Finally, wallpaper!

My kitchen is in a holding pattern right now.  The walls are perfect and smooth and ready for the cabinets to be installed.  The cabinets, which have been ready since October, are being painted right now.  I guess it makes sense for them not to be painted before so they aren’t sitting in a warehouse..I didn’t ask any questions about that.  They are calling me next week to schedule the install.  That could mean next week or in a few weeks.  Just because I am ready doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ready for me!
Once the cabinets are installed, I can finally finish choosing all the extras and one of the most exciting extras is wallpaper!  My cabinets are going all the way up to the ceiling so there is just right around both doors of my kitchen exposed.  So, I think I can choose even a busy print since it’s such a small amount of space.  My kitchen will be all white but there will be a touch of blue thrown in, so the wallpaper I am looking for is blue and are some pics so far.
Brunschwig and Fils

Katie Kime
Meg Braff
Thanks to Paige Minear for posting about this one!
Serena & Lily
Serena & Lily
Cole & Son
If you know of a good wallpaper for this project, I am up for suggestions.  This weekend I am moving some things in my apartment into a storage unit.  I went back and forth about this forever but now am so glad I am doing it.  Should be interesting!
Obsessed with my kitchen walls,
Xoxo kp

Making Lists on Vacation

Nothing like being on vacation with nothing to do when your brain can’t stop thinking about all you have to do when you get home.  My kitchen plan is well in the works but I have hit some road bumps along the way.  One of my issues is that I have to pack up my entire kitchen before they demo the existing and leave time for them to paint, patch and whatever else needs to be done. That means that I will be living with piles of boxes and plastic bins filled with everything in my kitchen.  This gives me hives.  I don’t necessarily have a contractor yet confirmed and I know there are things I am not thinking of that are going to pop up and throw me off my plan and budget.
Once I pack up the kitchen, the next hurdle is the enormous Ikea cube bookshelf that is quite full of books, papers, business samples and a ton of other stuff.  I need to pack that up as well and find a new home for my bookshelf.  The pink hutch in my kitchen is moving to my dining room.  The pine dresser by my front door is moving to my bedroom, the pine dresser in there is moving out to my living room and the one that is currently there is moving to by my front door.  Everything listed above needs muscles so that is a whole other set of problems.  
On a more positive note, I met with my website guru Cara today to discuss my new site and how we can get it up and running FAST.  I am putting together a bunch of stuff for her to load up this week and I am hoping to have it up and running by August 28th.  That is my new goal.  It’s going to be so amazing.
Nantucket is so fun.  The weather is so perfect..not so hot during the day and a little cool at night.  We went out to Madaket last night to see the sunset and have dinner at Millie’s.  The crowd for the sunset watching was intense.  The sun looked like a crazy red/orange fireball.  

It slowly slipped down into the water. It was so beautiful.
This is my office this week…
I am working on my current to-do list.  Hopefully I will have it done before I leave for Providence on Monday!!
Xoxo, kp

Kitchen Plans

Time keeps moving on and I am still talking about re-doing my kitchen. Well, now I have a serious plan.  I am hoping at the end of the summer to start construction on my kitchen upgrade.  I have some more plans to work out and haven’t 100% decided on going the Ikea route, but I have a good idea of how I want my kitchen to look and I am so excited to finally get going.

One of the issues I had when thinking of a new kitchen was keeping it in context of my condo.  It doesn’t seem prudent to overspend on a fancy kitchen that won’t be on equal footing with the rest of the space.  Compared to other apartments in my building, my unit is definitely upgraded..just the kitchen and my bedroom closet are not up to speed.  I also didn’t think it was realistic to spend more than normal on an oven, especially since I am not a proficient cook in any way.

One of my BFFs just upgraded a kitchen and found these Kitchen Aid appliances at Best Buy.  The  aesthetic is perfect and they are not outrageously expensive.  This was such a happy find since I have such a look in mind for this exciting project and was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it happen.

As far as counter tops go, I can’t let go of my white marble dream.  My kitchen is galley shaped and not terribly big so there is not a ton of counter top space.  I am hoping start looking this summer and hopefully be able to find what I am looking for.  

I am also open to quartz for the countertops..there are many that look very similar to Carrara marble
So, the planning is still ongoing, but now a realistic target date of the end of the summer.  One of the most exciting parts of this new kitchen is the storage I will gain.  There is almost two feet above my cabinets empty now and it is such a waste.  My new cabinets will go all the way to the top.  Lots of research left to do..will keep you posted.
xoxo, kp


My mind is on white kitchens..and back splashes.  There are so many to choose from these days.  The kitchen in my condo is a galley kitchen which there are few pictures online to look at, so frustrating.  I love the simple white subway tile look..but that has been around for such a long time.  Is it better to do something a little different? Or are white subway tiles the pearls of the back splash world, never going out of style?
Regular subway tiles
Beveled subway tiles
Marble tiles
Marble back splash matching the counter tops
Mirrored back splashes

Brick back splashes

or funky tile back splashes

Need to do some more research..any comments welcome!
xoxo, kp

To Cook in White…

Adding to my long list of projects to tackle, one of the most important and scary is to re-do my kitchen.  My condo is filled with upgrades all around until you head into the kitchen.  After looking around and doing research beyond, I have decided to get a pretty white Ikea kitchen planned out for me.

The one tweak is that I might have the cabinet doors ordered from Semi-Handmade, one of the few companies that had the brilliant idea to market custom doors to match up with the Ikea cabinet boxes.

I found a blog called Stories that documented the process and it might be the way to go…

They come natural so there is a DIY component to the plan…

but after spending the money to redo the cabinets, I think it is worth it to pay a tiny bit more to have nice doors.  They even know what color paint matches up with the Ikea “white”. 

I am heading to Ikea today to take a peek and get the ball rolling. 
So excited.

I know I will cook better in a new kitchen,

xoxo, kp


Not surprising to anyone who knows me well, my Dad is always dangling some type of carrot in front of me to get me exercising.  I have sent periodic blackberry videos of me walking as proof, always in a joking way, but I am dealing with someone who exercises every day of the week, so “here and there” walking doesn’t really cut it.  It’s never enough.  I do not love this is always an effort on my part.

Well, all my posts about a new kitchen and my chatter about Ikea visits have resulted in a very large carrot.  My challenge for this year is to get in shape (not go on a fad diet, seriously get in shape) AND pay off my credit cards..and my “carrot” prize will be a new kitchen.  I didn’t jump on this offer immediately because there is always tons of caveats with these types of challenges.  But, after much thought and my spending all sorts of time cooking these days in my old kitchen, I decided to do it.

So since May 29th, I have been doing no carbs.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  I now realize that I practically live on carbs.  My car automatically turns in to Einstein Bagels in the morning and I have never eaten a pizza that I didn’t like.  So, now I am eating lots of salad, chicken, fish and eggs.  It is paying off and I am happy to fit into some of my old clothes.  Since I got my Keratin treatment last week (that is a whole other post), it has made my walking a little easier in the morning.  I have small goals through the summer, but mostly I am DYING to fit into my favorite pair of white jeans from 2007.  I have two pairs of the same Banana Republic jeans that were my summer staple in serious rotation.  They have been folded up at the top of my closet for quite a while.  I moved them to top of my jeans pile, hopeful they will be part of my summer wardrobe before Labor Day.

As for the kitchen, will see me at Ikea drooling over all the choices.  My apartment has a very simple kitchen, so it won’t be too difficult, but I am determined to maximize all the space above my current cabinets for storage.  Thankfully, with the help of my arsenal of home magazines and Pinterest, kitchen ideas are aplenty.  Here are some of my inspirations….


White white kitchen

White Kitchen traditional kitchen

white kitchen #home #kitchen

countertop and sink.

So the Mrs. Fields milk chocolate chip cookie I want so badly won’t taste as good as fitting into my jeans or cooking in a new white fun kitchen.  Wish me luck!

Martinique in my Kitchen

My next project in my new condo is the kitchen. I have had so many estimates for cabinet made my head spin. Then, I hit up IKEA and marveled at how amazing their kitchens were. The one reason to lean towards refacing is that the existing cabinets are wood and are made well, so most of the people giving me estimates suggested keeping them. I also don’t have to pull a permit for the refacing..that might be the best reason.

Once I have picked the white cabinets, I need to find granite for the countertops and back splash. My stone floors are a cocoa color, so I have to keep that in mind. Then…I am leaning towards wallpaper! I am so in love with the Martinque wallpaper made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel. I think it would be so fun to add a little fun to my decor.

Since 1942, it has been lining the walls in Beverly Hills…

and in Nicky Hilton’s amazing dining room, featured in In Style

Looks great in this kitchen

In Nate Berkus and Brian Atwood’s apartment

and at Indochine

and on The Golden Girls…what’s good enough for Blanche is good enough for me!

Images courtesy of Elle Decor, In Style, House Beautiful, Beverly Hills Hotel and Matters of Style

First Condo Project

Well, it has started..the sprucing up of my new condo. Right now and for 10 more days, I live three floors directly above, so I have been up and down in the elevator a million times already. The painters started on Friday and they should be done on I am at a stand still until then.

The building I live in is 40 years old which is good and bad. Good because the units are huge and have large closets. Bad because my new kitchen is 40 years old with a few newer appliances and a tile counter top instead of the formica one that was the standard.
Before Pictures

I was dying to rip off the cabinet knobs because they made my kitchen look every bit of 40 years, but was hesitant to spend the money since I am planning on re-doing my kitchen soon.
Close up of the difference

One trip to IKEA later, I got home and changed out all the knobs to simple chrome ones and scrubbed the 40 year old metal residue on the cabinets with Softscrub.

One project down, many more to go. My very helpful and generous parents are arriving on Monday, so things will really pick up then. I will keep you posted!

IKEA Kitchen

So many decisions to is overwhelming. The one big project I have ahead of me in my new place is updating the kitchen. I have an original kitchen and it needs help! A lot of people in this building have had the cabinets refaced because the insides are made great.

My first estimate the other day was much as an entirely new kitchen. More researching and found someone to do it for less than $2,000. I have an appointment next week with that company.

In the meanwhile, I started thinking maybe an IKEA kitchen would be the way to go. The pictures on the website are amazing. A few local friends have completely new IKEA kitchens and they look fabulous for a fraction of the price.

Once you download the kitchen planner, you can choose your cabinets and where you want everything to go…

Not sure which way I am would be nice to have a brand new kitchen!