Headed North

Just when I unpacked from my road trip, I packed up more stuff to head up North to Boston/Nantucket/Providence for 12 days.  I have been looking forward to this trip for months.  We (Newport roommates) rented a house on Nantucket for this whole week and I am so excited to be here with nothing to do but have fun.  Of course, I am working a tiny bit on the side so things don’t get too backed up at my real job.  My old pal Dede picked me up at the airport and we went to lunch..next stop to Tara’s in the North End.  We ventured out for dinner and waited in line at Giacomo’s.  

This guy was walking up and down the sidewalk with a tape player serenading everyone with songs…

Tara and I in line…
After dinner, we hit up Mike’s Pastry. What a zoo.  The cannolis were delicious-definitely worth the line.

Saturday, we ran errands and were all over the place but made it to Flat of the Hill right before they closed at 5pm.  I walked in and couldn’t believe my old crystal necklaces were hanging by the register.  They were tucked away and they found them so they put them out.  They looked so cute and sparkly, I think I should start making these again.  

Lucky for me, the owner Katherine was there.  She is my most favorite store owner and I got to catch up with her and check out her amazing store..still my favorite ever.

Sunday morning, we packed up all the stuff and headed to the Cape.  We overpacked as usual and I was so worried it wouldn’t all fit in our friends’ Jeep.  Tara, ever patient, was not worried.

We didn’t quite make the ferry we were scheduled on, but we got on the next one with our bags and our Jeep came over a little later.  We headed to Baxter’s to wait around and started the trip with Mimosas.  

Tara was in serious travel mode making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything before boarding (notice her awesome See Designs tote with an enormous monogram)…
We made it to the island by 3pm.  The weather is amazing!

This is my room for the week, a window a/c unit and a ceiling fan.  Those two things will make me happy.

We went to Brandt Point Grill for dinner and ended up at Cru for cocktails after.  Such a fun start to our week.

Monday, after a quick brunch, we hit the streets for some shopping. One of my favorite stores on the island is Monelle.  They have a location in Newport as well.  I have never seen a store with so much good stuff….
Lots of good shoes, jewelry, dresses, jeans, tops, tunics, hats, wraps and so much more.  Everything is so cute, I could spend all my money here!

After shopping, I went back to the house to do some work. I got lost along the way and kept stopping to take pictures of all the cute houses I saw…

It’s so beautiful here.
Best vacation spot.
Visit Monelle at their website here.
Xoxo, kp

Charleston Trunk Show

It’s been years since I have visited Charleston and I was so excited to get back there on my road trip two weeks ago.  My pal Grimsley has lived there for years and we put a little show together with some friends.  Once I got there and unloaded my car, we ran some errands.  First stop was Sugar Bakery.  What a cute place!  We got some sweets for later, everything was displayed so adorably…

Next stop, a quick lunch at Burbage’s Market.  
I wish we had something like that in Miami!!
Then, back to the house to set up all my stuff.
Our show was from 4-8pm…

I am so mad that I didn’t take more pictures of the actual people!  This always happens to me, I have the best intentions to document and then I get busy and the next thing you know, I am breaking it all down.  I did get this one cute pic.  All the ladies that came to shop were so nice and everyone had fun!
We went out to dinner and Grimsley gave me two choices.  We ended up at one and then found out Shep from Southern Charm was at the other!  Seriously, I am dying to meet him in person.
For this trip, I was so lucky to be able to stay in Gibbon House, the beautiful carriage house behind Stevenson’s home.  It is listed on VRBO here.  It is so comfortable and in a terrific location in Charleston.  
Highly recommend!

On Thursday, after breakfast at the famous Hominy Grill, we went for a ride in the golf cart and I got to see so many pretty homes, including Thomas Ravenel’s from Southern Charm.  It was much bigger than it seems on tv. No T-Rav sighting though…
We went to the Battery so Grimsley’s dog Sierra could stretch her legs and we watched her stalk squirrels with serious concentration.  We hit up some stationery shops and then it was time to go…right when I was getting ready to leave, we saw Michael, Patricia Altschul’s butler pull his car around to her front gate.  Soon after, we see her walk out and we waved hello and she waved back and the next thing you know Grimsley is crossing the street and I, who usually doesn’t have a problem talking to anyone, froze up.  I managed to chat with her about the show, her book and II don’t even remember what else and then she posed for a pic with me. What a treat!!!
I had the best time.  I am definitely planning another trip in the fall with some friends.  Grimsley, get ready!!!

Nest stop Statesville, North Carolina to see Meg and her family.  I hadn’t seen them in such a long time.  The girls looked so tall!  Elizabeth lost a tooth right when I arrived.

We went to Blowing Rock one day..so fun in the summer. Lots of people walking around.

We ran into our friend Karen on the street!  What a great surprise…

We had such a fun day..topped off with a quick visit to Kilwin’s. OMG what delicious ice cream

Always a good time in Statesville…next stop Atlanta Gift Show.
Having a fun summer!
Xoxo, KP

Cheating on Newport

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One of the perks of writing a blog is having a reference guide to your life’s activities.  I was trying to remember when an event happened and I fell down the rabbit hole of my own blog.  Reading old posts one after another and I couldn’t stop.  All the pictures from my Newport days bring back so many fun memories.  It is hard to imagine living there for a whole summer like I did in 2008, the summer of my life!  
Usually before the summer kicked in, my roommates from Newport who all live in Boston, would go to Nantucket for Figawi-Memorial Day weekend.  My first time was 2006 and I fell in love with Nantucket.  It is so different than Newport, although a lot harder to get to.  Through the years, our Newport rentals dwindled but the Nantucket plans never did.  We usually made a plan to get there some time in the summer.  One of my Miami friends had a house that she lent to me several times so that made going much easier.  On the way home, I stopped in Providence to visit Brooke and her family and made her go to Newport at least for the day.  That has been my plan for the last 3 years..one day in Newport.  It’s hard to believe that’s it!
This year, same deal. We rented a house on Nantucket the first week of August.  No shows or pop ups for me, just a relaxing vacation on the prettiest island around. I am so excited to get there, this time with one of my Miami BFFs there at the same time.  I will be in Newport on Tuesday, August 8th. Can’t wait to check out all my favorite places.  
So, I feel like I have been cheating on Newport with my beloved Nantucket.  A few years ago, I got a comment on this blog asking why I call it Summer in Newport when I am hardly there and have very little Newport content.  It caught me off guard to say the least, but I am all about authenticity and this blog was started in 2007 when I first went to Newport as a way to stay in touch.  Little did I know I would still be typing about my life 10 years later!  I secured this domain for another 5 years a month ago, so it is here to stay.  
Hope you are all having a nice summer!!!!
Xo, kp


Newport Flower Show

So, if I wasn’t lucky enough to be in Aspen this week, my second choice would be in Newport for the Newport Flower Show.  Held at beautiful Rosecliff, this yearly event is kind of the start to the summer.  Inside are flower displays and tablescapes filled with the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen.  I die over the pink and white awnings.  This year, many designers filled their instagram feeds with pictures of all the events..I have borrowed a few here.. 
image via @ctlifestyles
photo via @thomasburakinteriors

Special guest lecturers come in town..this year Bunny Williams
image via @vivianrobinsdesign
image via @traditionalhome

Lady of the Willows 
image via @traditionalhome
image via @traditionalhome

In the back of Rosecliff, overlooking the ocean, all the vendors are set up.  I am dying to be a vendor at this show..one day I will have to beg someone to call in a favor..

 image via @newenglandfineliving
image via @newportmansions

Oceanside Boutiques

Newport Lamp & Shade Co.

Pam’s Pashminas

my friend Liza Byrd

and many more.

Wish I could have been there, but will be in Newport later in the Summer.
xoxo, kp

Summer at the Pool…

One of my BFFs is about to install a pool in her backyard and all of our pool talk has me thinking about swimming, laying out in the sun, sunscreen, cover ups and how to not have my hair turn orange in the sun.  The back door of my building is under construction this week and every time I come or go, I have to walk out by my pool to get to my car.  There is a group of elderly ladies who swim in the mornings, I have discovered.  They look like they are having the best time.  Can’t wait for summer to get here!

Here are some essentials you will need for your time at the pool…

J Crew embroidered stripe tunic $79.50

Old Navy tassel cover up $32

Sam Edelman Pom Pom Sandals $100

Lilly Pulitzer Flip Flop in Lobstah Roll $38

Lindroth Island Bag $195

Calypso Zahara Raffia Cowboy Hat $150

Snappy Turtle Packable Hat with large black bow $58

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $15
perfect for poolside

L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders $18
my favorite-comes in a bunch of color combinations

Surf Mud Pro Stick Sunscreen $30
(just ordered this today)

Beauty Counter Protect Stick Sunscreen $18

The Beach People “The Paradis” towel $110

Pottery Barn Branson Beach Towel $29.50

Hampton Sun Hydrating Aloe Continuing Mist $28

Flamingo Pool Raft 80″ long $59 on Amazon

Sun Bum‘s Shampoo and Conditioner $17.99 each
Alterna‘s Summer Sun Recovery Spray $22

James Read Tan Maximizer $34

Meet me at the pool!
xoxo, kp

Pool pictures courtesy of House Beautiful

Looking Forward to Summer…

My annual “looking forward to Summer” post. I have posted this picture every year when it starts to feel like Summer is around the corner.  It already feels a little Summerish in Miami weather-wise. Very excited that my Summer plans are starting to take shape.  For the first time, I am going to visit the state of Colorado-Aspen to be exact.  

In July, I am hoping to do a few on-the-road trunk shows and then in August, I am hoping to set foot in Nantucket, even for a weekend..fingers crossed!

Having Summer Fever,
xoxo, kp

Stunning on Nantucket

It’s starting to get hot and that makes me think of Summer.  I am still trying to nail down my Summer plans and am hoping to get up to Nantucket at some point.  I am dying to do a pop up shop at Town Pool.  That is my goal…
During my many trips to Nantucket with my Newport roommates, we have rented so many different houses.  It is so fun and also nerve wracking to find a house online to rent, commit to ungodly sums of cash and then wait until you arrive to see what you are really renting.  Most of our houses have been amazing.  Last summer, our original house had some serious issues and the owner upgraded us to a house a few blocks away..we were so psyched!  This year, I would be happy to go back in a sleeping bag.

Designer Victoria Hagan’s home on Nantucket is in another league.  This beautiful home was featured in Architectural Digest. It is amazing!

All photos courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Dreaming of ACK,
xoxo, kp


The only bummer of enjoying an unbelievable vacation in July is that August is horrendous.  It is so hot and sticky here in Miami, it is hard to take.  I haven’t even attempted to go down to my pool, and it shows in my crazy paleness.  Around this time I always have a conflicted sense of being sad that summer is almost over and happy for Fall to start.  Fall is always such a busy and exciting time for my business and I am ready this year to get started.

My goals for the rest of August are:
1.  Clean out my closet
2.  Organize all of my kp designs stuff (still in bags from my trip)
3.  Have my panels made for my bedroom
4.  Paint my bedroom
5.  Have two chairs recovered in fabric I purchased 7 months ago.

I feel like if I put this list out there in the universe, it has a better chance of being accomplished.  Most of this list is doable, but realistically, the first two are most likely to happen and I will keep working on the last 3.
I will back-post about my trip this week.  It really was so much fun, but two highlights were:

Making it to the Galley to catch this sunset. 
Our first attempt earlier in the week was not so fruitful…

and at my Pop Up Shop, a long time reader came who happened to be on Nantucket.  Her name was Laura and she was so nice, it made my day!
Hope everyone is having a nice summer.
xoxo, kp


So, I am feeling like such a fraud.  I have the BEST intentions of keeping up this blog but it seems like there is never enough time to sit down and actually post.  There are tons of really good posts all stored in my head.  Also, since I have not set foot in Newport, Rhode Island in over two years, I feel like a fraud to have this blog with this name.

So, I am resolving these issues right now. I have a few blog posts lined up and I am promising to keep them up as I countdown the days until I leave on my summer trip.  My Pop-Up shop on Nantucket at the White Elephant is a go, and I am super excited about it!  The logistics of me actually getting up to Nantucket with all of my stuff is another story.  My trip is not locked down right now with a few items pending.  Hopefully in the next week, I will have a better idea of the day I am leaving and all my stops along the way.

I will be in Newport in a few weeks, so that part of my guilt will be relieved.  Looking forward to lunch at the Cooke House and a peek at my favorite stores.  If time permits, a visit to the Matouk outlet is also on my list.  No trip up to the Boston area would be complete without a stop at the Flat of the Hill on Charles Street, one of my favorite stores on earth.  All my Newport roommates are in the area and most of them are coming to Nantucket at some point during my week there.  So excited to see everyone.

Kristin Pearce Designs has been gearing up for this pop-up shop. Not only have I have been making tons of jewels, but I have also been ordering cute Nantucket themed paper products.

There are more things on the way.  One of my favorite vendors, Boatman Geller, just launched their new 2015 collection and they added Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard icons as well as a blue and white sailor shirt. All are super cute!

Cups with the Nantucket icon are on order and I might have ordered myself a little set of notecards with the sailor shirt and my name on them.  

I tend to post on Instagram the most with all my new stuff, so check out http://www.instagram.com/kristinpearce2.

Good to catch up, 
xoxo kp

Summer in Newport

Besides melting in Miami, Summer is getting off to an adventurous start.  My business is busy and I am trying to keep up with orders and at the same time, picking out new merchandise to sell.  My trip to the National Stationery Show was a great success.  I found some amazing new things, some of which have already arrived!  

First, these cute Linda & Harriet notepads…


and the cutest box of mixed notes…

I also picked up Haute Papier’s notepads.  They are amazing!

My Newport plans are coming together for the end of this month.  I am having a roommate reunion the weekend of the Newport Flower Show.  So excited to see all my peeps and eat at the Cooke House.  

Today, in the mail, I got the cutest surprise from my Mom.  She hand hooked a little wool rug to hang with my Summer in Newport mantra. She is super crafty!

It’s going up over my door in my kitchen.  Of course, I need a super duper drill to hang it up with..that’s a whole other story.  Stay tuned for more regular blog posts..they are coming !

Loving summer already,
xoxo kp