Vindicated in Utah

The lastest court case to catch everyone’s attention was completely on my radar this week. Watching Gwyneth show up to court for days at a time was thrilling-her court style most of all.

Only knowing a tiny bit about this case before, it didn’t take long to see the man who was suing her was not as believable as she was. After the first day, so much of the media covered this story, all the Gwyneth haters ready to go. It didn’t take that long for people to jump on her side. The big question…why not settle for the $300,000 when she clearly could do so very easily? She believed she was right and did not want to settle. Hard not to imagine the cross examination from the Doctor’s attorney being parodied on SNL this weekend…it was painful to watch. She pretty much fan-girled her way through the questions but GP was resolute that her version of events was the way it went down.

Gwyneth modeled some very pretty clothes from her G. Label designs as well as some Caddis glasses that she represents and is an investor in their company. One pair caused outrage right from the start that they resembled Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses…She switched to these after that.

In the end…after 8 days of back and forth with experts, ski knowledge and killer fashion, the jury came back with a victory for Gwyneth. She left the courtroom and graciously stopped to whisper “I wish you well” to Dr. Terry Sanderson. he replied “Thank you Dear”…then Gwyneth left the building triumphant. I am kind of sad it is over.

So many products on favorite is her bright blue Smythson diary. She just talked about this on Instagram for a “what’s in my purse” segment. She said she loved that it is not lined and she can write however she wants to in it. It came in handy to shield her face in court from the cameras and videos aimed right for her. All in all, this was my favorite celebrity court case of late…worth every minute! xx KP

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