Corroon Love

Since I am on Instagram almost 2 hours a day, or so my iPhone tells me, I am constantly finding new brands and seeing all that is out there for my purse obsessed self. The Corroon bags popped up and it was instant love. I love the look of them and the price is not too outrageous. I missed out on getting a Goyard and now this seems like a better investment for me. All of the bags are amazingly constructed and are reinforced on the bottom, which is great for me since my bags usually weigh as much as a baby.

There are ones with stripes and monograms, which are so great. You can even add some leopard, which is so cool.

The ones I am drawn to are the custom ones with extra things painted on them. The stars are awesome, I obviously love the hearts but look at the Swedish Fish one! That would have been so appropriate for me years ago before I found out about gelatin and how disgusting it is-thanks so much to Billy Buppert for ruining my favorite candy for me.

But the one that I am leaning towards is the camo one!

This is the one I am dying for..the camo with the hearts but I would have my initials in pink and might make the hearts not so pastel. SO FUN! Prices are in the $300-$500 range. Check out Corroon here.

Happy Shoppping!


Juicy Scoop

It seems these days that everyone is hooked on one podcast or another. I really can only attach myself to a small number of them. My number one is the Goop Podcast. To be completely honest, I really only listen to the ones Gwyneth leads, which is 20% of them. Her Chief Content Officer moderates the others and I fast forward to the last few minutes where Gwyneth does an “ask me anything” part and reads a question someone has written in and then thoughtfully answers it. I realize this is sort of cheating, but I am trying to be real here. The questions are all over the board so if you like GP, they are fascinating….

My number two is Juicy Scoop. This hilarious podcast is all about comedian Heather McDonald (of Chelsea Lately fame) and her thoughts on pop culture, all things Bravo and other gossipy tidbits. She has lots of interviews and a regular cast of characters that join here, mainly her co-stars from her Chelsea days. She has a small habit of mispronouncing names and you just have to get past that and enjoy her enthusiasm for getting out the scoop. She also does amazing impressions-mainly of the Housewives and Jennifer Anniston. She is hilarious. A few months ago, my friends and I went to a stand-up show in Delray Beach and got to meet her. It was amazing.

She was super nice and chatted with our whole group. We were dying that she kept using the picture below to advertise her shows..that’s us in the bottom right corner-I am the only brunette with all my blonde friends.

The best part of listening to Heather is that she has back-end Hollywood knowledge after working for so many years, she offers a lot of insight to the gossip of the day. This is all on Juicy Scoop, which is free. If you want more in-depth info from Heather, she is also on Patreon, which is a fee-based subscription service and those posts come out on Fridays. She keeps the really juicy stuff for the paying customers. (I pay $5/month so I am in the “single scoop” level)

The other podcast I listen to is NPR’s How I Built This. This one is so interesting and it was recommended by a bunch of people. The first one I listened to was the Kate Spade one which they played after her untimely death. This has become a favorite.

I am open to other podcasts..let me know what I am missing!



Lately, I have been on the Audible train. I have been sticking to biographies and try to only listen while I am in the car driving. My first ones have been two books by comedian Heather McDonald, biographies of Busy Phillips and Sally Field, Ninety Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret, Sisters First by the Bush twins, The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters and then before my London trip, I listened to 25 hours about the Queen Mother. Now I am listening to Bad Blood which is about Theranos and the crazy ride this start-up took up until its dramatic end. It is such an unbelievable story and it is hard to believe they were able to keep up the charade for as long as they did.

While I am listening to this Audible, I am trying not to google because I don’t really know the details of the ending. My timing on this book is fantastic because there is a documentary called The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley that is airing on HBO on March 18. Check out the trailer here.

Beyond the documentary, Jennifer Lawrence is signed up to play the main character Elizabeth Holmes in a movie based on the book I am listening to. That is still in production but is directed by Adam McKay who directed Vice and The Big Short. I cannot wait to see both of them!

Elizabeth modeled herself after Steve Jobs in many ways, wanting Theranos to have similarities with Apple and even started religiously wearing black turtlenecks like Steve. The whole story is fascinating!!!!! Read Bad Blood so we can talk about it!


Kitchen Update

After all the chatter about re-doing my kitchen, it is finally in the works!!  I keep wanting to pinch myself that it is happening.  Of course, it is more complicated than I thought it would be.  My kitchen is a tiny galley kitchen, how hard could it be?
Lucky for me, one of my BFFS re-did a kitchen not too long ago and had some good insight on a few things.  First, the appliances.  She picked the whole Kitchen Aid suite and I loved the way they looked.  They are kind of the nicest-not-crazy-expensive option.  All the appliances were purchased on Saturday at Best Buy and they are holding them for me until they need to be delivered.  One huge hurdle down…

Before I start on the kitchen, my bedroom closet needed to be done. It is about to explode.  The closet guy I wanted to use came to measure and came up with an easy solution for my falling-apart drop ceiling.  At this point, I am so tired of trying to figure out what do to with this closet, I just want it fixed.  The closet guy-Robert-is boxing in my air condition handler that is up there as part of the closet, freeing up most of the right side for more storage.  This is super exciting.  They are coming to start on June 6th.

When they came last week, they brought the whole team to talk about my kitchen and they quoted me a terrific price for wood cabinets with paneled doors all the way to the ceiling.  I am going to schedule that part next.  Somewhere in the middle of this plan, I have to commit to a contractor and have them help me get all the pieces together and pull permits, etc.. It’s all a little overwhelming.

But, I have some questions and would love some feedback:

(1) I want a white sink.  I grew up with a porcelain sink and we never had a problem with chipping but now there are a ton of new options, granite and composite. Should I stick with porcelain or does anyone have any feedback on these other options?  I have a stainless sink now and I do not want another one.

(2) Every pretty kitchen I see online has the sink in front of a window.  That is amazing but my kitchen is windowless.  Over the sink, the cabinets are raised so you don’t hit your head on them.  Do I just have whatever backsplash I use there or should I get a shelf built in.  Is the shelf a think of the past?

(3) What is a normal amount to spend on the faucet?  Of course the one I love is SUPER expensive.  I am trying to find a less expensive option.  I am dying for a bridge faucet.  This is what I want it to look like and this is the one that won’t bankrupt me but it is an investment.  Can you take it with you when you move?  That might help make my decision lol…

That’s where I am right now.  Any good ideas that I need to know, please share. I will be posting all my progress here in the coming weeks.
Thanks so much!
Xoxo, kp

Birthday Weekend

I’m still recovering from my birthday weekend! Friday (my actual birthday) started off with breakfast with friends, a birthday party for my little friend Jordan and ended with a Birthday Happy Hour at Villagio. 

My sweet needlepoint group got together and got me a gift certificate from the needlepoint store. So fun. A bunch of other friends got me a gift certificate to buy a new purse-super excited and grateful for all the love. 
Saturday night we had a little reunion of old friends. Our local group can’t seem to get together so it took a friend coming in town to rally the troops. We meet in the Grove and it was super fun. 
I rounded out the weekend with a fun Sunday brunch and then a slew of my favorite shows last night. All in all, an amazing weekend!
Older and wiser,
Xoxo, kp

T e l e v i s i o n

There is so much on television these days.  Thankfully for me, since I need to watch tv while I make jewelry.  Now that Homeland and The Affair have ended (sad face), I am looking for new things to watch.  I am always hesitant to get attached to new shows since so many of them get canceled right away.  Also, now with Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other online sites, you can always catch up asap. Here is what I am/will be watching:
Downton Abbey
Downton started up again this past Sunday.  I used to watch online while it played in the UK, but got side tracked in the Fall and now am watching it for real with the rest of the US folks.  It does not disappoint and Sunday’s episode was great.  So sad that this is the last season!!!  View a preview here.
Shades of Blue

Starting on January 7th on NBC, this show is on my list because I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez.  I was surprised that she signed on to do a network tv show, but she has played a cop before in Out of Sight, so this should be good.  Also starring Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo View a preview here.

War and Peace

This Lifetime mini-series is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel starting on January 18th.  Starring Lily James (Rose from Downton), Paul Dano, James Norton, Gillian Anderson and Jim Broadbent.
View a preview here.
Starting January 17th, this show promises to be amazing.  They have been running teaser ads on Showtime for weeks.  Brody from Homeland stars as Hedge Fund superstar Bobby Axelrod and Paul Giametti plays the U.S. Attorney who is determined to bring him down.  If this isn’t as good as the trailers, I will be so disappointed.  Watch the trailer here.

Girls returns to HBO on February 21st! See a preview here.

The Family
Starts March 6th on ABC, this story is about a boy that reappears after being missing for 10 years.  His return has a huge impact on his political mom (Joan Allen) and the rest of his family.  The story has lots of twists and turns and sounds fascinating.  I love Joan Allen.  Watch a preview here.
The Americans
Coming back for Season 4 in March on F/X, this show is so great.  If you haven’t seen previous seasons, they are available online.  Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys star in this story about Russian spies living in America in the 80s.  Having an arranged marriage, this couple lives in a DC suburb and has two children.  The story is set right after Ronald Reagan became President.  It is one to watch!

Game of Thrones

Returning to HBO on April 24th, Game of Thrones is new to my list.  I watch all previous 5 seasons this summer and loved it.  When I asked on Facebook for some show recommendations, this was by far the most discussed.  If you haven’t started, you could start now and finish up right when the next season starts! #savejonsnow

Glued to my tv,
xoxo, kp

Golden Globes 2015

So, I am going to use my theory on catching up with putting pictures in photo albums with this blog.  Start in the present and work backwards.  I have about 6 blog posts half written and will get them out this week, but will dive right into the present and one of my favorite nights..the Golden Globes.

Here are some favs from the red carpet:

Taylor Schilling in Ralph Lauren

New Mom Rosamund Pike in Carolina Herrera

Allison Williams in Armani Prive

Naomi Watts in Gucci with Bulgari jewels

Former Miss Golden Glob Dakota Johnson in Chanel

Renee Russo in J. Mendel

Claire Danes in Valentino

Sienna Miller in Miu Miu

Jennifer Anniston in Saint Laurent

Jennifer Lopez in Zhair Murad

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Mrs. George Clooney in Dior

Kerry Washington in Mary Katrantzou

Kate Beckinsale in Elie Saab

And Gwyneth in Michael Kors…beautiful!

Golden Globes is my Superbowl,
xoxo kp

Out of Commission…

So, it has been an interesting week to say the least.  Last Monday, I drove myself to the ER and ended up having surgery to remove an infection that got out of control.  It was very unexpected and I have been recuperating at home since Tuesday.  Things are moving along a little slower than I thought.

I can’t get over the ER experience… very interesting.  I have seen every episode of ER there ever was multiple times, so I think I am somewhat of an expert.  It made me laugh when I heard them use all the ER lingo, proud of myself that I knew what they were talking about.  The lady a few curtains down was screaming for more drugs–all I could think was she is drug seeking..they can sniff them out quickly.  My drug on Monday was Dilaudid, which I highly recommend when you are in pain.  It was effective.

My friend Meg showed up and stayed with me throughout my whole ordeal and then Helen and Nicole took over in the evening.  I have such great friends.  My other friend Cynthia started a list and people have signed up to come bring me food, which has been so great.  My refrigerator is stocked and I get visitors, which is fun.   I am addicted to smoothies these days..the pain meds make you not so hungry.  

Having never spent the night at the hospital, I was unprepared for all the interruptions to my sleep.  I guess when you are on the night shift, 4 am seems like the afternoon.  This nurse kept waking me up to do all sorts of things and I was so annoyed with her.  So many people kept coming in, by 8 am, I felt like I had been awake forever.  My friends showed up with breakfast and I was out by noon.

So all week, I have been taking it easy and resting.  It’s a lot to process and I have had a lot of help, thankfully.  Every day, a nurse comes to help me.  The nurses they send are all male!  It is so funny, but at this point, it doesn’t even register.  Armando is becoming my BFF and he is so helpful.

I am hoping to be back on my feet by the end of this week and back to business.  I have so many blog posts stored in my mind and my shows are about to start full force, so I don’t have time to be down for the count.    Having a blog brings guilt along with it.  I feel guilty when I am away for so long…so just wanted to check in.  Look for some good posts very soon. 

Feeling grateful,
xoxo kp