The Ultimate Andy Cohen Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled up to North Carolina to see Meg and the girls for her birthday.  Going to Statesville is one of my favorite destinations.  Meg’s family’s home is so fun, a large farm with all the trimmings.  Every morning a big breakfast is being prepared, there are always people in and out, lots of cousins running around, big comfortable guest rooms and excellent hosts that enjoy early evening chats in their formal living room.  When I arrived, I was so excited to see everyone, the girls seemed taller even though I saw them a month ago.
Friday was Meg’s actual birthday.  After lunch in Statesville, we headed to Cornelius to her brother’s house on the lake.  
We hung out there and got ready for our big night out in Charlotte.  We had VIP tickets to AC2-the Andy Cohen/Anderson Cooper show. We got the tickets in January and I have been dying for this day and my chance to actually meet Andy Cohen.  I had bought a black jump suit a month ago (Andy loves jump suits).  In anticipation of meeting them, I ordered books for Meg and I to get signed by both Andy and Anderson, we brought them with us, hopeful.
When we picked up our tickets and VIP lanyard, they told us they would come get us after the show. We got to our seats (2nd row on the right-so awesome) and just were dying that we were there.  
We started making friends and taking turns going back out to the bar for drinks.  Finally the show started and the two of them were so funny.  In between filmed videos, they talked about each other and their banter back and forth is so entertaining.  My favorite part is Andy (with love) mocking Anderson for being a Vanderbilt.  He kept teasing about how his childhood must have been.  It cracked me up.
Towards the end, they opened it up for Q & A and people scrambled to get in line to ask questions.   Some were so funny and it became very apparent that Anderson was very aware that 80% of the audience was there to see Andy and 20% to see him. He laughed about it and was a very good sport.  In our row alone, 6 of us were there because of Andy and one lone girl was a news junkie and OBSESSED with Anderson Cooper.
Then it ended and because we are rule followers and didn’t know better, we sat still waiting to be collected for the VIP Meet and Greet.  Other people were more dialed in and they know to head to one side and wait for the door to open.  We finally figured it out and got in line where we made more friends…
The line snaked up some stairs and ended up on the back of the stage where the line formed to get to the step and repeat where the boys were.  It was all very organized but sort of slow.
Meg kept asking me what I was going to say and seriously I was stressed out thinking about it.  You could see they really were good at moving the people along so you don’t really have time to have a conversation because honestly I could talk to Andy Cohen for hours about all the Housewives and Southern Charm and all my commentary about the shows.  Guess what, it went by in a flash.  I asked him if he helped the Housewives with their tagline and he said sometimes. I told him that he needs to help Tinsley with hers, she has had two bad ones and he totally agreed. 
 By the time I got those words out, both he and Anderson had signed my books and I was scooted along.
I went with KP since everyone mis-spells my name.
I told them it was Meg’s birthday and they signed her books and she got a great picture as well.
Look at Andy laughing!  So darn cute.
So that was that…
We spent the night at the lake and hung out the next day.  At one point after Kelly’s tennis match #11, we got her and Robb to go out with us for a late lunch.  That was the highlight!
The next day was Sunday, Father’s Day.  Meg’s Dad was at baseball games so the girls all went out to brunch.  It was so fun and a great way to round out our weekend.
As always, I had a blast and can’t wait to go back.
Thank you Bob, Pam, Kelly, Robb and of course birthday girl Meg!
Xoxo, KP

Charleston Trunk Show

It’s been years since I have visited Charleston and I was so excited to get back there on my road trip two weeks ago.  My pal Grimsley has lived there for years and we put a little show together with some friends.  Once I got there and unloaded my car, we ran some errands.  First stop was Sugar Bakery.  What a cute place!  We got some sweets for later, everything was displayed so adorably…

Next stop, a quick lunch at Burbage’s Market.  
I wish we had something like that in Miami!!
Then, back to the house to set up all my stuff.
Our show was from 4-8pm…

I am so mad that I didn’t take more pictures of the actual people!  This always happens to me, I have the best intentions to document and then I get busy and the next thing you know, I am breaking it all down.  I did get this one cute pic.  All the ladies that came to shop were so nice and everyone had fun!
We went out to dinner and Grimsley gave me two choices.  We ended up at one and then found out Shep from Southern Charm was at the other!  Seriously, I am dying to meet him in person.
For this trip, I was so lucky to be able to stay in Gibbon House, the beautiful carriage house behind Stevenson’s home.  It is listed on VRBO here.  It is so comfortable and in a terrific location in Charleston.  
Highly recommend!

On Thursday, after breakfast at the famous Hominy Grill, we went for a ride in the golf cart and I got to see so many pretty homes, including Thomas Ravenel’s from Southern Charm.  It was much bigger than it seems on tv. No T-Rav sighting though…
We went to the Battery so Grimsley’s dog Sierra could stretch her legs and we watched her stalk squirrels with serious concentration.  We hit up some stationery shops and then it was time to go…right when I was getting ready to leave, we saw Michael, Patricia Altschul’s butler pull his car around to her front gate.  Soon after, we see her walk out and we waved hello and she waved back and the next thing you know Grimsley is crossing the street and I, who usually doesn’t have a problem talking to anyone, froze up.  I managed to chat with her about the show, her book and II don’t even remember what else and then she posed for a pic with me. What a treat!!!
I had the best time.  I am definitely planning another trip in the fall with some friends.  Grimsley, get ready!!!

Nest stop Statesville, North Carolina to see Meg and her family.  I hadn’t seen them in such a long time.  The girls looked so tall!  Elizabeth lost a tooth right when I arrived.

We went to Blowing Rock one fun in the summer. Lots of people walking around.

We ran into our friend Karen on the street!  What a great surprise…

We had such a fun day..topped off with a quick visit to Kilwin’s. OMG what delicious ice cream

Always a good time in Statesville…next stop Atlanta Gift Show.
Having a fun summer!
Xoxo, KP

The Trunk Show and on to Atlanta…

My trip to North Carolina was not too exciting..I got to Meg’s house around 4 pm.  The girls were waiting for me and couldn’t wait to show me the ponies.  

Then Ashley helped me unpack my car. I had so much stuff in there..still amazed it all fit. I got all set up and then yesterday was our show.  It was so much fun and we literally set up a store in Pam’s kitchen and dining room.  All day long, the ladies trickled in.  It was a huge success.!

 I had super cute greeters…

So, all in was amazing.  Thank you so much Meg and Pam!!!
Back on the road, 
xoxo kp

iPhone Obsession

Again, so so late to the iPhone party.  My contract with T-Mobile did not end until next year, so it would have cost me a fortune to switch over and rid myself of my beloved Blackberry.  After a very successful Christmas appointment, I was heading straight to the Apple store and ready to take the plunge, so excited.

Then… seriously that day, I got a ton of calls to tell me that T-Mobile announced they were getting the iPhone!  I couldn’t believe it.  I decided to be patient and wait and then some craziness ensued.  While getting ready for a party at my apartment, I decided to wash my bath rugs and racing around to get them done, my 10-day old Blackberry made it into the wash with my rugs.  I didn’t realize it was missing until right before the cycle ended and there it was on the bottom of the washer.  To be honest, I started crying in the laundry room.  Of all the times in my life to be without a phone, this would have to be one of the worst.  I had so many customers’ text messages, addresses and all sorts of info on there that all went away.  Luckily, I was able to re-hook up Zaria’s old Blackberry so I had a phone to use, but had to start over with a new SIM card.  To add to this craziness, my real job was in serious high gear and I was just so busy, not really a great time to be sitting on the computer trying to back up a phone.

One of my favorite friends called me in the middle of this drama and could tell I was about to lose it.   He had been telling me for weeks how great the iPhone was and that I was crazy to stay with my Blackberry.  He offered to buy me an iPhone for Christmas and promptly sent me a gift card to the Apple store.  I left the Apple store with the biggest smile on my face.  This phone is so much fun.  I have been having the best time adding apps and getting it set up.  You can do so much on it, it really is a life saver.  Bye Bye Research in Motion!

The man who sold me my phone insisted that I get a candy shell case.  I sell so many iPhone cases, it pained me not to use the one I had already ordered myself, but since I am a tad klutzy and had dropped my Blackberry about a hundred times, I decided to get a serious cover that will protect this precious gift I am now using to connect with the world..I know a bit dramatic, but I can’t help it.  I found one in pink and cute.

This past weekend, I kept getting in trouble for being on my phone.  I honestly was just trying to stay in touch with my life at home, but every time someone was looking for me, I was off in a corner, checking on texts and emails. 
Friday night after our big dinner…busted!
Waiting for everyone else to get saddled up on Saturday morning, I caught a quick glance at my phone…busted!

and right when the Oyster Roast was starting..this was actually me trying to take pictures and fooling around with the camera.  No one believed me!  Busted again!

I also was not captured very often without the phone clutched in my hand…

Thanks Christina for capturing all my bad phone behavior!!!!

So, what is your favorite app???
Please share! 🙂

Oyster Roast 2012

This past weekend in North Carolina was a non-stop, endless amount of activity. The morning of the Oyster Roast, the house started to get very busy.  While some of us went horseback riding, the backyard started being transformed into a functioning Oyster Fair of sorts.  Tents were put up and tables and chairs set out, all getting ready for family and friends to arrive to eat fried oysters, grilled oysters, oyster casserole and much more.  This was my second time attending the Stamey Oyster Roast, so I knew what I was in for and super excited.
  The wagon was in full swing taking everyone around the field.

Ashley was one of the first to taste Aunt Annie’s french fries.  
They were delicious!

The bonfire is carefully set up using a cut-off tree trunk.  It gets really big as the night goes on and eventually falls.  It is very handy since the weather kept getting chillier as the day went on…

So many Styrofoam cups, we had to initial them..

The classic Hoby/Christina pose..this time with Bambino cheering them on and little Chase waiting patiently for us to get back inside!
Robb was in charge of roasting the oysters on the grill..

And then they got brought into the tent where the table was all set up…
There were handy tools ready to go alongside the saltines and cocktail sauce

Inside the house, the dining room table overflowed with desserts.  Heather brought a Pioneer Woman chocolate cake that was amazing.  Annie had made chocolate covered coconut candies that were better than Mounds.  Clearly a weekend to not be dieting…

It was kind of like a small fair, with tables of yummy food.
By the end of the night, we were so cold, we were all wrapped up on the porch.

The whole weekend was a blast. 
Thank you Pam, Bob and Meg for hosting me.
Such a fun way to ring in 2013!

Photos by me and Christina Staalstrom

Post-Christmas North Carolina Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a tree trimming party at Hoby and Christina’s when Pam announced that she was having her famous Oyster Roast party again and we all should come.  It took about 2 minutes for the plans to be set and Hoby and Christina were driving from Baltimore on their way home, Meg and family would already be there and Helen and I decided to fly there.  Something fun to look foward to.

My travels yesterday left lots to be desired, but I was very relieved to have finally made it to Greensboro, North Carolina and be picked up by Meg’s Aunt and Uncle heading to Statesville.  My bag did not arrive with me (for the first time in my life) and I would normally have melted down at the airport, but going to Pam’s is the best place to be to wing it without your own stuff.  My bag was promised to be delivered today.  We all met at a Mexican restaurant and the fun began.
Me and Elizabeth

Kelly and Meg
After the dinner, the party kept going back at Pam’s
It was Christina’s birthday so we toasted to her and had the best time.
When I got to my room, Hoby and Chrsitina had left me a prize…yum!
and they brought their little sidekick Bambino..
Today we got up and had an amazing breakfast.  They went down to the chickens and brought back 5 fresh eggs.  Then we got ready for our ride..

It was so much fun..a little chilly.
The big Oyster Roast is tonight..more pics to come. 
We are having a blast!
Photos by me and Christina Staalstrom

Road Trip

Last pickup time was 7:00 AM on Thursday.  So scared I would oversleep, I woke up at 5 and ended up reading my book on my iPad until it was time to get moving.  We breezed out of Miami and headed up to Amelia Island.  My parents were out of town but we were spending the night there on the way to North Carolina.  I was snapping pictures along the way of my two little friends.  It has been a while since I had been on a trip with little ones in the car.  You really need two people, one to drive and the other to keep them entertained and happy (and to pick up falling objects from car seats).  

Ashley was cracking us up the whole way…

 We got to my parents in the afternoon and hung out.  

The girls got to meet my sweet Millie…

Friday morning, we loaded up again and headed North.  We were making such good time and right before we hit North Carolina, we stopped at a fabric store.  The girls were so happy to get out of the car…Elizabeth found a little play house to sit in while we shopped.  

We got to Statesville Friday evening and had a big, fun dinner.  The next day, we went to check out the new chickens and the girls went horesback riding.  It is so fun to be at the farm and see how it all works.
Holt was showing the girls all the chickens…

Uncle Robb taking the girls through the “secret passage”
 while Elizabeth and Chase were very busy in the kitchen…
Saturday, we went out with Heather and Ashley for a super fun girls dinner. 
Sunday, we went to a big lunch and hung out the rest of the time…

I was so sad to get on my plane Monday morning back to reality.  Definitely one of the more fun road trips I have been on in a long time!

Atlanta Gift Show and North Carolina Visit

Last month, I traveled to Atlanta for the day to attend the International Gift Show. There were so many empty booths, but the ones that were filled were fantastic! They moved things around, so it took a while to figure out where I needed to go, but I always start at the Cash and Carry Jewelry section. There are tons of jewelry booths with all sorts of fun things.

Also tons of beads..

lots of cute notepads…

some fabric belts…

lots of jewelry…

Eco Bags…

See Design Tote Bags…

Finally picked up the Macbeth Collection…

and finished up at Lifeguard Press picking up the Lilly personalized Home Collection. It was so fun to walk around and I am so focused on what I am looking for, I arrived at 9:15 am and was on Marta heading back to the airport by 3:30 pm to fly to Charlotte.
Meg picked me up with the girls and I spend their last weekend in North Carolina running errands and doing some sight seeing.
We spent some time in fabric stores…

We ate delicious bar-b-que

hung out with Elizabeth in the car during a pit stop…
The weather was amazing, cool but not freezing..all but one day.

We had a girls sleepover on Saturday that was super fun.

Kelly made her special Rotel dip..yum

Heather made home made pizzas..

The next morning, I went horseback riding with friends…it had been a while and I was slightly nervous. Once I got saddle up, it was fun. We headed out and I just followed the others…

admiring the view…
When we got to a hill and I leaned forward and crossed my fingers…

Going down was a tiny bit horse was very cautious.. I just kept thinking of what a great workout this all was..first walking 20 miles at the Atlanta show, then this hour of horseback riding..a great start to my New Year’s resolution to exercise. Unfortunately, I was so sore for two days after, the last thing I wanted to do was more exercise.
All in all, a super fun trip. Right after I got home, Meg and the girls drove down to Miami for their big move. I am so excited that they are going to be down the road and not several states away. Welcome back Meg and Brett!!!

Carnival Birthday for Elizabeth

A couple of weeks ago, I attended little Elizabeth’s first birthday. Her Mom created a county fair of sorts in her parent’s back yard. The weather was amazing and all her cousins were on hand to celebrate the big day.

There was a big slide…

Lots of face painting…

A cotton candy machine…

A visit from Yo Gabba Gabba’s Foofa

An adorable cake…

Trail rides…

Cute cousins…

Elizabeth tasting her cake…

Ashley on her pony…

With Foofa

Devon, David and I

Meg with my two favorite NC blog followers, Heather and Ashley

The birthday girl just was starting to she was on the move the whole time…
The party was so much fun..I had a blast.

Ashley and her sister came to eat lunch with me today at cute are her Jack Rogers???