Les Bonbons

Have you seen Rebecca De Ravenel’s amazing Les Bonbons earrings pop up everywhere lately?  They are so cool but seriously hard to find.  Most of her stockists are out of stock and her website has them all “on order”.  If you follow her on Instagram, she will announce when they arrive and if you want a pair, you need to pounce!

She is her own best model..they look fantastic on her.

Minnie Mortimer wearing bronze colored Bonbons…

Rebecca, Lulu DK and designer Natalie Martin
My stylish friend Sarah wearing her Les Bonbons..

On the CJ Laing Website..this is what you find..

I am dying for some in gold!  They are light weight clip-ons and add some excitement to any jewelry collection.  Keep an eye out for these to come back in stock!

xoxo, kp

Photos courtesy of Rebecca de Ravenel via Instagram

Charmed, I’m Sure…

Back in the 60s…everyone had a charm bracelet.  Your favorite mail was the charm catalog, which would be dog eared on the pages with your wish list charms.  These bracelets told your life story.  Trips to Mexico would result in a gold sombrero, a trip to Vegas would possible get you a gold slot machine, etc…  My Mother has one of these packed charm bracelets with some of the coolest charms and she won’t let me near it.  In my life, I have no recollection of her wearing this awesome piece of history..but she is not sharing her life story charms with me!

Lucky for me, my Grandmother from the other side had a nice chunky gold charm bracelet that she lent me from time to time.  I ended up inheriting this treasure and now have mixed her charms with my own.  This piece has become one of my prized possessions and I cherish it and all the history that comes with it.  

Charm bracelets through time come in and out of favor, but the sky rocketing of the price of gold has put my charm quest on brief hiatus.  The gold charms simply have become out-priced.  Now and then I find some reasonable cute charms on eBay, but what I really want to collect are the round gold disks to have engraved.  Unfortunately, they are heavy and therefore are expensive and finding a hand engraver around here is not an easy task.  (you don’t want to machine engrave gold…)

A few years ago when Lisa Birnbach wrote True Prep, she went on a book tour wearing a spectacular Verdura charm bracelet.  It caught my eye immediately and followed her around the country and almost made it the whole way when it suddenly disappeared.  It was on loan and I guess they needed it back?

Queen Victoria was an early fan of the charm bracelet.  This is one of hers..

Elizabeth Taylor had a famous charm bracelet that she wore often.  After her death, it was sold through Chrisites.  The engraving on her charms is amazing.

Kate Middleton received this beautiful charm bracelet from Camilla Parker-Bowles.  I am in love with her C charm with the crown. 

Jackie Kennedy had several charm bracelets

The one below was in the auction catalog from her estate…

Betty Davis wore one..

and Joan Crawford..

and Lauren Bacall…

Grace Kelly’s character from Rear Window wore a very visible charm bracelet in the movie..

It is not hard to get your charm bracelet started..first you need a sturdy bracelet.  Many jewelers sell a simple bracelet with one charm already attached.  This one from Tiffany & Co. is a great example. 
Before my real charm bracelet was officially mine, I used my amazing discount to purchase this bracelet when I was an employee at Tiffany.  I planned on adding more hearts to this original heart charm but ended up keeping it just like this.  Tiffany employs the very best hand engravers, and I always wanted to have it engraved, but I stared at this sheet too much times to be able to make a decision.

Subconsciously, I am sure there was also the thought that maybe my monogram would change at some point.  So, ten years later, I finally just took it in and picked the most normal script monogram.  This whole process was me totally over thinking it but once gold is engraved, there is no turning back. Still..it remains one of my favorite pieces.

Charmed by the charms, 
xoxo kp

Atlanta Gift Show

Saturday, I hiked up to Atlanta and scoped out the gift show at AmericasMart.  I absolutely LOVE going to this show and seeing what is out there.  My own booth didn’t materialize for this show but I am crazy determined to be there come July.  I am embarking on a complete website overhaul this weekend and am adding a wholesale feature for my jewelry line..very fun stuff.  Luckily, I found a handful of great things to add to my site and for my upcoming trunk shows.

Cache Pot Candles…such a cute gift.  These hand-poured candles come in a reusable metal container.  I had such a hard time picking which ones I wanted, but this was my assortment…
These cute tote bags…

I was dying over these chunky notepads..

I just smiled when I saw all of the new Ann Page item on display..

Easter Chevron…

new monogram styles…

new stickers…

personalized puzzles..what a cute gift…

cutest calendars…

and amazing coasters…this whole line is so fun.

I rounded it all out at Lifeguard Press with some Lilly goodies…these coolers

these new lined freezer bags

and new market totes.  I had so much gear from the show, they were sweet enough to give me an older market tote to use..what a bonus!

I stopped by the Fornash showroom and Stephanie Fornash Kennedy was there…I hadn’t seen her since I met her two years ago at this same show.  All of her stuff is so popular, I sold the heck out of the leather and gold bracelets this holiday season.

I also got some new treats from Rebecca Ray…wrap leather bracelets with rosette charms.  The charms are horses, dogs and foxes.  So darn cute….

One line I was so excited to see in person for the first time was the Carrie Dunham purse line.  Carrie was there herself and my friend and I recognized the bags before realizing it was her.  I featured her bags on this blog last year and they did not disappoint in person.

A fresh take on the Bermuda bag of the past, these adorable bags are made in the USA and so adorable, there is one for every occasion.

Starting with the handles, black, dark brown, white and gold…

and then the covers; linen, skin and prints

I wasn’t able to pick this line up yet, but it is definitely on my list.  I had my eye on several combinations!  Check out http://www.carriedunham.com 
More to come soon!

Tagged in Gold

Several years ago, I was at a school trunk show and this cute Mom came by my table and she was wearing the most amazing gold link necklace with a gold tag with her initials stamped on it.  I practically lunged at her begging to know where she purchased it.  Her answer “some jeweler in NYC”.  She couldn’t remember the name.  I was crushed.  Fast forward to Vogue September 2008 and I saw this.  This is the same necklace!!!!  I pounced on my computer and poured through the website and the necklaces were so expensive!!  So, my hunt for the perfect gold disk necklace began…

This past year, I could not turn around without seeing the name Danielle Stevens plastered everywhere. She was selling very pretty, simple gold-filled versions of my necklace at reasonable prices.  I opened a wholesale account and placed a “test” order for a simple gold disk pendant.  After over a month, if finally arrived.  The chain was not great and I had to switch it out with one of mine.  I wore it every day for a few weeks and then it turned a sad shade of green.  I was so annoyed and dropped it in the bottom of my jewelry box, never to see it again, hopefully.

So, now and then I go back to Jennifer Fisher’s website and drool over the amazing charms and pendants.  Even though most are out of my price range, a girl can dream.

Last Christmas, one of my friends was looking for a necklace for her niece.  We poured over the internet, especially Etsy for a simple gold-filled disk with a pretty monogram.  We both used to work at Tiffany & Co., so our expectation of engraving is pretty unrealistically high.  We found this pendant online and it was $100!!!  When it arrived, we were both pleasantly surprised at the quality and the monogramming.  I am in the process of trying to secure this line for my own website..so stay tuned!

Can’t Resist Hearts…

Not that I should be promoting anyone else’s jewelry..but these stopped me in my tracks.  They are so cute and fun..I love them separate or with several at a time.  Of course, I die over the pink and green one..and I know I will not be alone.  Pinterest is going to drain my bank account…too much exposure to too many things!

The bangles are $65 and $85 depending on size and the ring is $45.  They come in a bunch of colors.

Go to Ashley Duncan’s website here for more info.

Tinsley’s Southern Charm Book Signing

Last week, I was lucky enough to be a hostess for Tinsley Mortimer’s book signing at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables.  Hosted by Hpnotiq Harmonie Liquor, this fun event took place right in the middle of the amazing shoe department.  There was a DJ and lots of sweets all around.  Her book Southern Charm is such a fun book, I have already finished it!
The Hpnotiq bottle…all blinded out
Macaron and cake pop topiaries…

Tinsley and the girls…

Signing some books…

I brought Tinsley a little trinket from me and she put it right on.  Love this picture of her wearing my pink disk bracelet!!!  She was so sweet at the party and the tiniest thing you have ever seen!  Her book should  definitely be on your summer reading list.  You can buy Southern Charm here.
Pictures via Manny Hernandez and Kristin Pearce

Obsessed with Hearts

Valentine’s Day is upon us and that means all the cute heart items start popping up. I love hearts and am always drawn to them for EVERYTHING!

I want these Gucci shoes so badly, it hurts me. I had several chances last year to pick them up and didn’t take advantage..and now they are the ones that got away. There are some on Bluefly but for size 6 ad 8..not my size.

This Gucci belt has also been on my list for a while. How cute is it??? This amazing treat is still available at Neiman Marcus.

Pink Diamond Heart Pendant at Cartier.

Loving these gold and diamond heart earrings from Tiffany & Co.

Louis Vuitton Coeur Bracelet in Pink Gold

If my choices above are a little out of your price range, consider some wood beads…this is one of my necklaces with silver hearts..it is super cute and only $35! Check it out here.

Holiday Craziness

What a whirlwind this week has been!!! I have been completely overwhelmed with keeping up with jewelry sales and production as well as my real job on overdrive for year-end craziness. This weekend, I am going to catch up..I hope but these are some things that I am loving…

This new stone popped up recently..a dark silver colored, mirrored bead. I made this necklace and matching double strand bracelet. It is one of my favorite new treats.

I have been busy replenishing my jewels..these have been popular

The most popular…this amazing gold leaf long necklace. $50

And I love when customer’s orders come in..I get to see all the cute combinations created from Dabney Lee’s style swatches and monograms.

loving this crab…

and new Dabney Lee notes for me!

My Christmas tree is still completely bare. I can’t even get the lights on-they are tangled and then I bought new ones and they weren’t the right kind. I am needing some elves right about now. And..I had the great idea of having a holiday cocktail party at my apartment the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Not sure how I am going to pull that one off. I have piles of magazines surrounding me, beads and crystals everywhere and the feeling that I have forgotten something really important but can’t figure out what! I did get my holiday cards out..that was an accomplishment-and I am LOVING my card this year..will post a copy this week.

More soon….

Oh Elizabeth!

Christies is auctioning off hundreds of items from the estate of the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor. The collection does not disappoint, tons of jewels, clothes and very personal effects are traveling on display before the big auction in December in New York. Each item is more outrageous than the next..no one had jewels like Liz…

An ivory opera pass charm necklace circa 18th and 19th centuries, a gift from the estate of legendary costumer Edith Head.

This charm bracelet makes me drool. The hand engraving on the charms is so beautiful, very hard to come by these days…

The Duchess of Windsor brooch, purchased at auction by Taylor herself for $620,000

Elizabeth Taylor’s “The Taj Mahal Diamond,” circa 1627-1628, on a gold and ruby chain by Cartier, was a gift from Richard Burton for her 40th birthday in 1972.

Richard Burton bought her a 16th century pear-shaped pearl, known as “La Peregrina,” which was once part of the crown jewels of Spain

The famous Krupp diamond-33.19 carats, also purchased by Burton..there are diamonds from all of her husbands in the sale.

Also for auction are some of her more fabulous personal effects..like this script…

Christian Dior ensemble circa 1968

A Versace beaded jacket named “The Face”

A Kiss from Andy Warhol…

All three of her Academy Awards…

and even a Renoir…

The collection is on display in Los Angeles until this weekend and then off to Europe before returning to New York City in December for a two day sale. It is expected to fetch around $30 million, some of which will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

New Jewels

There has been lots of wire wrapping going on in my apartment these days. I finally got inspired and have been making new jewels like crazy. This weekend, there was a bead show in town and I was able to stock up on some hard-to-find essentials. My first show is today in West Palm Beach at kings academy , so wish me luck! Here are some of my new things..

ii am all set up at the show and having technical difficulties. my ipad and blackberry won’t let me capitalize! sorry about that!