The List

Meet Adrienne Brown, a twenty-eight year old Wellesley College grad who recently left her glamorous job at Town & Country for a spot at The Capitolist.  Known simply as the List to Beltway insiders, it’s the only media outlet in D.C. that’s actually on the rise. Taking the job means accepting a painful pay cut, giving up perks like free Louboutins, and moving back in with her parents, but Adrienne is certain that her new position will be the making of her career.

And it is—but not at all in the way that she expects. The Capitolist runs at an insane pace: Adrienne’s up before five in the morning, writing ten stories a day (sometimes on her BlackBerry, often during her commute), and answering every email within three minutes. Just when it seems like the frenetic workload is going to break her, she stumbles upon a juicy political affair, involving a very public senator—and her most competitive colleague. Discovering that there’s much more to the relationship than meets the eye, Adrienne realizes she’s got the scoop of a lifetime. But should she go public with the story?
Inspired by Washington insider Karin Tanabe’s experiences at Politico, The List is a riveting debut novel bursting with behind-the-scenes details about what happens when media and politics collide.
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Julian, You Beast…


Having watching the UK airings of Downton Abbey via online stolen links last Fall, I have been sitting on the secret of the ending of the season for some time.  Painful, really.  I received the first secret link through a friend in Idaho.  She had seen me post about Downton and knew I was obsessed.  I watched it in disbelief that I was breaking all sorts of network television rules.  Each week, the link appeared on a Facebook page and each week I devoured the episodes on my laptop.  

Around this time, Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) began a Broadway run in New York and reports surfaced that he was not signing on for Season 4 of this amazing show.  These reports always pop up and usually go away, but this one stuck.  So, in the back of my mind, I knew there was a possibility of Matthew’s demise.  The horror!!!

Season 3 proved to be full of drama…Cora’s Mothers arrival started it off, the death of poor Sybil and Thomas’ shenanigans filled each episode with plenty to digest.  I hated Sybil’s death..she was such a favorite but I saw the benefits of this twist in the storyline play out in later episodes.

Edith is still single and searching for love and now Mr. Branson is trying to move upstairs gracefully without stepping on any toes.  Things in the kitchen get a little bit interesting when Daisy gets a promotion…

If you have not caught up on Season 3, get to iTunes and catch up quick.  You won’t be able to stay away from the shocking finale news for long.

New Jacks for Summer

Tired of the same old Jack Rogers (I am still loyal to JR, not Bonanno)?  They have collaborated with Quadrille to come up with some amazing new designs for the Navajo sandal.  I am dying over the light blue and white ones for the summer.  The top ones in pink and brown are so cute as well. ..and the dark blue and light blue ones also would work with my wardrobe.  My two rotating pair of gold ones are so mixed together and I need to get new ones asap.  Over Memorial Day, I went to Palm Beach and saw the Calypso sandals I posted about a few weeks ago and tried them on.  I LOVED them..and they also came in a navy blue pair.  The price tag was a little steep and then I found a similar pair at Nordstrom made by the lovely Ivanka Trump.  I need to do more investigating…

Jack Rogers Quadrille sandals, $138 

Photos via Matchbook Magazine

Summer Sandals

Summer is right around the corner and I am so sick of all my shoes.  I have two pairs of gold Jack Rogers that have gotten mixed together somehow and I can’t tell which one is which.  I am going to toss them in the garbage and get a new pair asap.  The shoes I am loving right now are some of the cheapest shoes I have ever worn, procured in a Junior League luncheon VIP gift bag.  Gladiator sandals…some people got gold and some got silver.  I don’t ever wear anything silver, but of course, I got the silver ones.  I have several outfits that they go perfectly with, so they are definitely in the rotation.  They are getting very worn down and I think I only have one or two more outings in them before they too get tossed out.  I tried to look them up and buy more, but they are completely un-googleable..very frustrating.  Here are some fun summer sandal picks I have come across lately.  I think the orange ones are at the top of my list…

Steve Madden Saahti Sandal $69.95

Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals $64.95
Ivanka Trump Vance Platinum Sandals $134.99
Burberry Colorblock Sandals $395
Gucci Gwen Leather Slingback $660
K Jacques St Tropez Leather Sandals $250
Musa Leather and Chain Link Sandal $230
Talbots Two Tone Leather and Canvas Sandal $88
Memorial Day Weekend is in a few days!  So excited even though for the first time in years, I don’t have any solid plans.  I am determined to organize my apartment..that is the plan!

Scallopped Edges

There is something about scalloped edges that is so appealing.  They are everywhere, in fashion, design and especially nature.  The namescallop is derived from the Old French escalope, which means “shell”.  It has been used as a symbol of fertility and has been associated with pilgrims. The scallop is also New York’s state shell.  

Once you start looking, you will see that they are so popular and pop up in the 
most unusual places!

Happy Mother’s Day

This weekend, my parents came down to Miami and brought our little Millie with them.  She got to stay with me in my apartment.  She took a little while to check everything out…

Became an expert at riding an elevator…
Checked out the boats and the waterway..

And kept me company while I got everything ready for Sunday.  I hosted everyone for brunch and was so excited to try out some new recipes…

The biggest hit was the Barefoot Contessa’s berries soaked in Limoncello with greek yogurt, honey and lemon curd whipped together.  The result is a fresh tasting fruity concoction.  It was delicious…
The bluebery cake..I loved this so much that I kept the piece that my nephew barely touched for breakfast tomorrow.  This was the recipe I had a couple days ago on the blog.

My french toast casserole..I used a new recipe and it was yummy but a little tricky to serve.

My new chairs..finally all purchased.
Me and my Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Kelly Can Make You Hot

Sunday night, I set my DVR to make sure all the shows were listed and headed to South Beach to meet New York Housewife Kelly Bensimon.  She just published a new book called “I Can Make You Hot.”  The party for the book signing was at Baoli, which is a cool restaurant on  Collins Avenue with a large outside terrace.  
Lots of aqua sweets were all around to match the Hpnotiq Harmonie cocktails they were pouring.

Me and Kelly..she is so tall and very pretty in person.
 You can kind of see the white and pink box to her left.  She loved the bracelet I brought her.

Kelly signed so many books and got up and down a million times to pose with different people.  So nice and sweet.  I looked through the book and it looks so is on my bedside table along with my new glasses.  Next stop, Tinsley Mortimer’s book party for Southern Charm.

Pinterest Updates

Yikes, I have been so crazy these last few weeks, one thing I have not had time to do is be on Pinterest! One one hand, good because when you are on it all the time, you start to see the same pins over and over resurfacing. Bad because I feel like I have missed things. I was thinking the other day how great this resource is for people who need a little help with decorating their home. There is really no excuse now with all of these amazing pictures culled together by others for you right on your computer screen.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

And I pinned this tonight..a picture of my cute elephant necklaces on ribbon donated to our Progressive Dinner gift bags for Beaux Arts (that post is next).  I LOVE them and plan on putting them on my website when I can restock the elephant charms.  You can check out my Pinterest here