Mom’s Favorites

This past weekend was my Mom’s 70th birthday.  At this point, getting gifts for my parents has become sort of difficult.  They don’t really need anything and they get annoyed if I spend too much money on them.  But, for 70, I decided to do something fun for my Mom.
One of my favorite artists, Paige Smith, does commissions and her work is amazing.  She painted something a long time ago that I loved for her Grandmother, an illustration of all of her favorite things.  
I decided to do this for my Mom and sent Paige a list of all her favorites.  It came out so terrific..
She was so surprised when she opened her gift..I love a good surprise!  Now I am thinking I need one for myself.  My list of favorite things is kind of long but I am planning on doing a gallery wall in my apartment and keep thinking of things that I can add to my art collection.
Check out Paige’s blog here.  If you are a Lilly Pulitzer aficionado, you will certainly recognize many of her prints. She is an amazing artist.
Happy Weekend!
Xo, kp

Christmas Card 2011

This year, I wanted to do something a little different with my holiday card. Having seen Paige Smith’s amazing work on The Company She Keeps blog, I contacted her and asked her to draw me up. After a few emails with details, this was the end result. It is so cute and she even incorporated my packaging on the tree. Millie even made it on there. After I got the illustration, I contacted my design BFF Tracy from Paper and Ink Design to help me whip it up into a card.

This is the inside…

and Tracy fancied up the back…

I am loving my card this year!