William and Catherine 10 years later…

Today is the 10th anniversary of the most amazing wedding of Prince William to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. I will never forget that I had a show at a school that day. What Moms schedule a show on the day of a royal wedding, not to mention THE royal wedding? I was so annoyed and packed my stuff up so fast so I could go home and watch it over and over. I was amazed at how quick it was, very efficient.

Kate’s dress was so beautiful, everything really so perfect. William and Harry, both so handsome in their uniforms looked like they were out of a movie. After the wedding, it was on. These two are the most photogenic, interesting royals around and the fact that he will be the future King of England only ups the stakes. They are a picture perfect couple and I know the Royal Family has high hopes for all they can achieve.

Then, their precious George was born. I remember being at work with my little team and we were glued to the computers waiting for that little man to come out and announce the birth of the baby. Then waiting for them to come outside the Lindo Wing with George, Kate with her beautiful hair blown out and her simple blue dress, stomach still swollen like most Moms. We laughed at how smooth William was when they were leaving and he clicked the baby carrier into the car seat and drove away.

Kate Middleton's off to stay with mum Carole: Royal baby Prince George's  busy day ends in Bucklebury | Daily Mail Online

Then came Charlotte. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana-what a name to live up to. When they came out of the hospital, Kate in her pretty yellow silk dress, hair blown out and perfect makeup, William beaming at all the people. Someone posted a picture of what the other side of the street looked like-can you imagine living your life on that stage?

Prince George: Photos of Prince William, Kate Middleton Son | Time
MIC star Binky Felstead wants to follow in the same footsteps as Kate  Middleton's pricey birthing plan - Independent.ie
Duchess Kate: Royal Baby Watch Officially Begins!

Charlotte was the most beautiful baby and the pictures of her christening were so sweet, their little family pushing her in her pretty pram with little George, wearing an outfit similar to his Father did when he was little peering into the pram-picture perfect.

Princess Charlotte's christening: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince  George, Pippa Middleton – all the best photos | HELLO!
Kate Middleton's children Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte's sweet  common trait revealed | HELLO!

Along the way, the expertly timed pictures released right before birthdays to give everyone a peek into their family, one picture more charming than the next. Kate has become an excellent photographer.

Princess Charlotte Looks Like Her Brother Prince George in New Photos - E!  Online - CA
Kensington Palace tweets photo of Prince George with Prince William ahead  of second birthday | The Independent | The Independent
New photo of Princess Charlotte released before her 2nd birthday - ABC News

Next was Louis…poor Kate was sick while pregnant again and missed George’s first day of school. The pictures from the day were adorable.

Prince George starts first day at school - BBC News

When Louis was born, Kate set world records and was out on the steps of the Lindo Wing mere hours later, looking coiffed and perfect. People were up in arms about this but my thinking was she had an easy birth and decided to get it over with super fast so she could get home and in her sweatpants.

When was Prince Louis born? The full name, weight and birth details for  Kate Middleton and William's third child
Kate Middleton's youngest son Prince Louis: photos, his place in line of  succession and more revealed | HELLO!

And his Christening was a small family affair with a new Auntie in attendance

Prince Louis's christening marked by family portraits - BBC News

They keep out of sight for the most part, so when pictures get released, they spread like wildfire on all the media outlets…

Royal Christmas Cards 2018 Have Nothing to Do with Holidays | PEOPLE.com

They have the most beautiful family. I think some day William will make a terrific King and how lucky to have Kate by his side. I myself get such enjoyment watching them grow up. Today, they posted this video on their instagram page. It is amazing. Click here to see it.

Happy Anniversary to William and Kate!



Holy cow…what is happening with the Royal Family this week is straight out of a dramatic movie- unprecedented events in the last few days. Several people have asked me what I think and the truth is I didn’t know right away but now some facts have emerged and I do have an opinion…

While all the dust settles on this bombshell announcement that Harry and Meghan are retiring from their Senior Royal roles opting for a more private life while still supporting the monarchy, it’s still a little fuzzy on how it all went down. After a couple of days, info has leaked that Harry had been telling his Father since Christmas of this plan and Prince Charles told him they would need time too work this out to see how it could be done (meaning done without upsetting the Queen). The financial part is also tricky and obviously he wanted time to figure that part out as well. This answer prompted Harry to contact his Grandmother asking for a meeting. She has always had a soft spot for Harry and granted his request but informed him that she would not discuss his situation without resolution from his Father (Prince Charles holds the purse strings for his family from the Duchy of Cornwall and pays for most of their expenses from this purse). Her courtiers blocked the meeting and when he felt backed into a corner, he obviously thought announcing this on Wednesday via Instagram would be the way out and let them know right before it happened. So, it was shocking the way it went down, but they knew it was in the works. I honestly don’t think they fully thought through all of the ramifications of this big move, but I think there is more here than meets the eye.

Today, reports surfaced that Harry has been fearful of his mental health and his role as a Senior Royal jeopardizes this. I am sure, with Meghan’s encouragement, this plan was actually a precursor to what would have eventually happened to their roles in the Royal Family, but now they get to control how its handled. There have been talks of a more streamlined monarchy once Prince Charles becomes King and they saw the writing on the wall and figured they would get a head start on the inevitable. Harry is now so far down on the succession list, his role is really secondary compared to the house of Cambridge.

So, my thoughts on Meghan are… I actually like her and think that she has amazing plans for their future and all that they can accomplish together but were being tethered by a strong chain to their positions. Her capsule clothing line that debuted last year was a perfect example of how she knows how to use her station to benefit others, it was a rousing success. Some people who don’t like her balked at what she did, but in the end, she is helping many, many people and she is popular..not like Kate but popular nonetheless. Not sure how popular she will be after this week.

The trademark office releasing the applications for Sussex Royal listing all the items they wish to brand with their logo/name was very interesting. Their shiny new (beautiful) website launched the day of their announcement (www.sussexroyal.com). It is chock full of info on their roles and how the system they have been living in is run. Now, they can be free and do their good work without being pinned down by all the Royal rules and procedures. It makes sense for them. Maybe the writing was on this wall when they eschewed a Royal title for baby Archie earlier in the year??

I have so many questions (like everyone else):

  1. Will they live in Canada where she has a support system and, apparently, still a house?
  2. Will they still show up for big Royal events like Trouping the Color, etc…
  3. Is the Queen really going to punish them or is that what everyone wants to hear?
  4. Will the money they stand to make with their new venture fund their lifestyle or will the money be for charitable efforts or both?
  5. What do William and Kate think about this?

The coming days will most likely have lots more info on this story..stay tuned!!!