Stuck with the Original

Two Christmases ago, no one was more excited to receive an iPad than me. I coveted one for so long..not having an iPhone or a Mac, it was my first foray into the world of Apple besides my iPods and I was so excited. Of course, a few months later, when the iPad2 came out, I was slightly envious of the cool new model, thinner, with a camera and the cool colored covers…
The time to cash in on the original iPad was right away, selling on eBay for an amount that wasn’t so low it could make you cry. I missed that boat and now with the iPad3 about to launch, my dinosaur iPad is practically worthless! Some of the cool new apps don’t even work on the original, kind of like a slap to the face for having an outdated toy.
These days, the thought of spending a chunk of cash on a new model of a device that I still consider a luxury, not a necessity is not really feasible. I am saving up for a new kitchen..but I did see one of my friends whip out her iPad in the most sumptuous black Chanel case a few weeks ago.

The puffy caviar leather with the beautiful interlocking Cs took my breath away and I am not afraid to say I was pea green with envy. My standard issue black Apple cover has stood the test of time and kept my beloved iPad from cracking in half at being dropped several times by accident, but it is so ugly and..well-standard. I think I need this new case.
So, spend the money on a new case to put my old iPad in..or buy a new updated iPad???

iPad + Apple TV

As I have mentioned many times, I am very aware that I am not using my fabulous iPad to its fullest capacity. One thing I have done is build up a movie library so now I have 6 of my favorite movies downloaded so I am never without some sort of entertainment.

Yesterday, I went over to visit Denie and Mason and they opened up a whole new side to my television/movie obsessed world. They gave me a tour of Apple TV. This unbelievable device is only $99 and it synchs up your iPad to your television. So, with a click of a button, you can watch any tv shows or movies on your iPad right on your television, listen to your music through your televion speakers, watch You Tube videos or connect a Direct TV membership. It is so amazing. was remote, you didn’t even have to connect the iPad to anything!

I love finding out new things like this..Apple Tv is next on my list!

iPad Help

Goodness..I am usually never without my iPad these days but I am definitely not using it to it’s potential. I am looking for some cool apps and need some help from my peeps…

On any given day…

1. it lives in my purse and comes out at work-sitting on my desk and acting like my work dj
2. it gets pulled out whenever I am sitting anywhere other than work for more than 5 minutes to play solitare..extremely addicting
3. it holds only two movies that I downloaded..Shakespeare in Love and Love Actually. The other day at work, I put Love Actually on and only then realized that it really is not a family-friendly movie, especially the scenes with the porn actor stand-ins. Good thing I didn’t have this ready to go on Christmas Eve with my teenage niece and nephew sitting right next to me..that would not have been good at all.
4. it helps me keep on top of all of my emails, including work
5. for the occasion that I have little ones around, I use the finger paint app for entertainment purposes..very cute.

I have found most of the magazine apps give you a little preview of the magazine, but not much more else. What am I missing? I am dying to know your favorite app?????

All Good Things

So excited to be planning a girls trip to NYC in February for my birthday. Am trying to figure out dinner spots and am open to suggestions! Something more casual for Friday and something super fun for Saturday night. We are staying in Blair and Serena territory so trying to keep that in mind. It is going to be chilly..thank goodness I purchased a new puffy down coat at J. Crew this weekend on sale. I finally popped in the new Lincoln Road store and was blown away by how beautiful it was. It is conveniently located near the Apple store, so when I went in with some questions about my iPad..I couldn’t help myself but take a peek.

The thought of going to work tomorrow is just a little too much to take. I have thoroughly enjoyed my mini-break but all good things must come to an end.

Things with my soon-to-be condo are moving along..I will keep you up to date and might throw out a very interesting design challenge to all of you for some guidance. I am stocking up on my sturdy shopping bags to help with my move. There is a huge bonus to moving three floors below..I will be loading things in bags and bins and wheeling them downstairs in the elevator.
I am still a little in shock at the whole thing!

iPad Obsession

Every day on my way to work, I pass this billboard. I have pink pants, that could be me! Not long ago, I was at someone’s house and they had an iPad sitting on the coffee table and I asked to play with it and 2 hours later, I was obsessed. So many fun applications (I don’t have an iPhone, so it is all new to me) and so easy to carry around, it is a perfect accessory to have.

Of course it needs a cool case…

the case on the Apple website..

A little fancier at Ferragamo..

For a more youthful approach, Vera Bradley.. black or white…

and the one I want, Louis Vuitton..very durable and fashionable!

Can’t wait for all my Christmas shows to start to save up some extra cash to buy this little magic toy. It will be a very useful business expense. For business purposes of course…