Engaged! No, not me lol

Not sure about you, but I am still on a high from last week’s Royal engagement news of Harry and Meghan Markle.  Such fun, happy news in between some rather dark news days.  They look so deliriously happy and in love, it’s hard not to get on board.
Personally, I have never watched Suits, so I only know about Meghan from the press since she started dating Harry, but she has been on the Today Show commenting on fashion and even had her own blog call The Tig.  Once her future started veering towards the UK, she shut down her blog and that happened before I could check it out.  I just found a link to the archives of it and it is very interesting to read.  Click here.
I am so excited for the months ahead with all the Royal wedding news and of course, the arrival of Kate and Will’s 3rd baby.  Experts are betting that a girl will be Alice, Victoria or Elizabeth and a boy would be Arthur, Frederick or James.  We will have to wait and see on that.  It has also been reported that Kate plans on having this 3rd baby at home.  Remember when she popped outside on the steps of the hospital with her blowout mere hours after Charlotte’s birth?  It was amazing. If there are no perceived complications, I think the home birth is likely, home being Kensington Palace!
Xoxo, kp