited when I discovered the amazing Expedit bookshelf sold at Ikea, perfect to hold all of my books, photo albums and magazines. I could fill 4 of them but started with one 25 square white bookshelf, which comes in 3 unbelievably heavy boxes. I bribed one of the guys in my building to help me bring them up and then unpacked the boxes. The instructions have some stick figures that clearly state this bookshelf needs to be assembled by 2 people, but I thought I would give it a try. What a disaster. It has been 3 weeks and I am still tripping over it. Tatiana came over to help me but we gave up at the 80% finished mark. We could not gather enough physical strengh to shove the pieces into place. I checked into an assembly service but am waiting for my brother to send someone to help me. It has become something of a joke at this point. I have attached a few pictures of fully assembled bookshelves for some inspiration. Pictures from Flickr.

From Gamberbabe360

From AnnaDo

From AllAboutEve