Summer Travel Plans

S  U  M  M  E  R   2  0  1  7
My first summer trip is around the corner! I am heading up to Charleston for a trunk show with my friend Grimsley.  I haven’t been to Charleston in ages so I am so excited to visit there.  My first pit stop will be at my parent’s on Amelia Island, it’s a perfect 6 hours from Miami. Leaving on July 11th, my show will be on the 12th.  

This invitation might be one of my favorites ever in the history of my business. I LOVE Dixie Designs and think their designs are fresh and adorable.  This invitation would get me out of the house showing up to a trunk show, right?
Next stop-visiting Meg at her parent’s house in North Carolina.  Always a fun time there. I haven’t seen them in a month-which seems like forever.
After that-heading to Atlanta to hit one of the last days of the Atlanta Gift Show.  I should be able to do this on Sunday and hit the road to head to my parents house but not sure about this part of my plan.  My goal is to be back in the office by Tuesday.
The next trip is up North!  I leave at the end of July for my week on Nantucket with my old Newport roommates.  So excited to get up there. I have a couple of days in Boston before and a couple in Providence on the way back.  Tuesday, August 8th I will be in Newport so I can keep my blog honest and check out all my favorite Newport spots. 
Amidst all this planning, I still do not have a nailed down kitchen plan!!  The guys I want to do my kitchen are super busy and have postponed my meeting several times.  I am supposed to meet with them tomorrow so hopefully, that will work out.  If I get the plans for the cabinets nailed down this week, it still realistically means there won’t be any action until September with the way things move around here.  So much for “Kitchen Summer” which was what I was calling it. I have bought my faucet and am about to buy my sink, so that is something.
My closet…oh my goodness I had so much stuff in that closet.  Seriously, I found things I haven’t seen in years.  I packed it all up using all my Pierre Deux duffle bags and various totes that were in there I put them in my living room.  I was doing ok putting things away in the new closet when I looked for something yesterday and found two duffle bags that went unnoticed so now I have to find more room in there. Please don’t email and tell me to purge, I have been purging but there are just some things that I can’t get rid of!  I have a 4 day weekend coming up this week and it will all be spent working on my apartment putting things away and clearing things out.  
No solid plans for the 4th of July yet…I used to LOVE that holiday. Every year I would buy a new outfit to go watch fireworks.  Now, it is so unbelievably hot in Miami, I usually am trying to find something to wear so I don’t melt. But that is a whole other post.
If you are in Charleston or have friends in Charleston that might want to come to my show, please reach out to me at for the address. It will be fun!
Thanks friends!
Xo, Kristin

Road Trip

Last pickup time was 7:00 AM on Thursday.  So scared I would oversleep, I woke up at 5 and ended up reading my book on my iPad until it was time to get moving.  We breezed out of Miami and headed up to Amelia Island.  My parents were out of town but we were spending the night there on the way to North Carolina.  I was snapping pictures along the way of my two little friends.  It has been a while since I had been on a trip with little ones in the car.  You really need two people, one to drive and the other to keep them entertained and happy (and to pick up falling objects from car seats).  

Ashley was cracking us up the whole way…

 We got to my parents in the afternoon and hung out.  

The girls got to meet my sweet Millie…

Friday morning, we loaded up again and headed North.  We were making such good time and right before we hit North Carolina, we stopped at a fabric store.  The girls were so happy to get out of the car…Elizabeth found a little play house to sit in while we shopped.  

We got to Statesville Friday evening and had a big, fun dinner.  The next day, we went to check out the new chickens and the girls went horesback riding.  It is so fun to be at the farm and see how it all works.
Holt was showing the girls all the chickens…

Uncle Robb taking the girls through the “secret passage”
 while Elizabeth and Chase were very busy in the kitchen…
Saturday, we went out with Heather and Ashley for a super fun girls dinner. 
Sunday, we went to a big lunch and hung out the rest of the time…

I was so sad to get on my plane Monday morning back to reality.  Definitely one of the more fun road trips I have been on in a long time!

Back in Miami, ugh

So, I am fast forwarding to the present and am currently sizzling in Miami. The heat here is really unbelievable. Hard to imagine that on Tuesday morning, I was wearing a thick sweater and pants with socks in Newport! I will back-track my trip home later today, but didn’t want to disappear. My ride home was L O N G to say the least and my only complaint, other than not too many Chick-Fil-A’s along the route is that the drivers out there are HORRENDOUS! What ever happened to the cardinal driving rule “SLOWER TRAFFIC TO THE RIGHT”???????? No matter which state you are in, all of the sudden the traffic slows down and, inevitably, it is always some stubborn old man put putting along in the left lane causing all sorts of problems. I was wishing I had a dry erase board to write my comments and hold up as I drove by. MOVE TO THE RIGHT, YOUR BLINKER HAS BEEN ON FOR 10 MILES, or YOU NEED YOUR LICENSE REVOKED! (these are samples of my rants)

My wonderful bff Onstar, took me on a different path home, almost completely avoiding I-95, so I saved some $$ on tolls and saw some beautiful scenery. I left Saturday morning at 6:28am from Newport and drove through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and ending up at Meg’s in Statesville, North Carolina. I pulled into her driveway at 6:29pm, almost exactly 12 hours later. Pretty good time and no tickets! I will post some pics later today.
Hope everyone is still having a fabulous summer, I am determined to continue to make mine as fabulous as possible! xoxo

p.s. Is this pink too bright?