Listening in…

Have you ever had a conversation and then, coincidentally the subject of your chatter comes up in an ad on Instagram or Facebook?  This happens to me all the time and one of my co-workers insists that “they” are always listening via our smart phones.  Who is “they”? I asked and she had lots of ideas, some of which made sense but the whole thing seemed unlikely.
Fast forward many months and I started seeing this when I signed on to my Capital One app…
I thought it was funny because everyone calls me that and didn’t think too much beyond being amused.  When this subject came up again, Helen showed me her phone.  Her same Capital One app said this…
Her sister calls her Helen Helen Watermelon.  She is the only person that says that and is usually on speakerphone in conversation.  Coincidence?  It’s too much!
I did a quick google search and so much came up on this topic…
Google says that Facebook, Instagram and others use the microphone in your phone to listen to conversations.  You can adjust the settings on your phone under Privacy to disconnect these apps from using the microphone on your phone.  They do this for advertising purposes but it is a little creepy.
Watch what you say near your phone!
Xoxo, kp

Best App So Far

My new favorite app…

Sounds like a no brainer, right?  But the beauty of this app is that you can upload pics right from your iPhone and pick a CVS near you to have them printed out and you just show up and pay!
I did it last night and picked them up today.  So fast and easy.
Go to your App Store and search for CVS.  It’s free!  There are a ton of other fun things this app does, but so far I was focusing on the photos.  It keeps prescriptions on file for you as well.

That was my good news, my bad news is that I dropped my phone in water yesterday.  I seriously don’t think I should be allowed anything expensive as an accessory.  Some time today, I am running out to the Genius Bar to see if I can remedy the situation but it isn’t looking good.

Wish me luck!

iPhone Obsession

Again, so so late to the iPhone party.  My contract with T-Mobile did not end until next year, so it would have cost me a fortune to switch over and rid myself of my beloved Blackberry.  After a very successful Christmas appointment, I was heading straight to the Apple store and ready to take the plunge, so excited.

Then… seriously that day, I got a ton of calls to tell me that T-Mobile announced they were getting the iPhone!  I couldn’t believe it.  I decided to be patient and wait and then some craziness ensued.  While getting ready for a party at my apartment, I decided to wash my bath rugs and racing around to get them done, my 10-day old Blackberry made it into the wash with my rugs.  I didn’t realize it was missing until right before the cycle ended and there it was on the bottom of the washer.  To be honest, I started crying in the laundry room.  Of all the times in my life to be without a phone, this would have to be one of the worst.  I had so many customers’ text messages, addresses and all sorts of info on there that all went away.  Luckily, I was able to re-hook up Zaria’s old Blackberry so I had a phone to use, but had to start over with a new SIM card.  To add to this craziness, my real job was in serious high gear and I was just so busy, not really a great time to be sitting on the computer trying to back up a phone.

One of my favorite friends called me in the middle of this drama and could tell I was about to lose it.   He had been telling me for weeks how great the iPhone was and that I was crazy to stay with my Blackberry.  He offered to buy me an iPhone for Christmas and promptly sent me a gift card to the Apple store.  I left the Apple store with the biggest smile on my face.  This phone is so much fun.  I have been having the best time adding apps and getting it set up.  You can do so much on it, it really is a life saver.  Bye Bye Research in Motion!

The man who sold me my phone insisted that I get a candy shell case.  I sell so many iPhone cases, it pained me not to use the one I had already ordered myself, but since I am a tad klutzy and had dropped my Blackberry about a hundred times, I decided to get a serious cover that will protect this precious gift I am now using to connect with the world..I know a bit dramatic, but I can’t help it.  I found one in pink and cute.

This past weekend, I kept getting in trouble for being on my phone.  I honestly was just trying to stay in touch with my life at home, but every time someone was looking for me, I was off in a corner, checking on texts and emails. 
Friday night after our big dinner…busted!
Waiting for everyone else to get saddled up on Saturday morning, I caught a quick glance at my phone…busted!

and right when the Oyster Roast was starting..this was actually me trying to take pictures and fooling around with the camera.  No one believed me!  Busted again!

I also was not captured very often without the phone clutched in my hand…

Thanks Christina for capturing all my bad phone behavior!!!!

So, what is your favorite app???
Please share! 🙂

Technology Decisions…

Lately, I have been tortured on which phone to get next. My T-Mobile contract is up September 2nd and I have been ithcing to get an iPhone and join the rest of the world. I could produce a list a mile long of the cool things I “need” on the iPhone that are not possible on the Blackberry, most especially being able to see my website and any new orders received..kind of crucial.

When I did my due diligence, I realized that the service for iPhones is much more expensive than the $49.99 T-Mobile just started offering for their unlimited Blackberry service. I have been paying $120/month for a long time, so the reduction sounded so great. In the end…my current Curve started acting up and after talking to some nice T-Mobile folks, I have a brand new Bold being overnighting to me tomorrow to replace my old Curve for free! That $4.99 insurance my Dad made me get years ago does come in handy for sure.

So, my BBM list is dwindling day-by-day with the defectors to iPhones…but we will always have email/twitter/facebook/text messages!!! xo


Speaking of technology..what happened to the right hand of my blog? It is now at the bottom. Help!!!!!!!

IPhone Envy

I have been having a love affair with my blackberry for over 2 years now, but the I Phone keeps coming out with the coolest applications and now I am JEALOUS! I heard a song last week and couldn’t figure out the name of it or who sang it. Well, if I had an I Phone, I would click the Shazam button and it would listen and tell me all the details and let me download it to Itunes. It took me 2 hours to search online with one phrase I could remember and I finally figured it out…

Here are some apps that I would want if I switched over to the Iphone:

Business Card Reader-take a picture of a business card and it stores in the phone.

Ebay Mobile-no explanation necessary

G-Park so I won’t lose my car in parking garages

Evernote-to keep track of all the notes I write all over paper in my purse

Viper Smart Start- the answer to many of my problems. I am always losing my keys or can’t find them in the bottom of my bag. This app lets you lock or unlock your car from your phone. You can also start your car with it. Never lock your keys in your car again!