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So many thoughts swirling in my head. I just finished, as most people I know did, the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan. The hype leading up to this was monstrous but it was amazing. When Prince Phillip went into the hospital, I thought it might get derailed, but there was no derailing this dream interview that so many people were waiting for.

First, I miss Oprah so much and her show. I love her interviews and her folksy way of getting the story out of people. I expected Meghan to be more reserved and hesitant but she started spilling the tea from the beginning. There were some serious bombshells:

1- Harry and Meghan actually got married 3 days before in a small ceremony-how on earth did they keep that secret?

2- Kate actually made Meghan cry over the flower girl dresses and the story got replayed the exact opposite and everyone ate it up. She mentions this was the first turning point for her-a glimpse into her future.

3- Meghan experienced some serious mental strain during her pregnancy and wanted to go for help and was told NO. So she suffered without it. This is crazy but all roads lead to protecting THE FIRM.

4-The decision to not have a title for baby Archie was not theirs-this was always reported to be their choice. It was also decided that he would not be entitled to security.

5-There were discussions about what color their baby’s skin might be-obviously this information stings to hear but when pressed, Harry did not want to discuss it.

6- Harry was cut off from his family’s money Q1 of 2020. They mention that those Netflix and Spotify deals were made to secure funding for their security and lifestyle. He mentions that he still has money from his Mother. It has always been presented that this was always the plan-making them out to be money hungry.

7-They revealed that they are having a baby girl this summer. This made me so happy. I cannot believe they shared this news.

There is so much more, I am sure I will think of 10 more things when I hit publish but I wanted to get this written down while fresh in my mind. I have always said the two of them got together and were so alike and thought it would be amazing to accomplish all the things they planned together. It started off so great (outside looking in) and I truly believe after watching The Queen where the Prime Minister tells Queen Elizabeth that a poll suggested a large percentage of people were in favor of abolishing the monarchy-something that could happen- that it would be in everyone’s best interest to continue promoting this amazing love story. When the Fab Four hit the road promoting their new foundation, you couldn’t dream of better PR, the two Princes with their pretty wives taking the next generation of the monarchy to a new level. People LOVED the four of them together. I have always been amazed that the Powers that Be didn’t send the memo to keep that up no matter what. Instead, it all fell apart and their struggles were so public. Harry intimated in the interview that he and Charles were estranged and he and William had some “space”. This is not good and I hope at some point, they will make amends. I am hopeful that Harry will go to the UK in July for the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday. Let’s hope Prince Philip is around for that as well. Hopefully, they will be able to reconnect. When it was announced a while ago that he would go alone, the press pounced on Meghan making it out to be super negative on her part for not going-now we know she will either be super pregnant or home with a tiny newborn-a perfect example of how everything has a negative spin for her.

My phone is blowing up with Instagram messages, I am dying to go read them!

#harryandmeghanforever XOXO, KP


Holy cow…what is happening with the Royal Family this week is straight out of a dramatic movie- unprecedented events in the last few days. Several people have asked me what I think and the truth is I didn’t know right away but now some facts have emerged and I do have an opinion…

While all the dust settles on this bombshell announcement that Harry and Meghan are retiring from their Senior Royal roles opting for a more private life while still supporting the monarchy, it’s still a little fuzzy on how it all went down. After a couple of days, info has leaked that Harry had been telling his Father since Christmas of this plan and Prince Charles told him they would need time too work this out to see how it could be done (meaning done without upsetting the Queen). The financial part is also tricky and obviously he wanted time to figure that part out as well. This answer prompted Harry to contact his Grandmother asking for a meeting. She has always had a soft spot for Harry and granted his request but informed him that she would not discuss his situation without resolution from his Father (Prince Charles holds the purse strings for his family from the Duchy of Cornwall and pays for most of their expenses from this purse). Her courtiers blocked the meeting and when he felt backed into a corner, he obviously thought announcing this on Wednesday via Instagram would be the way out and let them know right before it happened. So, it was shocking the way it went down, but they knew it was in the works. I honestly don’t think they fully thought through all of the ramifications of this big move, but I think there is more here than meets the eye.

Today, reports surfaced that Harry has been fearful of his mental health and his role as a Senior Royal jeopardizes this. I am sure, with Meghan’s encouragement, this plan was actually a precursor to what would have eventually happened to their roles in the Royal Family, but now they get to control how its handled. There have been talks of a more streamlined monarchy once Prince Charles becomes King and they saw the writing on the wall and figured they would get a head start on the inevitable. Harry is now so far down on the succession list, his role is really secondary compared to the house of Cambridge.

So, my thoughts on Meghan are… I actually like her and think that she has amazing plans for their future and all that they can accomplish together but were being tethered by a strong chain to their positions. Her capsule clothing line that debuted last year was a perfect example of how she knows how to use her station to benefit others, it was a rousing success. Some people who don’t like her balked at what she did, but in the end, she is helping many, many people and she is popular..not like Kate but popular nonetheless. Not sure how popular she will be after this week.

The trademark office releasing the applications for Sussex Royal listing all the items they wish to brand with their logo/name was very interesting. Their shiny new (beautiful) website launched the day of their announcement ( It is chock full of info on their roles and how the system they have been living in is run. Now, they can be free and do their good work without being pinned down by all the Royal rules and procedures. It makes sense for them. Maybe the writing was on this wall when they eschewed a Royal title for baby Archie earlier in the year??

I have so many questions (like everyone else):

  1. Will they live in Canada where she has a support system and, apparently, still a house?
  2. Will they still show up for big Royal events like Trouping the Color, etc…
  3. Is the Queen really going to punish them or is that what everyone wants to hear?
  4. Will the money they stand to make with their new venture fund their lifestyle or will the money be for charitable efforts or both?
  5. What do William and Kate think about this?

The coming days will most likely have lots more info on this story..stay tuned!!!