Fabulous on Fifth Avenue

Veranda Magazine featured this sumptuous Fifth Avenue apartment designed by Thomas O’Brien and I am ready to move right in.  My usual color palette is brighter, but the womb-like creaminess of this stunning apartment is very appealing.  The design story here is so interesting, there is a huge mix of antiques and flea market finds and the result is effortless sophistication.  Check it out…

This is my favorite room…

Ready to move in,
xoxo, kp

Charming Manhattan Townhouse

Veranda Magazine featured this charming six story Manhattan townhouse recently re-designed by Timothy Wealon.  The home, a nineteenth century structure retrofitted along they way with an Art Deco facade was in need of some serious attention, much of the residence was stripped of its original period detail.  Wealon painstakingly restored each room adding moldings and making sure the house’s five antique mantels got attention, including an eighteenth-century Italian stone fireplace surround for the dining room.  The result is a family space filled with lots of design twists and turns and unexpected detail.  Check it out below:

All images via Veranda Magazine.

Ready to move in,
xoxo, kp

More Instagram Favs

Here is the second edition of my Instagram favorites..there are still so many more and I keep finding good ones every day.  Enjoy these…
Habitually Chic is a blog that chronicles the comings and goings of NYC interior designer Heather Clawson. She goes to fabulous events and travels the world.  She is getting ready to go to Paris for Fashion Week.
An obvious one to follow, especially if you enjoy the 5 x 5 prints they put on their feed from the Lilly print designers.  Also an easy way to see all the new Lilly wears coming to stores.
There is no one more funny/crazy than Jill Kargman.  Before starring in her hit Bravo show Odd Mom Out, she was an amazing author.  Her books are laugh out loud funny and so is this hilarious show.
Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank takes pictures of all sorts of people, her feed is a mix of her photos of family and famous friends.
Longtime favorite artist Caitlin McGauley.  I LOVE her paintings and this feed shows what she is working on and what inspires her.  
Another obvious feed for design junkies, the Veranda Magazine feed has beautiful pictures of all different types of design.  
If you don’t live in Miami, you might not know about the gem that is Country French.  A charming little store in the middle of South Miami, you can find linens, candles, home accessories, china, furniture and much more all displayed in a way that makes you want to purchase the whole room-people sometimes do!  Sweet girls will help you make the best choices and wrap your purchases up so pretty, you will be proud to take something from here as a gift to anyone.
Another obvious feed for me.  Love seeing what Gwyneth Paltrow is up to.  I am also dying for her to post more pictures of her beautiful house.  She always just posts this gorgeous entryway. 
If you have a hankering for pink and green, this feed is for you.  These sisters in Palm Beach get around and post awesome pics of their comings and goings.  They have a blog and an online shop palmbeachlately.com
Last but certainly not least, my dear friend of over 25 years, Jamie has been perfecting her photographic eye and her feed filled with her beautiful family and her travels is so fun to see.  One of the most creative people I have ever know, you will be sure to learn a lot by adding her to your Instagram lineup. 

xoxo, kp

India Hicks..Effortless Elegance

India Hicks…she has been everywhere this last week commenting on the Royal Wedding festivities. As one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids thirty years ago, she certainly has the pedigree to be a commentator..for ABC, for Oprah and well..for anyone. She has amazing personal style and has been written up in many magazines..lots of focus on her beautiful home in the Bahamas. Her books are extremely popular as well.

Around 2000 while I was working at Tiffany & Co., she walked in our store and I immediately recognized her. She bought something and handed me a peculiar clear blue American Express card, something I hadn’t seen before and there it was INDIA HICKS, just another confirmation of my crazy pop culture knowledge. Of course, no one I was working with at the time had ever heard of her and probably thought I was making it all up..one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids????

This month’s beautiful issue of Veranda arrived yesterday with the subtitle of Effortless Elegance. I couldn’t get enough of all the articles, and very timely..there was on on India. The pictures speak for themselves.

The rest of the issue is full of fabulous homes..I was drooling over every page…

how amazing is this bedroom???

Love this outside space..


Veranda on JLO

Veranda Magazine has featured a California home redesigned for Jennifer Lopez in under three months. The house is like J Lo, fancy, glamourous and sparkly. I have to admit, this house is not what I expected..not sure why, but I vaguely remember pictures of her very fussy nursery for the twins that caused an outcry from parents all over the globe for it’s unsafe characteristics… Anyway, this home is beautiful..I love her kitchen..since I am obsessed with kitchens these days!

Photos courtesy of Veranda Magazine
Check out the whole feature here.


I am drooling over these pictures in the new Veranda magazine. This beautiful home in the Bahamas is called Ca’Liza and is right outside of Nassau. I love the feminine colors without being too girly. The owner grew up in near Palm Beach and the house has many South Florida touches throughout.

While they were building this house, she was collecting furniture and stockpiled it. With the eleven bedrooms and fifteen baths, she saved enough decor to fill it up when it was finally finished.
This issue of Veranda is chock full of beautiful articles and pictures. FYI, I am receiving this lovely magazine from My Coke Rewards points for free!