J. Crew Treats

There are some fun treats at J. Crew right now.  I am so hit or miss there, sometimes I go in and I want EVERYTHING and other times, not so much.  A lot of J. Crew clothes are made for flat super skinny girls so that makes it quite a challenge.  That said, I love how fun everything is and I love that most things aren’t terribly expensive so when I find things that work, I am so excited.  Here are the things on my list right now…

Side-Slit Sweater with Striped Ties $79.50
Popover in Ratti Striped Floral $98
Striped Boatneck Tunic with Tie $78
Cotton Elephant Cover-Up $59.50
Tulle Cuffed Striped T-Shirt $45
Italian Calf Hair Clutch $69.50
Happy Shopping!
xoxo, kp

Jenna Lyons…Style Crush

These days, I find myself going into J. Crew a lot.  There is one super close to me and I am constantly intrigued by this store.  Some of my favorite pieces are J. Crew and I wear J. Crew shoes almost every other day.  Jenna Lyons, the Creative Director is a fun one to watch. Her style is outrageous and I seriously love it.  Her tall, lanky body is the perfect mannequin for the clothes she designs and she definitely wears them well!

Trying to channel Jenna,
xoxo, kp

Spring Treats at J. Crew

The taunting emails I get every day from J. Crew got to me.  There are tons of new things and I am dying for a few of them…

also comes in navy and cream

Embellished Silk Organza Dress $550

Checking for salel codes every day,
xoxo, kp

2016 Finds…

Yesterday, I went shopping to find something to wear on New Year’s Eve and I found a bunch of good things to add to my ongoing list.  
This post is for Michelle Sanchez, who has been asking for one like this for a long time.
Ann Taylor jeweled top $89.50 but 40% off with code Shop40.
This top is so pretty in person, the cotton so soft and the quality, excellent.
The Cece flat from J. Crew has been my go-to for the last couple of years, but I am ready to mix it up with the new Gemma flat.  This glitter one is so cute.  They are sold out on the website, but available in some stores. $148
Gigi New York All In One Bag in Kelly Green
This is my favorite bag and I missed this amazing color when it was current.  Gigi is having a Closet Sale and the green one popped up again (along with a few other good colors)!  
$63 plus free embossing this weekend.
Mystique Suede Fringe Chelsea Sandals $165
These sandals, purchased on my summer trip, are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
Ikat Tunic Dress $219
Have you ever checked out the Metro Tote?  I have been carrying this bag for months and love it.  It comes in a bunch of colors, including a shiny lacquer version of this one.  At $215, this bag won’t break the bank and the larger size for just a little bit more is amazing for travel.  I can’t say enough good things about it. MZ Wallace
Vineyard Vines Banana Leaf Print Dress was $248 now $199
In case it is cold where you are (not sure where that would be…) Pink Pineapple has these adorable Raccoon Scarves on sale for $38 from $68
And…so excited that CK Bradley is back in business.  These are a couple of the newest offerings in her tote collection.  $198
First blog post of 2016,
xoxo kp

Finally Conquered Polyvore…

Even though I should be chained to my couch getting 
ready for my trunk show Wednesday night, I started 
looking for something online and that led me to 
Polyvore.  I have checked it out in the past, but never 
have been able to figure it out.  This weekend, I got a 
new favorite navy and white top from J. Crew and wore 
it Monday to the Beaux Arts New Member Coffee with 
white pants and my new Meg Carter long tassel necklace.  
The Coffee was so much fun and great to see everyone 
back in action.  This outfit inspired me to do my first 
Polyvore.  I usually stay away from stuff like this because 
I get too involved and the next thing you know, 5 hours 
later, I realize what I am doing and pull myself away.  
The last thing I need is distractions these days..but 
this is my Polyvore….

My Outfit on 9/9/13

Antik Batik flat shoes

Gold bangle

Tiffany Co platinum jewellery

Can see why this is addictive,
xoxo kp

Ready for Fall…

I can’t believe I am saying this..but I am over Summer.  It is so hot here and I can’t wait for some cooler weather.  Fall shopping is always exciting and I have been out scouting away.  This post will be my J.Crew finds.  There is so much stuff there I would die for.  Starting with this…

Comes in red/navy also..super cute

and not J. Crew related, I am super late to the Gigi party, but just ordered this bag today and can’t wait to add more colors to my collection. $105 but $120 with monogram.  Mine will have a gold KP on it.  So excited!
No end of summer blues here,
xoxo kp

L O V I N G Scallops

I am dying over this adorable scalloped dress from J. Crew.  I have always been attracted to scalloped edges..they are everywhere!!!!
J. Crew Scalloped Flat $158

Kiel James Patrick’s new Scallop Oxford
Scalloped cards from Sincerely Yours Paper
Tory Burch Scalloped Leather Belt
Letarte Scalloped Drawstring Cotton Tunic 
French Connection Scalloped Pumps
Scalloped Shoulder Bag 
Scalloped Slipcovers
Scalloped hood

I so am drawn to scalloped edges..they can seriously be found everywhere you look!

In Love with Cece

Seems like I am constantly late to all the good parties.  I only recently discovered J. Crew’s Cece flats and am so in love.  I know they have been around a while, but I apparently wasn’t paying attention. My Ebay has a constant search for my size and I am now the proud and happy owner of 5 pairs.  

This all started when I saw two of my friends wearing the black studded Cece Flats a few months ago.  I was determined to find them and get them for myself.  Those finally appeared on Ebay and I have been wearing them ever since.  
Recently, I have been stopped by a few people to let me know they have the exact shoes but theirs are Steve Madden.  I just looked them up online and sure enough, they are almost identical.  K-studd Studded Flats are available at Lord & Taylor for $59.  They come in a few different colors.

Today when I got back from my trip, a shiny new silver pair of Ceces were waiting for me.  Right before Christmas, a green suede pair arrived.  I also have plain black and navy.  They are amazing.  I have my eye on a tan suede next and hot pink.  Obsessed!

Shopping Finds August Edition

Not quite ready for summer to end…I am still shopping summer colors and finding all sorts of good things.  On my recent trip to Newport, I found the cutest things..I have mixed some of them in with some online finds.  Where I live, pink is always in fashion (so are white jeans, thank goodness!)
Barbara Gerwit Vintage Collection Dress on sale at C. Orrico for $81.  Comes in a few different patterns.  She uses vintage Lilly fabrics to make these cute cotton dresses.  I got a pink one from Angela Moore and am in love.
J. Crew Canvas Overnight Bag $36.50
Pink and Nude ballet flats from Snappy Turtle $70
J. Crew Colorblock Sweater $69.99
Gap Pink Slim Cropped Pants $49.95
I am into the pink pants after seeing so many pictures pop up on Pinterest lately with them…
I am thinking pink!