Southern Charm

This Lilly email popped into my inbox this morning and I am in love with this new print! 

These pallazo pants are amazing…

and even the makeup bag is adorable.

in other Southern Charm news…the Bravo show is about to start Season 3 on April 4th.  If you haven’t checked this funny show out, now is the time.

One of my favorite characters in this show is Whitney’s mother Patricia Altschul.  Her lifestyle is very entertaining.  Her home is beautiful too..worth watching.

All about Southern Charm,
xoxo, kp

Happy Birthday to Me!

There are people who love their birthday and others who don’t really care. I am one of those who love their birthday.  This year I am meeting a bunch of friends for happy hour.  I am excited to see friends and celebrate.  This is kind of a big birthday but yikes…we don’t have to talk numbers lol.
I thought I would re post one of my favorite birthday posts from a few years ago…
Several years ago when BFF Cynthia was a reporter in West Palm Beach, she got herself invited to dinner with Lilly Pulitzer and a few friends. The dinner took place in February and Cynthia happened to have a birthday card in her purse that she was planning on sending to me. She told Lilly that she had a friend who LOVED Lilly Pulitzer and always talked about having Lilly bridesmaids dresses in her wedding…she asked Lilly to sign my card and she told Cynthia to leave it with her and she would send it off herself…

You cannot imagine the shock of opening this card, which Lilly had written to me and even added a little fabric swatch at the bottom! What a terrific surprise!! I have treasured this memento for a long time and had it tucked away somewhere safe..only I hid it too well and couldn’t remember where! Luckily, I found it this week just in time to share with all my Lilly loving friends.

So today is my birthday and while I am not expecting another Lilly birthday card, I do have very fun plans in the works and can’t wait to see all my friends! So, I will thank Cynthia again for thinking of me and Lilly for sending me quite possibly the best birthday card ever!!!!

Did all the bridesmaids talk jinx me?
Still single on my birthday,
xoxo, kp

More Instagram Favs

Here is the second edition of my Instagram favorites..there are still so many more and I keep finding good ones every day.  Enjoy these…
Habitually Chic is a blog that chronicles the comings and goings of NYC interior designer Heather Clawson. She goes to fabulous events and travels the world.  She is getting ready to go to Paris for Fashion Week.
An obvious one to follow, especially if you enjoy the 5 x 5 prints they put on their feed from the Lilly print designers.  Also an easy way to see all the new Lilly wears coming to stores.
There is no one more funny/crazy than Jill Kargman.  Before starring in her hit Bravo show Odd Mom Out, she was an amazing author.  Her books are laugh out loud funny and so is this hilarious show.
Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank takes pictures of all sorts of people, her feed is a mix of her photos of family and famous friends.
Longtime favorite artist Caitlin McGauley.  I LOVE her paintings and this feed shows what she is working on and what inspires her.  
Another obvious feed for design junkies, the Veranda Magazine feed has beautiful pictures of all different types of design.  
If you don’t live in Miami, you might not know about the gem that is Country French.  A charming little store in the middle of South Miami, you can find linens, candles, home accessories, china, furniture and much more all displayed in a way that makes you want to purchase the whole room-people sometimes do!  Sweet girls will help you make the best choices and wrap your purchases up so pretty, you will be proud to take something from here as a gift to anyone.
Another obvious feed for me.  Love seeing what Gwyneth Paltrow is up to.  I am also dying for her to post more pictures of her beautiful house.  She always just posts this gorgeous entryway. 
If you have a hankering for pink and green, this feed is for you.  These sisters in Palm Beach get around and post awesome pics of their comings and goings.  They have a blog and an online shop
Last but certainly not least, my dear friend of over 25 years, Jamie has been perfecting her photographic eye and her feed filled with her beautiful family and her travels is so fun to see.  One of the most creative people I have ever know, you will be sure to learn a lot by adding her to your Instagram lineup. 

xoxo, kp

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor Collection

What a fun email to receive!  
Lifeguard Press sent a line sheet of the new home decor collection from Lilly Pulitzer.  We were lucky enough to finally have a Lilly store open in Coral Gables this past year.  It is such a happy place to visit and the girls are so nice-as you would expect.  

Adorable pillows in two sizes…

Lacquer boxes in two sizes…

Coaster sets…

Beautifully packaged candles..

And some votive sets.
Such fun stuff!
Loving Lilly as always,
xoxo, kp

Stalking Lilly Pulitzer

Today is the first official day of Summer!  And…it is National Wear Your Lilly Day.  I am failing on that end since I am channeling Jackie Kennedy today in my black short sleeve t-shirt, white jeans and sandals.
I have been following on Instagram Lilly Pulitzer and Paige Smith, my favorite Lilly print designer as they document their photo shoot here in Miami.  They are staying at a Miami Beach hotel and I am really not above a little stalking.   Some people would go stalking for a movie star sighting..I would embarrass myself for a Lilly Pulitzer spying mission.

My countdown is dwindling for my big trip…17 days till I get on the road!
Very excited and scared at the same time.
Will keep you posted…
xoxo, kp

Lilly Print Studio

I am obsessed with the 5 x 5 watercolors the Lilly Print Studio is coming out with.  Each one is cuter than the next.  These girls are so talented..amazing!!!

This was today’s..LOVE
Palm perfect.

If I didn’t have artwork hidden behind each dresser in my house, I would be printing these on archival paper and framing them.  Maybe one day when I have more wall space..that will be a great project.