Evolution of Social Media

Not too long ago, if asked, I would have sworn my dying allegiance to Facebook above all other social media outlets.  I do LOVE Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but the same people talking about the same things gets a little old, no?  Next came Twitter…how fun is Twitter?  I started following so many people that I was constantly up on all current events, breaking news and celebrity fluff alike.  
I am not breaking up with Facebook or Twitter, but my new love is Instagram.  I have been cheating on my first two relationships with shiny new Instagram.  Since I only got my iPhone at Christmastime, I am relatively new to Instagram and all it has to offer.  When I have a spare second these days, that is the app I click first to see what is going on.  I chronicled my whole trip this past weekend on Instagram and linked it to Twitter…kind of like dating two guys at one time-having to be careful to link the right things the right way or it can be a big mess.
Did I ever tell you about Klout?  The magic Klout score that had me scrambling to increase it to 40 so I could gain access to a VIP lounge at a Fashions Night Out party in Bal Harbour?  I googled the heck out of Klout trying to see what, exactly boosts your score.  One thing is to follow less people than follow you on Twitter.  That was easy, I scrolled through the people I followed and deleted a ton of useless Tweeters.  I didn’t make the 40 needed to access that party, but now am comfortably in the 50s-not that anyone cares, including myself.
So, in addition to my promise to blog more consistently, I am letting it be known that if you want to know what is really going on in my world, follow me on Instagram.  It is so much fun.

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xoxo, kp