Charleston Trunk Show

It’s been years since I have visited Charleston and I was so excited to get back there on my road trip two weeks ago.  My pal Grimsley has lived there for years and we put a little show together with some friends.  Once I got there and unloaded my car, we ran some errands.  First stop was Sugar Bakery.  What a cute place!  We got some sweets for later, everything was displayed so adorably…

Next stop, a quick lunch at Burbage’s Market.  
I wish we had something like that in Miami!!
Then, back to the house to set up all my stuff.
Our show was from 4-8pm…

I am so mad that I didn’t take more pictures of the actual people!  This always happens to me, I have the best intentions to document and then I get busy and the next thing you know, I am breaking it all down.  I did get this one cute pic.  All the ladies that came to shop were so nice and everyone had fun!
We went out to dinner and Grimsley gave me two choices.  We ended up at one and then found out Shep from Southern Charm was at the other!  Seriously, I am dying to meet him in person.
For this trip, I was so lucky to be able to stay in Gibbon House, the beautiful carriage house behind Stevenson’s home.  It is listed on VRBO here.  It is so comfortable and in a terrific location in Charleston.  
Highly recommend!

On Thursday, after breakfast at the famous Hominy Grill, we went for a ride in the golf cart and I got to see so many pretty homes, including Thomas Ravenel’s from Southern Charm.  It was much bigger than it seems on tv. No T-Rav sighting though…
We went to the Battery so Grimsley’s dog Sierra could stretch her legs and we watched her stalk squirrels with serious concentration.  We hit up some stationery shops and then it was time to go…right when I was getting ready to leave, we saw Michael, Patricia Altschul’s butler pull his car around to her front gate.  Soon after, we see her walk out and we waved hello and she waved back and the next thing you know Grimsley is crossing the street and I, who usually doesn’t have a problem talking to anyone, froze up.  I managed to chat with her about the show, her book and II don’t even remember what else and then she posed for a pic with me. What a treat!!!
I had the best time.  I am definitely planning another trip in the fall with some friends.  Grimsley, get ready!!!

Nest stop Statesville, North Carolina to see Meg and her family.  I hadn’t seen them in such a long time.  The girls looked so tall!  Elizabeth lost a tooth right when I arrived.

We went to Blowing Rock one fun in the summer. Lots of people walking around.

We ran into our friend Karen on the street!  What a great surprise…

We had such a fun day..topped off with a quick visit to Kilwin’s. OMG what delicious ice cream

Always a good time in Statesville…next stop Atlanta Gift Show.
Having a fun summer!
Xoxo, KP

Summer Travel Plans

S  U  M  M  E  R   2  0  1  7
My first summer trip is around the corner! I am heading up to Charleston for a trunk show with my friend Grimsley.  I haven’t been to Charleston in ages so I am so excited to visit there.  My first pit stop will be at my parent’s on Amelia Island, it’s a perfect 6 hours from Miami. Leaving on July 11th, my show will be on the 12th.  

This invitation might be one of my favorites ever in the history of my business. I LOVE Dixie Designs and think their designs are fresh and adorable.  This invitation would get me out of the house showing up to a trunk show, right?
Next stop-visiting Meg at her parent’s house in North Carolina.  Always a fun time there. I haven’t seen them in a month-which seems like forever.
After that-heading to Atlanta to hit one of the last days of the Atlanta Gift Show.  I should be able to do this on Sunday and hit the road to head to my parents house but not sure about this part of my plan.  My goal is to be back in the office by Tuesday.
The next trip is up North!  I leave at the end of July for my week on Nantucket with my old Newport roommates.  So excited to get up there. I have a couple of days in Boston before and a couple in Providence on the way back.  Tuesday, August 8th I will be in Newport so I can keep my blog honest and check out all my favorite Newport spots. 
Amidst all this planning, I still do not have a nailed down kitchen plan!!  The guys I want to do my kitchen are super busy and have postponed my meeting several times.  I am supposed to meet with them tomorrow so hopefully, that will work out.  If I get the plans for the cabinets nailed down this week, it still realistically means there won’t be any action until September with the way things move around here.  So much for “Kitchen Summer” which was what I was calling it. I have bought my faucet and am about to buy my sink, so that is something.
My closet…oh my goodness I had so much stuff in that closet.  Seriously, I found things I haven’t seen in years.  I packed it all up using all my Pierre Deux duffle bags and various totes that were in there I put them in my living room.  I was doing ok putting things away in the new closet when I looked for something yesterday and found two duffle bags that went unnoticed so now I have to find more room in there. Please don’t email and tell me to purge, I have been purging but there are just some things that I can’t get rid of!  I have a 4 day weekend coming up this week and it will all be spent working on my apartment putting things away and clearing things out.  
No solid plans for the 4th of July yet…I used to LOVE that holiday. Every year I would buy a new outfit to go watch fireworks.  Now, it is so unbelievably hot in Miami, I usually am trying to find something to wear so I don’t melt. But that is a whole other post.
If you are in Charleston or have friends in Charleston that might want to come to my show, please reach out to me at for the address. It will be fun!
Thanks friends!
Xo, Kristin

Up in Fort Lauderdale…

So happy to be invited again to participate at the University of Miami Forum on Women’s Health Luncheon today at Lauderdale Yacht Club.  This is the fourth year in a row that I have been a vendor and it was great, as usual. Lots of new customers and about ten ladies asking where my store is?  Well, that is a good question, but right now my store is a table here or there at various events…

Two long tables, my favorite set up..

I spread my totes out on an extra table after lunch…

I am loving this new line, Donovan Designs.  During the luncheon, I sold out of the chunky notepads today many of the cute note sheet sets (above).

Always featuring Haute Papier’s letterpress gift tags…

Lots of new fabric pouches…
Tons of stretchy wood beads bracelets with tassels…

Such a fun day. I am  trying to plan a big show before the end of the month.  I have tons of new things and lots of things on sale..keep an eye out!

Today went well, so I might be getting the J.Crew tassel sandals,
xoxo, kp


So, I am feeling like such a fraud.  I have the BEST intentions of keeping up this blog but it seems like there is never enough time to sit down and actually post.  There are tons of really good posts all stored in my head.  Also, since I have not set foot in Newport, Rhode Island in over two years, I feel like a fraud to have this blog with this name.

So, I am resolving these issues right now. I have a few blog posts lined up and I am promising to keep them up as I countdown the days until I leave on my summer trip.  My Pop-Up shop on Nantucket at the White Elephant is a go, and I am super excited about it!  The logistics of me actually getting up to Nantucket with all of my stuff is another story.  My trip is not locked down right now with a few items pending.  Hopefully in the next week, I will have a better idea of the day I am leaving and all my stops along the way.

I will be in Newport in a few weeks, so that part of my guilt will be relieved.  Looking forward to lunch at the Cooke House and a peek at my favorite stores.  If time permits, a visit to the Matouk outlet is also on my list.  No trip up to the Boston area would be complete without a stop at the Flat of the Hill on Charles Street, one of my favorite stores on earth.  All my Newport roommates are in the area and most of them are coming to Nantucket at some point during my week there.  So excited to see everyone.

Kristin Pearce Designs has been gearing up for this pop-up shop. Not only have I have been making tons of jewels, but I have also been ordering cute Nantucket themed paper products.

There are more things on the way.  One of my favorite vendors, Boatman Geller, just launched their new 2015 collection and they added Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard icons as well as a blue and white sailor shirt. All are super cute!

Cups with the Nantucket icon are on order and I might have ordered myself a little set of notecards with the sailor shirt and my name on them.  

I tend to post on Instagram the most with all my new stuff, so check out

Good to catch up, 
xoxo kp

Backtracking to Baltimore and New York

Trying to catch up with some posts from the last few weeks.  Almost a month ago, I flew up to Baltimore with Hoby and Christina for a weekend with Dede, Hoby’s Mom.  I always love going to her house and it is so fun to explore Baltimore.  On Sunday of that weekend, Dede hosted a trunk show for me and it was amazing.

Dede had delicious snacks, which we ate all day…

The show was so much fun..lots of nice people and Hoby’s family came by.

The next morning..we boarded a train heading to New York.
and we arrived just in time for me to set up at my next event…this was the only part of New York that I saw in the daylight…
The 28th Annual Great Sport Legends Dinner benefiting the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis was my next stop at the Waldorf.  .I set up my table and had just enough time to change before it was about to start..

Once it started, it was a crazy whirlwind.  So many nice people looking for things to purchase to support this amazing charity.  I sold so much stuff, it was shocking.  if I had help with me, I probably would have sold more..note to self!

Once the auction was over, I packed up my stuff and headed to the ballroom to join my friends.  I barely missed a thing.  On my way in, I loved seeing this big sign explaining that you had to wear one of Hoby’s CauseLets for entrance into the ballroom.  So fun!

After a bunch of amazing speeches by the Legends, an unbelievable Live Auction with spontaneous items being offered off the cuff, the program was so great, the icing on the cake was the Jersey Boys.

So proud of Stephanie and her Mom for another over the top event!

The next morning, I was zooming through the Park on the way to the airport…I wish I could have stayed longer!

This trip was so fun..can’t wait to go back!
xoxo, kp

Rikshaw Design boho Trunk Show

So excited tonight and Saturday, I am hosting a Rikshaw Design boho trunk show with my sweet friend Lynley.  She got the big box of samples delivered yesterday and said everything is amazing.  I have been making jewelry for this show tonight,  my show in North Carolina on the 10th and then my samples for the Atlanta Gift Show, so it has been a little busy in my factory.   For my local peeps, come by if you are in town!

See you soon!
xoxo, kp

Spring Trunk Show

Last week, I had the most amazing trunk show at my friend Carolyn’s beautiful home.  She had so much space, I was able to put most of my goods out to sell.  I had lots of jewels, tons of paper goods, Queen Bea bags, Lilly shopping totes and tons more…
I had been making jewelry for weeks getting ready…
All my Ann Page notepads and stationery on display…

Lots of yummy snacks..

Lots of great friends hanging out Thursday night..

Rufus got a little tired at the show after watching all the action…

I even had some superhero support…

Queen Bea Studio bags, always a favorite…
And my new Crabberrie bags were a hit..
All in all, it was an amazing show.  So great to see so many friends and it was very successful, so all my hard work paid off. 

Once I got home, I unloaded it all in two carts, a miracle…

Thank you thank you thank you Carolyn!!!
I loved our show.

Trunk Show Sale

Last week, I had a big sale at Meg’s house..and it was so much fun.
I literally took over her house and set up shop.  All our friends came by and Thursday night ended up turning into a party.  Some of my new things I purchased in Atlanta had arrived and I brought a bunch of old things that were on sale…

I ordered some special cupcakes for the occasion…

The jewels were set up on her dining room table….

And a ton of stuff out on her back porch.  Luckily, the weather in Miami is unbelievable right now.  

Queen Bea Studio sent me a bunch of fun bags to sell…

Meg made sure there was delicious food the whole time..

Happy my Valentine’s notepads arrived in cute

Lots of fun bracelets..

and my newest Dabney Lee notepads.  I am obsessed with them.
Thursday night and Friday were amazing..thank you Meg!

I am already planning my next show..they are so fun.
Dying to have one in Palm Beach area…Alice?????