I’ll Take Diane Lockhart’s Wardrobe Please

Knowing that I need to make tons of jewelry in the last two weeks, I started watching The Good Wife from season 1 on Hulu to keep me entertained.  I have seen every episode of this show, but it is one of my favorites so it is watchable for a second run.  While re-watching this series, one thing became very clear, Christine Baranski’s character Diane Lockhart has the best wardrobe around.

Episode after episode, her classic, elegant clothing accented by beautiful jewelry and her perfectly coiffed hair stood out.  Her having an extremely trim figure doesn’t hurt either, obviously, but she seriously takes power dressing to another level…

So sad to see this show end..one of my favorites!
xoxo, kp

TV Report Card

We are already in March and most of the shows are over half way through their seasons..nto sure how many are going to be around next year. I have my list of favorites right here:

I am holding my breath that The Deep End doesn’t sink. I read in an article that it was “on the bubble”, not a great sign, but this is such a fun show…I highly recommend.

Super happy that this one is still around. I really think it is one of the best shows on television-I have discussed it before, bit I liken it to a slow burn..you can’t help but get sucked into the story and root for Alicia who is starting to fade as Carol Hathaway in my mind-finally!

Having watched every season of 24 multiple times, I am not so excited about this season. Actually right now, there are 2 episodes saved on DVR that I haven’t seen-not a good sign. I think it might be time for Jack Bauer to hang up his stun gun and give the “tell me where the bomb is” rhetoric a proper burial. This is harsh but I would hate for it to go down in flames.

Oprah..well I have been meaning to write an Oprah post for a while. I just love love love Oprah Winfrey. I have been taping her show for years and watching every night. Rarely is there a show that I am not interested in. When she announced that the end of her show is coming, I started feeling a slight panic. My Mom and I have to get ourselves in that audience..this is one of my missions right now. Her shows lately have been so great, I am so excited to see them every day. Lately, they have been tear jerkers but seriously, as soon as I hear someone cry on the tv, I start tearing up. Also on a side note, she has been looking so pretty, her hair these days is fabulous.

I am looking forward to Gossip Girl to return, Friday Night Lights to return to non-Direct TV television and the new High Society..hope it’s great!